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  • Facebook Admitted That We Didn’t Violate Any Terms Or Conditions But We Were “Insensitive” So They Unpublished Our Page Anyway

    Facebook Admitted That We Didn’t Violate Any Terms Or Conditions But We Were “Insensitive” So They Unpublished Our Page Anyway

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    The Turtleboy Sports Facebook page has been unpublished. While we try to get it back please make sure to like and follow the Lost Boys of Turtle page by clicking on the image above, as well as our backup pages the Turtleboy Fallout Shelter and Turtleboy Refugees.








    So we just got this update from Facebook about our page being unpublished:

    “We’ve reviewed the post and found that it follows the Facebook community standards, but may be considered insensitive or cruel.”

    Wait…..what?? So we’re following the agreed upon Facebook standards that we signed when signing up for a page. This is a legally biding contract for both parties. If we violate it they reserve the right to take our page away. But we didn’t violate the terms. They literally just said that we didn’t, but they were still taking away our page because what we wrote “may be considered insensitive or cruel.” Maybe. Even though there’s nothing in their terms and conditions about not being able to help write insensitive things. Thanks for the confession!! Screenshot!!

    If you think we’re not getting our page back you are high. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The day we surrender to a bunch of racist cheesehogs is the day they seek employment and start paying for their own shit.

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    1. JT the brick

      You’re killing me with this new Lexus add

      1. Jinxie

        Agreed, but so worth the free hit takes.

        1. Jinxie

          *hot takes. I blame the add.

      2. Ran Dather

        1Blocker. I see ZERO ads.

        1. Sonny's Mom

          I like Brave, but I usually take it down for TB because it blocks other features like polls, the up-and-down-votes and the chance to rate the post.

    2. Becky Blueline

      What? That’s just… stupid. Didi’s content definitely violates their terms, have they removed her page yet?

    3. Finn

      But it’s ok that she said “F the police?”. Wouldn’t that be insensitive?

    4. Jinxie

      I find Facebook to be insensitive and cruel to TBS.
      Little bitches.

    5. Good for one, good for another

      People just need to keep reporting that fat hog Didi. What goes around comes around, her page is pretty bad if that really is all it take to be banned, then she should be banned no prob.

    6. Turd reversalist

      Are the anti-semitic comments necessary?

      1. pro trump

        if you’re offended head over to huffpost women you fucking niggerliberal snowflake

    7. Sienn

      If you want to not see the adds and still make sure Turtleboy gets the ad revenue use AdNauseam. It blocks and clicks the ads. it works on all browsers except Chrome.

    8. your name here

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    9. Emmaline Greensward

      I have never read more racist stuff than what’s on her page. You were completely right calling her out. God help us with people like her living in our nation.

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