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  • Clark University SJW Posts White Nationalist Recruitment Posters On Campus, Virtue Signals, Blames Administration For Not Doing Enough To Stop It

    Clark University SJW Posts White Nationalist Recruitment Posters On Campus, Virtue Signals, Blames Administration For Not Doing Enough To Stop It

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    Here’s some more fake news out of the people’s republic of Clark University:

    Officials at a Worcester college say a white nationalist group posted racist and anti-Semitic stickers on buildings around campus, but the stickers and posters have been removed. Clark University President David Angel said in a Facebook post that Vanguard America is the group responsible for posting the racist and anti-Semitic material.

    “We at Clark University refuse to be a platform for this hate speech,” Angel wrote. “Vanguard America, a white nationalist group, has posted on other college campuses over the past year. We have not as yet identified the person or persons from this group who have posted on our campus.”

    The university did not describe the material placed on the buildings or identify the exact locations on campus where the items were found.  Angel encouraged students to “combat hate” by raising their voices and re-affirming that diversity, inclusion and respect strengthen the community.

    “Let us join together and denounce these racist views loudly and without qualification,” Angel wrote.

    Staff in the Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be ready to help any students impacted by the racist and anti-Semitic materials. 

    This is the most unbelievable tall tale I have ever heard. At no point was this race hoax even remotely believable. Look, I know race hoaxes are all the rage these days because the racism-industrial complex fuels it. But if you’re gonna pull one of these stunts, you have to at least make it sound SOMEWHAT real.

    For starters, there’s the racist and anti-semitic stickers were placed on buildings “all around campus.” Not just in one place. They were literally everywhere. On a beautiful day in which classes were in session, and thousands and thousands of people, most of whom are social justice warriors, would’ve seen them.

    And yet Clark can’t provide a single picture of one? Not one? Seriously, how stupid do they think people have to be to buy this story? We’re talking about Clark here. It’s the most far left school in northeast. It’s packed to the brim with virtue signaling undergrads who would love nothing more than to see a sticker like this, post it to their Facebook page, and use it to point out how Nazis and white supremacists are everywhere.

    But that didn’t happen. Because there were no stickers.

    Then there’s this:

    “The university did not describe the material placed on the buildings or identify the exact locations on campus where the items were found.”

    So they couldn’t even describe what the stickers looked like, nor could they say where they found the stickers. Yup, this adds up. If you believed this story, you only did so because either a) you wanted to, or b) you are a very, very stupid person.

    Oh, and here’s the best part – they already know who’s responsible for it:

    “We at Clark University refuse to be a platform for this hate speech,” Angel wrote. “Vanguard America, a white nationalist group, has posted on other college campuses over the past year. We have not as yet identified the person or persons from this group who have posted on our campus.”

    White nationalists!! Not just any white nationalists. They’ve identified the exact group that did it. And what are the odds it would be the same group that was leading the Charlottesville protests last month?  And their evidence for that it was Vanguard is………well, I guess they don’t have any evidence. But if you’re gonna pull a race hoax like this, it sounds a lot more believable if you already know which white nationalist group was responsible.

    Funny thing about Vanguard America though – they’re based out of Virginia. And their founder is this guy:

    Kevin Alfred Strom. Does that name ring a bell? Let me jog your memory. Last month Worcester City Councilor (who lives right near Clark University) posted this meme which many attribute to Voltaire, on his Facebook page:

    Then Buttmunch Billy Shaner, who makes minimum wage at a free magazine that no one reads, wrote in his column that Gaffney was actually quoting a white supremacist. A white supremacist named Kevin Alfred Strom, who just so happens to be the head of the white nationalist organization that put up these mystery racist stickers at Clark University:

    What were the odds???

    Despite the fact that anyone with any ability to reason or ask rational questions would immediately question the obvious holes in this story, Clarkies are doing what Clarkies do best – fueling the racism-industrial complex:

    “Racism is alive and well and spurred on by our president.”

    “This is why they’re taking a knee.”

    “I feel unsafe.”

    It’s almost like they want to believe it’s true so they can victimize themselves. Nah, that can’t be it.

    The thing about college campuses is that no matter how hard administration tries to prove they’re on the right side of social justice, SJWs still call them out for not being SJW enough:

    Yea Clark!! These imaginary stickers didn’t just hurt some people’s feels. They hurt EVERYONE’s feels!! You’re not doing enough stuff for me!! Me, me, me!!!

