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  • Mr. Berries Sponsored Turtleboy Debate: Should Men Wear Boxers Or Boxer Briefs

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    So our newest sponsor, Mr. Berries sells boxer briefs. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never worn a pair of boxer briefs in my life. Mrs. Turtleboy is always making fun of me and telling me that men don’t wear boxer shorts. Is this true? I messaged a couple of the other writers to poll them and see what they wore and the results came back about 50/50. Here’s the gist of both arguments:

    Pro-briefs: Chicks dig it. Here’s proofAsk 100 women if they prefer a dude in boxers or boxer briefs. At least 95 of them will say boxer briefs. They dig the curves and bulge. Boxer shorts give you swamp ass since they’re made of cotton and ride up in your in grundle. People think boxer briefs are restrictive. They’re not. They just keep your shit together like a suitcase.

    Pro-boxers: Boxer shorts are as American as you can get. They worked in the 90’s, and they worked now. Nothing is cooler than sagging your carpenter jeans so the top of your boxer shorts come out.


    So I guess the bottom line is, I’ll give boxer briefs a shot if Mrs. Turtleboy buys em for me for Christmas. If you’re in the same boat as Mrs. Turtleboy, check out Mr. Berries all-American made boxer briefs and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

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    1. RJ

      Boxer briefs give insufficient scrotal space.

      Next question.

    2. Tabby

      Boxer briefs are so hot. Boxers are for 12 year olds. It’s all about the bulge and they just make a man look 5,000 times sexier and it turns me on. If I ever encountered a grown man with boxers I would walk the other way. Your wife is right, get some boxer briefs.

      1. Russ


    3. John

      I was firmly boxers until Mrs. John came along and made me try boxer briefs. Now I would never go back.

    4. wabbitt

      So am I the last man standing who still wears briefs?

      Not that I have much bulge to aaccentuate; I’m a grower, not a shower. It doesn’t grow much, but it’s girth that really matters. Right?


      1. Jill

        A grower not a shower….ahahahahaha.

        My opinion….. Boxer briefs all the way! No tightie whities either please. Wait–was that a micro aggression?

      2. GoneWest

        Wabbitt, do you have kids? If it works, it works. That’s all.

        1. wabbitt

          I do not have kids, nor do I intend on ever having any. I basically despise children.

          But, were I to have a lobotomy and decide to have any, my soldier works just fine. He just has a Napoleon complex.

    5. wtatnuckgangsta

      My dude just bought mankinis and discovered his bulge. Guys, lift.

    6. BobnMic

      Commando or free-balling is how I roll. The slightest hint of Yahoo is when the jeans take on that San Fernando Valley look which the ladies look and smile oh so devilishly.

      Drawback: You have to shake it a few more times than normal at the urinal so you won’t have a drip spot and it may look like your standing there doing something else other than peeing to the feeble minded.

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