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  • Anyone Recognize This Braintree Buttmunching Home Burglar?

    Anyone Recognize This Braintree Buttmunching Home Burglar?

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    Anyone recognize this buttmuncher out of Braintree?

    If so then the first thing you should obviously do is contact the Braintree PD. And of course the second thing you should do is send us his name, and God willing his publicly viewable Facebook page. I really despise people who break into homes. Nothing makes you feel more violated then coming home to the place you rest your head and feed your family only to find out that some chudstuffer has broken in and helped himself to all the things you paid for.

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    1. ElJefe72

      Yeah, why can’t he just start a GoFundMe page like all the other ratchets?

    2. Cheatriots

      Patriots gear is becoming the new Bulls hat.

    3. Barry

      So that’s what a mouth breather looks like

    4. MJ

      Burglars deserve bullets!

    5. Donald J. Trummp

      Wouldn’t it be nice if one of these people said, “Get that son of a b**** off that ladder?” I can tell you, they don’t know it yet, but they’d be the most popular person in Braintree.

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