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Brainless Brockton Burglar Gets Identified By Leaving His Car In Victim’s Driveway

Crime continues to be on the rise and intelligence on the decline in the Brockton area, as Maurice Abisdid-Wagner is the clear frontrunner for local dumbass of the week after burglarizing a house and leaving his own car in the victim’s driveway and fleeing on foot.  This brain surgeon managed to steal exactly zero items from the house, and walked to a nearby elementary school and asked an employee for a “ride out of town”. Brilliant Maurice! Doesn’t sound suspicious or anything. As of Tuesday afternoon, he still remains at large.


Enterprise – A Baltic Avenue resident arrived home just after 11:40 a.m. and thought he heard someone in his bedroom.

After exiting the home to wait for police, the suspect fled the home on foot, although he wasn’t seen leaving, Easton Deputy Police Chief Keith Boone said.

But police say a car parked outside the house led them to the suspect.

The robber drove a gray Honda Accord to 11 Baltic Ave., parked out front, then forced his way into the home through a rear door, Boone said.

When police arrived, they set up a perimeter in the Baltic Avenue and Sheridan Street area. A lengthy search by police dogs from Raynham and Stoughton came up empty.

But the car out front was all police needed, Boone said.

“There was identifiable information about him in the vehicle,” he said.

The suspect, later identified as Maurice Abisdid-Wagner, was identified by those items found in the sedan, Boone said. Shortly after the break-in, Abisdid-Wagner is believed to have walked to Easton Middle School, where he asked a staff member in the parking lot for a ride out of Easton, Boone said.

On Monday, Easton police officer Lonnie Ataman investigated the break-in along with Easton detectives. Ataman and Easton police Sgt. Leonard Coe later identified Abisdid-Wagner and issued a warrant for his arrest, Boone said.

In Taunton District Court, a warrant was issued for Abisdid-Wagner, 25, whose last known address is 32 Warwick Ave., Tisbury, charging him with breaking and entering during the day with intent to commit a felony and malicious destruction of property over $250.

The sound of the homeowner arriving on Monday scared Abisdid-Wagner away, Boone said.

“He left the vehicle he was driving in front of the house when he fled on foot when the homeowner returned,” Boone said. “He had collected a bag full of the residents’ jewelry and left it in the house when fleeing, so, luckily, the homeowner did not lose any valuables.”

Although a warrant has been issued for Abisdid-Wagner, he had not been arrested by 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The town has had numerous break-ins in the last several months, including a couple in which residents were either home or arrived home to find someone in their homes.

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  • MS
    September 30, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Its always a Honda accord

  • Cleve's not a racist, just ask him
    September 29, 2015 at 4:40 pm


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