    Anyway, after a brief Facebook safari we found out the root cause of this whole thing was this chick:

    So first of all, it wasn’t an anti-semitic sticker, it was a white nationalist poster. And it wasn’t posted on buildings, it was posted on a poll. More than like put there by Ariana Mohammad herself.

    Of course that’s not what she wanted you to believe. She wanted you to believe that some racist dudes from Virginia looked at a map of the United States and decided that the best place to put their recruitment posters was at Clark University. A breeding ground for white nationalists. That DEFINITELY happened. Definitely.

    (How long until she changes the privacy settings on her publicly viewable Facebook page?)

    But hey, can’t really blame her since it works like a charm EVERY SINGLE TIME, and all these idiots blindly shared it:

    That’s the craziest part about this latest race hoax. It was just ONE PERSON’s Facebook post that got it started. No one else saw shit. Just her. Yet they were posted “all around campus.”

    Oh, and what are the odds that the person who discovered these fliers would be an outspoken and woke as fuck social justice warrior who is constantly railing on Clark administration

    Constantly playing the race card and calling out others for being racist

    And putting on shows called, “50 Shades of Gender, Identity, Race, Sexuality and Violence”?

    What a coincidence that someone like this would be the first person to stumble upon these white nationalist recruitment photos at Clark!!

    You’ll also notice on her Facebook page that she like an organization called EPOCA:

    Which is a group of ex-cons who think jail is bad because they didn’t enjoy their time there. Guess who leads this group??


    Oh look, it’s former Fitchburg mayoral candidate Kevin Lynch. A guy who helped murder Andrew McDonough on June 13, 1992 in South Boston, and then took a plea deal of 7 years in exchange for snitching on his friends and blaming the whole thing on them.

    Anyone with a brain can see what happened here. An narcissistic, virtue signaling attention whore wanted to do what she always does – complain that Clark administration isn’t doing enough to combat racism. In order to do that she printed out a couple posters, “discovered them” on light poles, took a picture of them, and then virtue signaled like it was going out of style on her Facebook page. After that the gutless college president, realizing that his job requires sucking up to idiots like this, issues a meaningless statement about how students should “combat hate” by raising their voices and re-affirming that diversity, inclusion and respect strengthen the community.

    Buzzword milkshake. See, he’s one of the good ones now!!

    Of course when Ariana made up this race hoax she did so knowing full well that President David Angel would never, ever, EVER consider questioning her about it. Because asking questions about obvious race hoaxes is in and of itself racist. Just ask Adam Jones.

    People will ask, “what’s her motivation for doing this?” when they accuse us of being fake news. But the answer is simple – attention. Race hoaxes are exploding like never before since the election of Donald Trump. Just check out fakehatecrimes.org. Happens all the time. Because no one ever questions it….except for Turtleboy. This is why you ride the turtle. Because you’re not sheep. You’re smart, intuitive, and have a thirst for the truth. And we are here to quench your thirst.


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    1. Passing Complection

      Hate crime? Should be.

      1. Mo Mo

        Mohammed, you say? Mohammed.

        1. Wwy

          Could be worse it might of been a kike name,the worst Semites are the Jews not the Arabs.

          1. H. Goldblum

            Settle down, Akbar.

    2. Rethuglicon

      So she wants the campus camera footage of the perpetrator shared to prove that she perpetrated a “hoax?”
      Dumb theory for even the flaccid fat turtle-schmuscks.

      1. wabbitt

        Either she did it where she knows there’s no cameras, or she did it in the middle of the night so it would be difficult to prove it’s her.

        Or she’s just dumb. Plenty of stupid people in colleges nowadays.

    3. The Rant Queen

      Desperate, pathetic slags. All of them.

    4. Stokley Carmichael

      As former heavyweight champ “Smoking”Joe Fraizer said,”an empty wagon makes the biggest noise.”
      Keep that in mind Ariana.

    5. Captain Jizz

      Can you stop using the phrase “virtue signal”? It’s fucking annoying

      1. True Reality Speaks

        Call a spade a spade – unless you’re a lib and want to change the meaning of words so that only “your” side can use them. Not calling things out for what they really are is the dogma of the PC poseurs.

