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Andover Hockey Has Beaten 4 Top 15 Teams In The State Since The DCF Witch Hunt Ended And Qualified For The Super 8 For First Time In School History

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We’re so busy exposing people doing terrible things that we don’t often have time to talk about great things that are happening in the community, often as a result of our blogs. As you know, we hit on the Andover hockey coaching scandal for about a month. We were relentless, exposing disgraced superintendent Shelley Berman over and over and over again for using DCF as a tool to get revenge on a very good hockey coach who he believed had wronged his son Dale by not giving him enough playing time.

Well Coach Chris Kuchar has been back on the bench for over a week now, and here’s how they’ve done since his return:

Andover 2, Waltham 0

Andover 2, Arlington 0

Andover 3, St. John’s Prep 1

Andover 4, Newburyport 0

Yup, they’ve allowed a total of one goal against four teams, all of who are ranked in the Top 15 in the entire state.

And as a result Andover was one of 10 teams chosen to compete for the State Championship in the unfortunately named Super 8 tournament:

Not only that, they got the five seed and will play 4th seeded Hingham on Wednesday:

If Andover wins they’d likely get Central Catholic, which is the top ranked team who also beat them earlier this season. But honestly, with the way they’re playing inspired and angry hockey right now, good luck to the rest of these teams. Would’t wanna play AHS right now.

Just a reminder that in Shelley Berman’s infamous 6 page letter he lambasted Coach Kuch for not having the “coaching skill necessary to represent Andover well”:

But Shelley Berman, who rode the pine for the Wisconsin fencing team back in the early 70’s, is an expert on coaching hockey. Even though he’s never coached a day of hockey his entire life, and his son Dale with the hyphenated last name just wasn’t good to play over a freshman two years ago.

The more I think about that letter the angrier I get. Especially in light of the historic season this team just put together. Shelley Berman, Principal Conrad, and the School Committee never issued an apology to the coach for dragging his name through the mud. They never apologized for making false statements to the press about denying kids food. None of them has had the minerals to show up to a game since then either. Way to support the kids.

And while doing some background research for this blog I also found some more MIAA chiselers screwing kids over again. Pope Francis is ranked 4th in the state. They are the team that Andover lost to earlier in the season, and allegedly the coaches wouldn’t let the kids eat or drink water as a result of the Pope Francis victory. They’re obviously very good, but they got the 10th seed, and have to win a play-in game over Arlington in order to play 2nd seeded BC High. Here’s why:

One team missing from that equation is Pope Francis. The Western Mass. school was a consensus top four team all season, but because of a court injunction involving a pair of Cardinals players, MIAA deputy director Richard Pearson said the board of directors invoked Rule 29.3 from the association’s handbook. The rule states: “Student or teams that have gained court injunctions forcing their entry into MIAA tournaments will be seeded last.”

After Pope Francis was one of five teams to earn a unanimous vote into the tournament, Pearson informed the meeting the decision was made to seed the Cardinals 10th.

“We had been told we would be the 10th seed prior to the meeting today. We were expecting that,” said Pope Francis coach Brian Foley, who noted the Cardinals players also were aware of the situation beforehand and were scheduled to practice yesterday and today.

Teams can file injunctions in court to get a kid to play if he has a right to do so and the MIAA is trying to block the kids from playing. It happened last year when Shepherd Hill football player Kevin Mensah won an injunction against the MIAA because they said he was too good to play for Shepherd Hill. The same exact thing happened here:

Jim Clark of the Boston Herald reported that the injunction involves two Pope Francis players that transferred from another MIAA school in Western Mass., but were initially denied waivers from the sending school to complete the season. 

MIAA associate executive director Richard Pearson noted that the decision to drop Pope Francis to the bottom seed revolves around MIAA’s rule 29.3, which states:

“Student or teams that have gained court injunctions forcing their entry into MIAA tournaments will be seeded last.”

Pearson added: “29.3 makes a statement about legal action that forces a student or a team into a tournament. The board of directors, who oversee the association, interpreted that rule in relation to the legal action that took place over the past two or three weeks, and there was some legal action involving some players from Pope Francis.

Seriously, there is a special place in hell for these lowlife chudstuffers. Just look at this chunkelstiltskin, Dick Pearson:

What a big, fat Dick.

This is the guy arbitrarily enforcing nonsensical rules that he came up with for the sole purpose of letting kids know that he’s in charge. Pope Francis did nothing wrong. A court injunction ruled as such. Yet somehow these morons are above court rulings because the kid’s previous school principals were so butthurt that their star players were transferring that they refused to sign a waiver.

I hate people.

Not only is Pope Francis boned with a low seed, but now BC High has to potentially play a much better team than they should have to in their first game. How does that make any sense? Either they committed a rule violation or they didn’t. Either the kids are allowed to play or they’re not. If they did violate a rule then they shouldn’t be in the tournament at all.

But because the MIAA is run by stupid, overpaid hacks taking home $230K paychecks paid for by the schools that are forced to be a part of the MIAA, this is a rule that they came up with. What’s a more screwed up incompetent organization? The MIAA or DCF? I feel like DCF gets more coverage because when they screw up kids die. But the MIAA are the biggest bunch of crooks we’ve ever profiled. They exist for the sole purpose of screwing over children. 

Anyway, good luck to all these kids, but especially Andover. They deserve to win the State Title after all the bullshit they’ve been put through this season.

8 Comment(s)
  • Ralph
    February 27, 2018 at 8:14 am

    Another Berman SNAFU !!!
    A teacher who says she was fired from a Massachusetts elementary school because of the high cost of her son’s cancer treatment has filed a discrimination complaint.
    Jacquelyn Silvani tells the Eagle-Tribune that her son’s treatment cost Andover Public Schools about $1 million before she lost her job at West Elementary School in 2016. Her son was 3 at the time. Silvani says she was told that federal funding for the position had been cut, but her complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination says the district later hired someone else.Superintendent Sheldon Berman says the district has a “different opinion” about what happened but did not comment on specifics. Silvani’s son was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4 neuroblastoma. The cancer is now in remission.

  • William Foley
    February 26, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Please Turtleboy, ruin the Pseudo jock sniffers at the MIAA. They have ripped off school districts for years and have gotten away with. The administration at the MIAA has always been a self serving bunch of wanna be school administrators who couldn’t take the heat of running day to day school operations. They all squat to pee and have a great protection in their man cave million plus headquarters.

  • Jizzelle
    February 26, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    C’mon fella’s make that bone smoker Shelly really really proud…

  • whatevuh
    February 26, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    Kicking ass and taking names, keep it up guys ! Now get rid of those useless chumps you call administrators. after the season is over, go on a mission to rid yourselves of those useless fucking pee-ons

  • Alex reimer
    February 26, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Can I cover this? Maybe with my buddy Ron B’orgies and mike loupicka. He has an awesome source named kneeko poopycakas. Also, We need tomase in case anyone is “spying” on our gate. C’mon turtle let me join the team. We’re a demographic hat trick.


  • TheCureForHope
    February 26, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    That’s awesome. Keep it up, boys!

  • Citypoint
    February 26, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Chris Farley is alive and well and running MIAA?

  • Hang Em
    February 26, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Shelly.  Gets me every time. 

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