• 22 Year Old Peabody Chumbucket At Pediatrician Yells At Pregnant Woman And 2 Kids For Being A “White Bitch Who Don’t Know How To Park And Is Too Fat To Get In Car”

    22 Year Old Peabody Chumbucket At Pediatrician Yells At Pregnant Woman And 2 Kids For Being A “White Bitch Who Don’t Know How To Park And Is Too Fat To Get In Car”

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    Here’s a disturbing story out of beautiful Lynnfield:

    When I say that we’re all Turtleboy, this is what I mean. This pregnant mother at the doctor’s office is Turtleboy. This is what we do – expose and humiliate terrible people who do terrible things. Like calling a pregnant woman leaving the doctor’s office with her two little girls a “white bitch who don’t know how to park and is too fat to get in your car.” She did what we would’ve done in this situation – post pictures on Facebook until you find out names, then go to their Facebook and have some fun.

    Oh good, he moved to Peabody. That’s where Lynn ghettomops move to when they get their GED. Then they can tell their Momma that they made it out the hood. Except for Sweet Tea, because he’s a grown man who still lives with his Mom.

    First of all, your nickname is “Sweet Tea” dude. Not just regular tea – sweet tea. What kind of street name is Sweet Tea? Was Mike’s Hard Lemonade taken? How bout Zima?

    Secondly, he’s a grown ass man going to see a pediatrician. No word yet on whether he received a lolly-pop on the way out.

    Of course this is his profile picture:

    It wouldn’t be a hoodrat hodown if someone wasn’t wearing a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat. That’s not Sweet Tea though. This is Sweet Tea:

    Who wore it better?

    As you can see, things are going GREAT for Sweet Tea now that he’s living the life in Peabody.

    His Savers outfits are a thing of beauty. Especially when he gets dressed up as his favorite middle school gym teacher.

    Understandably the site of a pregnant woman triggers him, because in order to get pregnant you have to have sex. And with a pubestache like this, you couldn’t pay a New Bedford hooker enough to go to town on his taco warmer.

    Like any future section inmate he loves to flash the fine liquor he’s been consuming in the attic while masterbating to goat porn.

    Might wanna do something about those gums Sweet Tea.

    The only thing he’s missing in that picture is the token bottle of Henny. Oh wait, found it:

    I could’ve told you based on his teenage years that he’d one day become Turtleboy famous. He’s got all the pre-requisites, including the “My Mom can’t make me clean up my room” selfie:

    The “fuck you, I’m doing my homework in homeroom tomorrow” selfie

    And of course the “let me commemorate this piss I just took” selfie.

    It’s all good though, he’s earned the right to swear at pregnant women in front of their children. After all, Sweet Tea saved France from ISIS takeover by changing his profile picture a couple years back.

    Pretty much everyone agreed that this was a shitty thing for Sweet Tea to do. Everyone except for this gutter dumpling:

    Can’t tell if she’s mad or just on her period. Just kidding. As you can see from that vain attempt at a paragraph, she has no idea what a period is.

    She was just getting warmed up too:

    Oh man, she must’ve aced the long comp section of the MCAS. So many strong points being made at one time. Watch out though – she has no problem hitting a pregnant chick:

    The most impressive feat this swamp donkey has pulled off in her 24 years on earth is not getting pregnant.

    She brings up a good point though – we only heard one side of the story. So on that note we give Elizabeth and Sweet Tea a chance to defend themselves and tell their side of the story on Turtleboy Live this Sunday night. Message our Facebook page and we’ll set it up!


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    1. Publius

      This is why TB is a must read. Todays welfare rules enables and encourages hoodrats.

    2. Seriously?

      Those are a hard 22 years, WTF!

      1. hahahaohreally

        Right? His facebook is like Jesus in the Bible.. He’s a baby… then BAM! Next thing you hear he’s a grown ass man… I want to know what kind of drugs do that to a face?

    3. They call me Ponch

      Dat’s one deep tittoo on that skag!

    4. They call me Ponch

      The urinal selfie must commemorate Sweet Thang’s first lip smacking anonymous BJ.

    5. Julian

      Makayla “slampig” Fraga gets slammed by guys while her “husband” was deployed. Expose that skank.

    6. Transitioning ?

      That bully, racist hater is EBT all the way.

    7. poopalert

      Elizabeth Nore-rain-nya must be so mad at white folk because her tacky bleach job didn’t turn out like she hoped…wannabe!

      So the obvious question is:

      Is this Elizabeth-wench “Ronnie’s” :

      1. girlfriend
      2. baby mama
      3. cousin
      4. half sister (’cause in the hood, who has both of the same parents as a sibling?)
      5. all of the above

      1. poopalert

        PS – Elizabeth Nore-rain-nya – You are an uneducated, illiterate disgrace to your gender.

    8. The Rant Queen

      Since he still goes to the children’s doctor, maybe he’d prefer to go to Kool Smiles for those nasty ass looking teeth and gums. Little shit is probably still on mommy’s insurance, collects disability AND is on welfare.

      His little skankfriend seems like she should have spent a few more years in high school before just giving up as soon as it was legal to drop out. The illiteracy is rampant in this country, what the fuck is going on?? Also, they’re racist. Awesome.

      Fucking garbage cans. Thats what these 2 are, despite what their side of the story is.

    9. whatevuh

      Another shit-stain on the underwear of society, blow your brains out and and spare us from supporting you for the rest of your miserable life . . .

    10. JoeMomma

      He can stop going to a pediatrician once he hits puberty…..

    11. Independent Thinker

      Trash. Then people like this wonder why nobody wants to hire them. Useless leaches that contribute absolutely nothing to society.

    12. Meow

      Juuuuuust throwing this out there…. but considering when you go to his page the NUMEROUS posts his mother has tagged him in, perhaps someone should send this article to her (Jennifer Conroy Allen)… maybe she will whoop some sense into him since he’s clearly a child still.

    13. Fah Q

      He looks like Marlon Wayans transsexual father

      1. Conservative Nazi

        You probably thought it was funny as you were typing it, didn’t you? Try again.

    14. Stan the man

      Sweet Tea taking two steps at a time on the corporate ladder.
      “Former carry out at Shaws”?

    15. wabbitt

      Don’t they kick your dumb ass up to a general practitioner once you turn 18?

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