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  • 2$moke From 860 Money Crew Got Arrested For Attacking A Connecticut State Cop And It’s Gotta Be Some Sort Of Promotion For Their New Album

    2$moke From 860 Money Crew Got Arrested For Attacking A Connecticut State Cop And It’s Gotta Be Some Sort Of Promotion For Their New Album

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    Everyone in America has had that kid from their high school who still hasn’t given up the dream of becoming a rapper. Now imagine 10 of them who have never ventured further than a 10 mile radius from I-395, mixed with some ripped off beats, and the false belief that they are somehow “ballers.” That’s 860 Money Crew.

    Last year we discovered 2$moke and the 860 Money Crew, the most wigtacular rap group from the Connecticut Corridor – Webster of the South. Their videos are so God awful, yet we cannot stop watching them. Particularly this one, entitled, “Money Callin,” where the de facto leader 2$smoke wakes up with a butcher’s knife under his pillow and drives around all day selling drugs while point the knife at his own face like a psychopath:






    But the rest of the videos are equally amazing, and you may recognize some of them from the opening credits of Turtleboy Live:

    Well, we had no idea 2$moke had a name until we found this on the Connecticut State Police Troop D’s Facebook page today:

    Can I just say how fantastic it is that the State Police felt the need to use his rap name in the arrest report? It’s not the least bit relevant, but it makes the story a billion times more hilarious. Whoever wrote this report is a turtle rider. Guarantee it. So thank you Connecticut State Police for being so awesome.

    Here’s my question for 2$moke – if the money be callin, then why are you waiting in jail for someone to pay your bond? Are you telling me that the cash money cell phones are just a prop?


    I feel used.

    This HAS TO BE some sort of promotional thing for their next album. Nothing else makes sense. The cops get called to a disturbance and find 2$smoke there. Without any real provocation he attacks them, knowing damn well this will land him in jail. But he also knows this will enhance his street cred (and likely end up on Turtleboy), which is hard to come by when you’re living in Thompson, CT. There’s plenty of deadbeats and losers in Thompson. But there is a serious lack of gangstas who fuck with the police.

    Until now.

    Gangtsta!! The best part is that he’s somehow topless for his mugshot:

    Because only wack ass bitches be wearing shirts when they go full fuck the po-lease.

    I figured when I saw this mugshot it had to be some sort of Snapchat filter. Turns out that’s actually his real face.

    He looks like the love child of Donkey Lips and the fat kid from the Sandlot:

    That right there is the cover of 860 Money Crew’s next album. Make no doubt about it. Neckbearded, topless hardo extraordinaire. The legend of 2$smoke continues.

    P.S. We hereby invite ANY members of 860 Money Crew on Turtleboy Live next Saturday night to defend his honor. You won’t.

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    1. Worcesterite

      LMAO this is freaking hilarious! Is he related to that woman who asked
      if her sex offender boyfriend could stay over?!

    2. S

      Dam at first glimpse I was not cool don’t pick on someone with Down syndrome. Then realized he was just down.

    3. Itsjustme

      And I thought Britney Spears used way too much auto tune. He isn’t even singing just talking and it is all auto tuned to the max.
      I thank my lucky stars none of my kids aspire to be a rapper, and they know I would never allow them to bring trash like this home.
      I have to thank you TB, on days I think I’m a horrible person or awful mother I just read stories here and realize while I may not be perfect I am both a great person and mother compared to those people.

    4. Conneticut State Police

      Cell block #7 be callin’

    5. whatevuh

      Amazing, how could so many retards live in the same area? Maybe something in the water down there?

    6. Paradise Troll

      Ginger Thug Life Baby!!

      1. Westfield State College

        Ginger Silence = Violence

    7. Chris

      The 4-door Elantra really adds to the badass of that video.

    8. Rochambeau

      Look, this is hypothetical, but what would 2$moke & the Fall River Muppet’s love child look like? The potential genetic combination is fascinating!

      1. Dr. Phil

        24 sets chromosomes what could possibly go wrong

    9. Dave

      legally drop the “arme” from your name loser, as it would be much more fitting. . Mom must be so proud

    10. Han123

      This completely made my Monday morning. Thank you.

    11. Strata

      Ginger Small Face – too funny !

    12. Christopher Thompson

      Are these kids serious or are they just trolling everyone?
      For truly an uncontrollable laugh watch these videos without the sound. I have watched them for 45 minutes straight and cant stop laughing.

    13. ElJefe72

      I have to laugh that all the video titles have “(official music video)” like there are issues with bootleg or unofficial copies of these videos out there.

    14. 2$moke daddy

      you failed at life, son

    15. LocalYokel

      With a face like that, he could get two black eyes and a broken nose with one punch. Yikes!

      1. LocalYokel

        I should have read the article first, with a last name from that family of inbred perverts like the Ducharmes, I’m not surprised he looks like God kept a few chromosomes in the till when counting his out.

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