Brandeis Bans Feminist Speaker, Former Muslim Hirsi Ali After Muslim Students Protest Her For Being “Islamophobic”

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Pomona College and St. Bonaventure might’ve just met their match in the quest for worst college in America. Brandeis University in Waltham is now officially the most dislikeable school after what they just did to perhaps the greatest advocate of women’s rights in the world today. Check it out:

After taking heat from some of its own over a decision to grant an honorary degree to an advocate for Muslim women who has made comments critical of Islam, Brandeis University withdrew the honor Tuesday night. The university said in a statement that Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali would no longer receive the honorary degree, which it had planned to award her at the May 18 commencement.

So let me get this straight…..Brandeis is taking away an honor from a woman who has dedicated her life to helping other oppressed Muslim women, because she was critical of Muslim men for being oppressive towards Muslim women? Nice job Brandeis.


Ali, a member of the Dutch Parliament from 2003 to 2006, has been quoted as making comments critical of Islam. That includes a 2007 interview with Reason Magazine in which she said of the religion: “Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace. I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars.”

This was the controversial statement? Why? I’m sorry, were these people in a coma on September 11th? Newsflash: everything she said is true. There are millions of peaceful Muslims out there. Unfortunately they’re not in charge.


Brandeis, outside Boston in Waltham, Mass., said it was not aware of Ali’s statements earlier.

They weren’t aware of her statements? Ummm, the only reason she’s famous is because she makes statements like this. Her best-selling blog Infidel literally is 300 pages that revolve around everything she said above. I’m sorry, did the powers that be at Brandeis not have the ability to GOOGLE her? The bottom line is that they did know, and they gave in to pressure because that’s what you do in America now. You give crying losers what they want. You sacrifice everything you believe in so people don’t get their feelings hurt. Ya know what? If your feelings are hurt from this, then fuck your feelings. Here’s the University’s statement: 

“She is a compelling public figure and advocate for women’s rights, and we respect and appreciate her work to protect and defend the rights of women and girls throughout the world,” said the university’s statement. “That said, we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.”

So apparently Brandeis’ core values involve defending women, but not criticizing the psychopaths who throw rocks at them for learning how to read. Sure, these insane nut jobs use the Koran to justify their blatant abuse of women, but you can’t criticize Islam because it will hurt people’s feelings. And in America, you aren’t allowed to hurt people’s feelings. Ever.


Wanna know what’s really messed up about this? Here’s her background:

Ali was raised in a strict Muslim family, but after surviving a civil war, genital mutilation, beatings and an arranged marriage, she renounced the faith in her 30s. She declined to comment this week to The Associated Press.

So let me get this straight….She was born a Muslim. She underwent “genital mutilation,” grew up in probably the most dangerous, poorest Muslim, country in the world, and was so turned off by all of this that she now shits on the religion that oppressed her? And this is inconsistent with Brandeis’ core values? Maybe if she talked about how much she enjoyed the genital mutilation, forced marriage, and beatings in the name of Allah, then she’d be more suitable for Brandeis?

In 2007, Ali helped establish the AHA Foundation, which works to protect and defend the rights of women in the West from oppression justified by religion and culture, according to its website. The foundation also strives to protect basic rights and freedoms of women and girls. This includes control of their own bodies, access to an education and the ability to work outside the home and control their own income, the website says.

Sounds like good stuff. I’m sure the faculty at a liberal college, named after one of America’s most famous progressives would support her right? Right??? 

More than 85 of about 350 faculty members at Brandeis signed a letter asking for Ali to be booted off the list of honorary degree recipients. And an online petition created Monday by students at the school of 5,800 had gathered thousands of signatures from inside and outside the university as of Tuesday afternoon.

Oh yea, I forgot, college professors are for the most part pompous asshats. Ya see, since they grew up in upper middle class homes in Camridge, they’re more enlightened then all of us. And since they grew up in tolerant communities in the greatest country on earth, they definitely have the right to shit on someone who grew up in a Civil War while being beaten and having her genitals mutilated. She has NO RIGHT to be upset about that. Luckily for all of us these 85 college professors, who get to choose their own spouses and do what they want with their own genitals, are there to save us all from hearing her say mean things about her oppressors. How progressive of them.

strong opinion

So what about the students?

“This is a real slap in the face to Muslim students,” senior Sarah Fahmy, a member of the Muslim Student Association who created the petition, said of the honor before the university withdrew it. The organization sent a letter to Lawrence on Tuesday requesting that it drop its plans to honor Ali.

