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Best Protesters Ever Have Finally Shut Down Laughlin Kennel Puppy Mill Once And For All

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We started exposing Laughlin Kennel puppy mill in Oxford three years ago after several turtle riders reached out to us about the horrific conditions inside. Too many people to count have bought dogs from Laughlin that died shortly thereafter. The dogs were shipped in from shady breeders in Kansas and Missouri and often kept in crates that were too small for them, stunting their growth.


You could hear the dogs, which were kept outside in the freezing cold, from hundreds of yards away.

They kept the neighbors up all night.

Laughlin Kennel was ordered to shut down by the town of Oxford, but appealed it and kept doing business anyway. When it was discovered that no one was actually living there as they claimed, a judge ordered them to stop importing all puppies within 90 days. Those 90 days have no passed, and it appears as if Laughlin Kennel is officially dead:

A dog kennel that was the target of frequent protests appears to be no longer in operation, according to a town official. A July 6 Massachusetts Land Court ruling ordered Laughlin Kennels, 11 Larned Road, to stop importing puppies and dogs from other breeders and to stop selling pet supplies. The court order gave the kennel operators 90 days to comply. Thursday marked the 90th day. The kennel’s website was not online Thursday and the business phone was not operating. There were no dogs on the premises Thursday.

The kennel was owned and operated by Robert V. and Bridggette Fink on property zoned residential. The Land Court ruling did allow the kennel to breed and raise dogs that it permanently owns at the property, noting that is a protected agricultural use. Town Clerk Lori A. Kelly said Thursday that no one representing Laughlin Kennel has asked for a kennel license, which would be needed to run the business at the Larned Road property. Oxford Animal Control Officer Kathleen Flynn said Mr. and Mrs. Fink allowed her to inspect the house and kennel Thursday. Ms. Flynn said she did not find any dogs on the premises. The kennel was empty and the retail pet supply area was practically empty, except for a few collars and leashes. Neither did the kennel nor the supply area appear to be operational, she said.

I’m glad we could help by using our platform to expose these assbags. But none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the all the protesters that dedicated their Saturdays to holding signs outside the kennel and at the beginning of the street so that unsuspecting customers had a chance to reconsider buying puppies from there. It was one of the most effective protests I’ve ever seen.

The lesson here is, don’t fuck with dog people. They’re not like other protesters. They mean business, and they will not rest until justice is served.





3 Comment(s)
  • Inspector McGruff
    October 16, 2018 at 5:22 am

    the first step complete, waiting on the second karmic shoe to fall, finding the Finks dead at their own hand. still, a lingering doubt, have they simply moved the business, and why aren’t these sucking leeches in prison? all life a miracle, fuck with it and go to hell.

  • Emily
    October 15, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Best article I have read in a very long time!! You phrased it extremely well: Don’t fuck with dog people they mean business! Very very true. My deepest thanks to all the protesters that helped free all the dogs and close that money pit down. That’s all it was for the Finks. A money pit. They obviously didn’t care about those poor dogs at all.

  • Y
    October 15, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    When does Uncle Turtle’s book come out?
    Are there any links to the work Uncle has done since partnering with Howie Carr?

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