    6. Nick Manning

      Too bad Ariana is such a SJW twat. I’d love to throw some ropes across her face. I’d probably go limp from her left wing liberal babbling

      1. SJW are cunts

        just shove a fucking sock in her yap and go to town.

    7. Gerry Mandering

      Leave these children alone, their minds are still developing and college is their safeplace for learning how to manipulate the truth. How else are we going to program them to be good democrats that always pull the party’s line for generations to come?

    8. BlackandWhite

      Kevie has moobs. LOL.

      All the Antifa and SJW world have gone stark raving mad. I blame Facebook and other social media for spinning out of control with blatant lies — and people being too stupid to seek and confirm the truth. Pretty soon everyone will need to wear body cams 24/7 to prove their innocence.

    9. Troubled Nostrils

      Excellent, TB! This is real news – you’ve exposed another example of the SJW mass psychosis that’s gripping the USA. It goes deeper than SJWs inability to think rationally – it’s a sickness.

    10. Stunt Penis

      Isn’t “hate speech” still “free speech”?

      If some antifa group put up “kill cops” posters, want to bet they would not be taken down?

      These SJWs are really nothing but fascists (and if they studied real history, they would know they are.)

      1. mitch

        not to the sjw’s it isn’t. love your posts stunt. the most sickening thing about all of these hoaxers is the unending hatred and contempt of white working class people. when they talk of white supremacists or nationalists or nazis what they are REALLY doing is putting these LABELS on plain everyday Americans to de-humanize us and make us easier to hurt or KILL. ISN’T THAT RIGHT CLARK ADMINISTRATION???? the days of taking this is OVER!!! open call to Clark’s president= call out the hoax and hoaxers! it is his job to protect ALL students. if one of these puke sjw’s hurts someone it is on Clark’s president’s bloody hands. it is our job to hold him PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE.

        1. Stunt Penis

          Race wars are coming to America. Maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in my children’s lifetime. Especially once our economy collapses due to our burgeoning national debt (can you say ‘Wiemar Republic’, children? Good, I knew you could).

          The only thing that truly prevents the inner cities from exploding today is the threat of incarceration.

          There is a never-ending supply of “have nots” who will gladly liberate you from your earthly possessions (because ‘they’ are ‘entitled’ to them, given your ‘white privilege’), and said liberation usually involves the thick end of an aluminum baseball bat or other blunt object, and usually does not end well for you.

          Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the Balkins… earth history is replete with examples of what is coming to America. A humanity-induced Extinction Level Event. And, for those who do not believe these hard-core antifa types are capable of it, continue to keep your hand in the sand, or up your ass, all you like. I, and my children, will opt to be boy scouts.

          Be prepared, my friend, be prepared. Guns, more guns, and lots of ammo. And, of course, ZombieTools. Accessories for the Apocalypse. Eventually ammo runs out, and its heavy to carry when you’re on the run from the amassing hordes. Your blade is your friend.

          1. mitch

            had hill won we might be fighting for our lives right now. trump won ,”thank God”, so we have some time to prepare. i think i’m a little older than you stunt so i have gone through most of it already. if you have a young family i have some advice.
            #1. if more than 5% black or foreign speakers in the school or even if % lower but increasing GET THEM OUT OF THAT SCHOOL NOW.
            #2. if #1 applies and you own a home, sell it now.
            #3. if above applies, search for new employment first in better area, then move to that area.
            you cannot afford to NOT do this. blacks and immigrants destroy the school system and property values. if you stay just a little too long you become trapped economically and your child is on a path to educational and god knows whatever other ruin. this is realism in America today. if you follow this simple advice you will have saved you and your family a ton of grief. good luck my friends.

            1. mitch

              oh, and if you don’t like or agree with my advice, take a knee.

            2. Stunt Penis

              All I will disagree with, Mitch, is the classification of “black” vs “white”. I do not see this as a black/white issue necessarily. My best friend is a black cop, and he’s the salt of the earth, raised by his mother, who is a Methodist minister. I do and have trusted him with my life.

              What it really is, is a class-warfare issue. And, unfortunately, there is systemic poverty in the black/inner-city communities, thanks to years of democrat policies and the lack of morals and an intact family unit in many cases.

              As a result, this manifests itself as “black/white”, simply because there are a disproportionate number of blacks who fall into the “have not” category, when in reality, it is a socioeconomic issue.