“This makes Muslim students feel very uneasy,” Joseph Lumbard, chairman of Islamic and Middle East Relations Committee.

Newsflash Sarah: I could care less if your feelings are hurt. You lived in Egypt, which was ruled by a non-religious dictator for years. There’s also millions of Christians in Egypt. Life wasn’t so bad as a Muslim woman in Egypt until the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Then things got rather shitty…unless you enjoy having rocks thrown at your face if you dare show it in the oppressive desert heat. But yea, we should acquiesce to your demands and limited world view because it will hurt you and the five other disillusioned Brandeis Muslim students’ feelings.

And hey Sarah, maybe, JUST MAYBE, the reason she says mean but 100% accurate things about your beautiful religion of peace and love, is because of this story:

After writing the screenplay for the 2004 film “Submission,” about the mistreatment of Muslim women and girls, she received death threats. The threats were not hollow; the film’s director, Theo van Gogh, was assassinated by a Muslim extremist. Pinned to his jacket after the attack was a threat on Hirsi Ali’s life, after which, like Rushdie, she lived under police protection.

Yea, so she’s literally hiding in the United States, the only country in the world who will protect her, because a bunch of lunatic Muslims have declared international war against her. Big deal right? I mean, who does she think she is criticizing Muslims for forcing women into arranged marriages, mutilaiting their genitals, and participating in “honor killings?” If she had just kept her mouth shut like a good Muslim woman then maybe her friend wouldn’t have had to die. None of this gives her the right to say mean things about Islam. None of it matters.


In an online petition, Brandeis senior Sarah Fahmy wrote that Hirsi Ali’s invitation to speak at the school and receive an honorary social justice degree was a “shock to the community due to her extreme Islamophobic beliefs.”

New rule: Stop making up words that end in “phobia.” This is the classic ace in the hole of the politically correct crowd. Just add phobia to the end of a word and you make it seem like you’re up against Hitler. Being opposed to a religion that forced you to marry a stranger, allowed you to be beaten by men, and forced you to mutilate your own genitals, is ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!

Fahmy said that Hirsi Ali’s selection represented a “blatant and callous disregard” not just of Muslim students “but any student who has experienced pure hate speech” and represented a “direct violation” of the school’s moral code, as well as “the rights” of Brandeis students.

Your rights? LOL, that’s cute. The sad part is, people like her are winning. These nudniks honestly believe that they have the “right” to not have their feelings hurt. I mean, when the Founding Fathers were coming up with the Bill of Rights, they must’ve totally forgotten about the 11th Amendment: The Right To Not Have Your Feelings Hurt, However Unreasonable Your Feelings Are.

Luckily for humanity, Sarah Fahmy and her legions of PC dooshnozzles can’t stop TurtleBoy Sports from spitting the truth in your face. We won’t be speaking at your graduation, or receiving an honorary degree, which is fine by us because apparently you only give them to people who spit mild, cold takes.


See, the biggest thing that’s wrong about all of this is that it’s just another example of the “tolerance” crowd. These people are the biggest frauds on earth, and also the least tolerant. Ya see, they’re tolerant, as long as you’re a 100% liberal who agrees with everything they say. If you’re not they just throw a phobia on a couple words and kick your ass out of their tolerance clube.

My question is, where are the liberal feminists? More frauds. Hirsi Ali is literally the most important feminist in the world. She represents millions and millions of women who are oppressed by men in the name of Allah, who was married to a bunch of nine year old girls and would be called a “pedophile” in 2014.


Women should be protesting the protestors non-stop in Waltham until she’s invited back again and issued an apology. Instead they’re all rallying around idiots like Elizabeth Warren, crying about an imaginary “wage gap,” whining about having to pay for birth control, talking about “rape culture,” celebrating “sexual freedom,” and demanding a punch card that gives you a fifth abortion for free after paying for four at full price. Because that’s what feminism to women who grew up in a sheltered, Western nation, where women are allowed to talk about these things in public, has evolved into.

I should see my feministo friends on Facebook with angry statuses about their outrage that a woman who wants to protect women from violent men, is being censored by a male dominated administration. But instead all I hear is whining about the fact that women on average make 77% of what men do. Sure, there are a million reasons that AREN’T sexism that explain this. But don’t let that get in the way of a good rant. THIS is the frontlines of the feminist movement, not protecting the millions of people that are exploited by a religion all across the world.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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