All-Star Criminals

Bridgewater Police Twitter Monthly Top Ten!!

Hey kids, it’s that time again! Time for the kookiest police force in the area to try their hand at comedy by humiliating and publicly shaming all the dumb-ass criminals and crazy citizens in town. Here are the top ten tweets from the Bridgewater police twitter page over the last month.


10.  The suspicious landscaper. God only knows what he intended to do with that rake. Good thing the police were notified immediately!




9.  Nobody good drives gold-colored sedans





8.  Women …




7.  Dogs sitting at the bar?



6. This burglar got real bored




5.  Officer, please retrieve my fake ID so I can continue to drink illegally. Then you can arrest me.



4.  Who wouldn’t stop for this guy??


3.  A “dating” website … Sounds very romantic




2. With friends like these …




1.  Can’t say I haven’t been there.  The asshole in front of you wants more ketchup and their burger re-heated and they gave him pickles when he asked for no pickles instead and on and on. I’m glad someone stood up for all of us and finally tried to take one of these bastards out.




Keep up the good work BPD! Keep making us laugh while keeping the streets safe!

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  • Dave
    August 20, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Meadow lane shows up twice? That house is hoppin’!

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