Crazy Unfit Delusional Mother Goes On Extreme Facebook Rants, Blames Ex-Husband And DCF For Losing Custody Of Her Son, Starts A Gofundme To Win Him Back

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Crazy unfit delusional mother goes on extreme Facebook rants, blames ex-husband and DCF for losing custody of her son, starts a Gofundme to win him back.

You ever run into someone who seems normal at first glance, then you take a look into their personal life and realize you’re dealing with a psycho? I present to you the most insane GoFundMe I have ever read. It was written by a delusional woman named Elisa Schippers:

Woah. Put the bottle down honey, you’re making absolutely no sense. First of all, if your ex-husband put an abuse prevention order out on you the chances that you are insane are pretty high. She talks about self medicating by using anxiety medicine mixed with alcohol, but you know, she’s “better now” (she isn’t, you will see when you scroll down). It’s obvious this woman had her children taken away because she’s a psychotic pill popping alcoholic who put her wants for all things illegal before the love of her child. Not only does she accuse her ex-husband of having lots of money and indirectly assuming he has “bought” his custody, she also blames DCF. Her son was taken away because she failed to follow the orders DCF had given her. They were simple. All she had to do was attend classes and AA for her alcoholism. Instead, she decided she didn’t want to take those classes, and decided to go to “nursing” school instead. I’m glad that there has not been a donation yet, because the chances she would use that toward winning custody of her son would be slim. She would definitely buy some nips and have a good time.

Her post has since been removed, but I was too quick with my screenshots. Here are some of the replies to her cry for help:


Oh, so DCF gives children to abusive ex-husbands? News to me.

She “rolled” her car over in the morning to avoid hitting another car that had a child in it. Oh, what a super hero! Except, she’s full of shit:

She was drunk driving at 4:33 a.m. – that is why her car rolled over. This moron is lucky to be alive. Thankfully, she did not harm any innocent people.

That is only the icing on the cake. She has a history of being a shit stain on society:

Because the first time you’re arrested in Florida means nothing, let’s give it a second shot:


If you get bored of Florida, just go to Mississippi:



Then when you’re done being a trashy shit bag down south, come back up North:

That happened in 2014. Then she recently decided that all of her legal woes were boring and wanted to crash her car while she was drunk. Yes, she definitely lost her son because of her “rich” husband and her conspiracy that he’s buying his right to custody by paying DCF.

When normal people make a post on Facebook and start getting reamed, they either disappear or they delete their post. Not Elisa, she kept arguing with everyone:



Wait, what? She’s saying she failed a field sobriety test because she was walking in heels? I’m sure she could have asked to remove them. What an excuse… The “HA you try please” kills me. I have walked in 4 inch heels while I’m so drunk I see stars, and I’m capable of getting to my destination just fine. For a seasoned alcoholic, she’s a light weight.



Elisa, we will never understand. Do you not see how crazy you are? I mean, the lights are on but no one is home. Also, I find it hard to believe you go to college. Maybe Salter, but we all know Salter is for people who have a Room Temp IQ. That’s anywhere from 68-77 for all you Salter students reading.



She’s obviously in some serious denial. Alcohol can do that to someone. It’s like when you drink so much and you look at someone and think they are attractive, but it’s clearly beer goggle attractive. It’s fucking mind boggling how that works by the way. I’m always amazed, and then frightened when I sober up!

Anyhow, I found a cry baby bitch among the comments on her thread:


Matt Brodeur, Hi. I’m Feisty, the ultimate cuntastic warrior writing this blog right now. I’m a woman by the way. When I read your comment I laughed. My profile is in your group, it’s a nice vanilla-safe profile that no one would ever consider to be associated with TB. As Lisa Robbit states, Turtleboy is everywhere. Now your comment lands on the blog you wish didn’t happen. What kind of sorcery have I pulled off?

On to the crazy. Elisa is by all definitions of the word, delusional. Here are some nonsensical rants you can find on her Facebook page:



What? What is she talking about? She’s never getting her son back. She’s clearly a delusional woman who lacks the maternal instincts and parental quality to ever be around her son again.



Wonderful. The best way to win your child back is admitting to the public that you want to be sedated, because that’s how normal people deal with life issues.



Shut. Up. You ruined the chances. Stop placing blame on your poor ex-husband. Leaving you was the best decision he has probably ever made.



On your way where? To the north fucking pole? It’s June. Why are you in full blizzard gear? Why are you wearing pants with shorts? So many questions that will go unanswered because you seem to talk to yourself; a lot. At least when I do it, it’s because my husband is pretending to listen, but that’s a different story for another day.



Huh? Put the bottle down! I BEG YOU, PLEASE! God Deliver her from her evil alcoholism and make her go away!! AMEN!



Yeah, you have stretch marks from being pregnant. That’s about the only thing you’re left with seeing as how you were such a shitty mother you lost custody of your son. Do you realize how bad a woman has to be in order to lose custody? Men get the shit end of the stick when it comes to custody battles. The fact that her ex has her son says a lot about how crazy she is.



Any of you reading this shit? I just took screenshots in case people were interested in her crazy. I have no patience to read it. Please, someone give me cliff notes in the comments.



Oh for the love of God. Your baby was not stolen! You chose alcohol over your child, and completely abandoned him. His father has custody because you were not deemed fit enough to be a parent. I can’t believe that are people who fall for her sympathy seeking. Richard… I’m sure he was trying to slide in the DM’s – good luck bro, the crazy ones are not as much fun as people say. I’m sure you will wake up in the middle of the night and you will catch her placing her ear on your chest. Not in a “I want to cuddle” way but in a “I want to count how many times your heart beats before I put a knife through it” way. Careful, buddy.

I am positive no one is going to donate to this whack job’s Gofundme. What she needs to do is see a psychiatrist. She has some serious mental health issues. This level of crazy can’t be ignored. Anyone think she could be related to Guttermuppet? Twinsies!



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2 Comment(s)
  • A REAL disgusted mom
    September 23, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Jesus aged Christ! No wonder why you never responded to my inquiry about another disgusting egg donor!!! You already had one! Wow! They sound so similar it’s scary.

  • mystressovmayhem
    June 12, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Is it me? Or does that pic of her with the Blue backdrop that says “Mrs. B” look like Kate Hudson? Shit shouldn’t of said that! Now poor Kate Hudson will be keeping her Son from her!

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