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Bad Ass 7-Year Old Worcester Girl Shovels Like A Champ

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Yesterday I posed the question on our Facebook page – “Is shoveling a man’s job, or a joint effort?” I’d say at least 95% of responders said it was absolutely a coed situation. And surprisingly I counted not one, not two, but SIX pregnant women who said they were shoveling. God bless you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if America is ever invaded by the British or space aliens then Worcester is gonna be the last city to crumble. Because they don’t want none of this. We got pregnant women shoveling 34 inches of snow, we’re not scare of anything. This blue-collar mentality isn’t something you’re born with though. It has to be learned through years of harsh New England winters. I was reminded of this today while watching the most dominant, bad ass 7-year old girl I’ve ever seen do the most fantastic interview I’ve ever seen on the news today:

Q: Why aren’t you sledding?

A: Because we need to finish our work first. 

Q: And what’s your work?

A: Shoveling. 

Hey reporter, get out of her face. Can’t you see she’s doing work? Why isn’t she sledding? Because this shit doesn’t shovel itself. Does this look like Shrewsbury to you? We don’t pay people to shovel our shit. Can you walk? Do you have range of motion in your arms? Cool. Grab a shovel and get to work. That’s how thing’s are done in Worcester. Remember this story the next time some old-timer whines about how they used to walk uphill both ways through 30 feet of snow to Commerce High School back in the 50’s. Because this girl right here:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.38.52 PM

is the anti-wussification of America.

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  • Ian
    January 29, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    Come On Please! Your Poll really wasn’t explicit enough! But it all depends on the health of the people doing it.
    I’m Sorry, but a pregnant woman should not be out shoveling snow, not matter what you or anyone thinks! Pregnancy
    is a major job and health concern as it is!
    If a Woman volunteers to help shovel and is of a young age that is one thing, but it should be up to the man to take care
    of that. Shoveling is a terrible job to do for anyone, but should two people from same house or relationship become hurt
    or possibly die because of this crap.
    Free help to people in need is one thing, especially if they are old, handicap, or injured, but if you can’t do it your self, then pay someone to do it! A Path up your driveway and clear steps is worth $20. A normal size driveway + clear steps is $40. and they will do a better job then some Plow Guy who will charge you $50 – $60 for one pass of the plow, and then you still have worry about clearing the mounds he built up!
    That’s the trouble with Polls, they are usually very vague in the question, and results usually lean toward the wrong answer.
    Would you want your Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, or Daughter out killing her/themselves trying to shovel heavy snow, when a man there can do it by himself if he takes his time and doesn’t try to break any records in doing it.

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