All-Star Criminals

Bourne Police Innkeepers Ask For Help On Their Hysterical Facebook Page In Hopes Of Finding Minion In Flat-Brimmed Hat Who Did Some Moron Thieving 

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I just love police departments with a sense of humor.
One of my favorite pages to follow is the Bourne Police Department Facebook. They have created this hysterical narrative about how they are the Innkeepers of the Canal B&B and refer to every criminal they cross as “Minions.” They offer people tips on how to not become a minion by breaking down things dumb criminals have done in their status updates. They legit make my heart happy.

Today, our favorite Innkeepers need our help locating a flat-brimmed hat wearing chud, who damaged security cameras, and made off with some rather expensive equipment from a construction site on Scraggy Neck Rd. I wonder if that’s next to Voch Stache Blvd? Anyways, here are the deets:

If you know who he is hit them up. You should absolutely go and like their page. This is what community outreach SHOULD look like in this day and age. If you’re making people laugh – that means you have their attention.

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