              My children are grown and out of the house, but they are well prepared for what is to come. At a minimum one Sunday a month at the tactical range with dad, and of course, constant honing of their swordcraft . Although as of late I’ve encouraged them to also take up the practice of Kendo, as a backup, since you can always find a stick no matter where you are.

            3. mitch

              thanx for your comments stunt. i used to agree with all of the points you make. however, i must stand on my advice as given. the economic level of a family do not predict crime statistics, this is a huge fallacy pushed by sociologists forever. curing poverty does not eliminate crime. one has only to look at the fbi’s crime and murder stats that show without a doubt criminal social pathology is much higher in blacks vs other races of the same economic level. you are quite safe in a white or Asian neighborhoods of the same economic level for instance. i do not advocate violence or hatred of anybody but one way to protect you and your family is to live in a safe area. my black friends not only agree with my advice, they followed it.

    11. Meh

      I personally peeled two of the stickers off of an electrical box and a pole.. there was more of them posted all over facebook lol

      1. SJW are cunts

        Lying sack of shit.

        I take so much pleasure throwing away Clark grad resumes my employer hands me. Or any from sjw infested shit holes. Doing my part!

    12. Turd Ferguson

      Freaking Missippi Burning right there. Better call Gene Hackman to get a handle on balls over there.

    13. Steven Stover

      This country is fucked if we listen to her. Only a a moron like the Clark president would be stupid enough to listen to anything she says. He should have told her to get to class and grow up. But he has raisins for balls.

    14. Brian

      This chick is a closet anal whore. She lives to get fucked in the ass and the mouth. It was weird I tried fucking here in pussy but she kept saying she wanted to save that for marriage so I could cum only in her ass and mouth. Did not complain

    15. Publius

      Yet another fake racism claim? to add to hundreds or more acrods the country in last few months. Maybe thousands.

    16. chrissy

      there’s an NBC video showing footage of the fliers and stickers being removed but still investigating who actually posted them

    17. Sterling Turtle Rider

      My first thought on reading when you wrote ‘Clark is the most far left school in the northeast’, was ‘what about Hampshire College?’; but then I re-read it, and it said ‘school’, so that disqualifies Hampshire.

      1. Sterling Turtle Rider

        Oh, and if our gal Ariana here is so in with the EPOCA message, maybe she should go for a round or two of golf with our buddy there Kevin… just make sure you stay on his good side, he’s a real killer with that 9 iron.

    18. wabbitt

      Appropriate that her middle name is Meraj. Because that’s what all of this is – a mirage.

      Just another basic white bitch who converted to Islam because she wasn’t getting enough oppression points and thus couldn’t prove how woke she is.

      1. Wwy

        Lol from the uneducated bus rider. When the bus schedule changes is only time your useful.

        1. wabbitt

          Can’t come up with a way to twist this back on the Jews, so you try to insult me for utilizing public transportation. You going to accuse me of being black again, next?

    19. Maura Healey

      All of you triggered snowflakes please call me fake hate crime hot line comfort puppies now available

    20. Maura Healey

      Ariana if this is a hoax please stop by my office you deserve a good tongue lashing

    21. They call me Ponch

      Just because Clark is in Main South doesn’t give you automatic street cred.
      Fuck this chic

      1. lola

        here’s your “fake news” turtleboys

        Racist Stickers Plastered Around Clark University Campus
        Messages from a white supremacist group were discovered around the campus of Clark University in Worcester in recent days.

    22. […] Adam Jones, to Westfield, the SUNY Albany Lie, to Clark University  you would think that people would have started to catch on by now. It’s nuts that this gets […]

    23. Kevin Lynch

      Again the COWARD Turtlebitch post pictures of me and states FALSE statements about me.

      I see that nothing has changed as TBS claims to be a reputable news source and AGAIN prints LIES.

      And they still have me blocked from their sites as they are still scared of me calling them out on their lies,lmao.

      1. Kevin Lynch

        Sorry everyone! I get a little cross when my lover David doesn’t lube it up enough before he uses his nine iron on my back nine.

    24. Kevin Lynch

      Turtlebitch, co-defendants got found not guilty to what I plead guilty to and went to prison for. Can you figure out the truth yet? You fucking moron. You r nothing but a lying pos stirring up the pot of division.

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