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  • Facebook Unpublished Our Page With 112,000 Followers Without Any Warning Or Explanation For “Bullying” Because We Report Real News

    Facebook Unpublished Our Page With 112,000 Followers Without Any Warning Or Explanation For “Bullying” Because We Report Real News

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    Editor’s Note: If you’re ever gonna share a blog of our’s on social media, make sure it’s this one. Send it to everyone you know. Sent it to every media outlet and blue checkmarked personality you follow. 

    So our Facebook page, which is your classic rags to riches story with over 112,000 followers we gained organically through great content, has been unpublished due to “bullying.”

    Ya got that? Bullying. According to Facebook it is bullying when you call out people who are stealing, committing crimes, assaulting the elderly, selling drugs, saying racist things, selling food stamps, and an assortment of other shitty behavior. Only in America in 2017 can this collection of losers be considered the victims of bullying.

    Just a reminder that we have used our social media platform to break the following stories:

    I could go on and on. Just go to the “Turtleboy Investigates” tab on our page. Scroll through the hundreds of news stories that would’ve remained covered up if we did not have the platform that we did. We’ve won awards for being the best media outlet around. The Washington Post and Boston Globe have cited and linked us, as have countless others. We’re followed on social media by too many media figures to list. We are real news, which apparently is bullying to Facebook.

    Facebook did not tell us which specific post was flagged for bullying, nor will anyone read our “appeal,” which consisted of clicking the appeal button and receiving an automated message that they’re reviewing it. Here’s a secret – no one is reviewing it. Because Facebook, the world’s largest social media outlet, doesn’t actually employ anyone to do that. Instead they have created a way for users to mass report any page they don’t like, and Facebook’s bots detect that something is amiss and they suspend the page instead of actually looking into it. This is how a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg can make so much money – he has no operating costs. He has no employees to pay. And the politicians who claim that they want to regulate monopolies like this do nothing because Mark Zuckerberg donates so much money to their campaigns.

    Of course we’re pretty certain that this is the doing of Didi Delgado:

    We wrote about her yesterday. Since we exposed this perpetually unemployed racist “activist” for admitting that she drives around in an uninsured car without a proper carseat for her baby daughter, we’ve received an abnormal amount of messages like this:

    This is Lindsey Colella-Cabezas:

    Oh look, a blonde haired white woman lecturing other people about what is and isn’t racist. Color me shocked!!

    Hey ding dong, there’s nothing racist about calling our your racist friend. See this?

    That’s racist. Pointing out the fact that she’s a racist isn’t racism. It’s the truth.

    See this?

    Using your platform to send a mob after a teacher and claiming that you’re gonna murder her like Nat Turner murdered his oppressors, is bullying.

    But that’s OK, right white girl?

    Then there was this:

    “Something about this post bothers me.”

    Therefore we should take it down.

    This is literally what Nazis do. They demand that any speech they disagree with cease to exist. Sure, they could just choose not to come to our page if they find it so unpleasant, but that’s only something you would do if you believed in personal freedoms. And Nancy Sableski does NOT believe in personal freedoms:

    Oh look, an earthy crunchy white woman who campaigned for a race baiting liar who pretended to be Native American for personal gain. Never saw that one coming!!

    Here’s another one:

    A white woman telling a woman of color that she’s blind to racism. How white of you Laurie!! Thank God we have elderly white women like yourself to tell people of color how blind they are to racism. You should know all about what racism is, since you’ve likely never ever had a black person over for dinner after growing up in Wellesley, living in Milton, and attending BU and Yale.

    And finally there’s this one:

    Kirsten Johnson is a white woman from Minneapolis who has isolated herself in an all white community. Going through her Facebook page it is impossible to find anyone who is not white. Sure, she could live amongst people of color and add them to her social circles. But she actually hates black and brown people, and she thinks that sharing black lives matter propaganda, paying reparations to Didi Delgado, and using Facebook filters will absolve her of her racism.

    It won’t.

    These are the Nazis who have attacked our page. Whatever you do, DO NOT mass report the following Facebook pages for bullying:

    Kirsten Johnson

    Laurie Sheridan

    Nancy Sableski

    Lindsey Colella-Cabezas

    And ESPECIALLY DO NOT mass report Didi Delgado’s Facebook either.

    These Nazis will consider this a victory, but it’s really just an inconvenience for us. We will get our page back, make no doubt about it. The problem is that no one works at Facebook so the only way to get ahold of them is to hire a lawyer, which we’ve done several times in the past. We always get the page back. Because all we do is win.

    In the meantime you should immediately like and follow our three backup pages so you can continue to read the content and read the hilarious turtle rider commentary:

    The Lost Boys of Turtle

    Turtleboy Fallout Shelter Freedom Page

    Turtleboy Refugees

    We will be doing the Facebook Live show from the Lost Boys page if this is not resolved by Saturday. In the meantime, share the shit out of this blog. Send it to every conservative and liberal media outlet or personality you know. Seriously, mass send it to them. If they did it to us then who’s next? Online mobs get shit done. So let’s fight back against these assholes.

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    1. LMAOOO

      HAHA lol

    2. TortugaNino

      I cannot wait to report that DiDi c*nt to the IRS and DTA as well because I’m certain she is on every form of assistance available to her as well as delusional enough to think that her “activist” income is tax free. DONT POKE THE TURTLE!

    3. Shredah

      Turtleboy needs to develop its own app.

    4. MrSmiley

      Liberalism is a disease. Been fb free for years. It’s great to be a ghost.

      1. GraftonHillGirl

        Don’t blanket statement liberals here. I’m a card carrying liberal and I LOVE this blog.

        1. MrSmiley

          Okay. Looney lefty sjw liberalism is a disease? Feel better?

        2. Hughbo Mont

          “Classic Liberals” and today’s Liberals are not the same.

      2. SVU

        Fakebook or ratbook. Life is better without having facebook

    5. Webster Turtle Rider

      Facebook suuuuuucks. You guys don’t need it anyways.

      1. The More You Know...

        It might “suck” but it also happens to be the single most popular social media platform. Because FB is so popular, it is valuable for any business to have an active presence on FB.

        1. Webster Turtle Rider

          Cooooooooool. I wasn’t commenting on their revenue or advertising power, but you want a cookie for the awesome knowledge you just imparted us all with?

          1. You're welcome

            You said “You guys don’t need it anyways.” Clearly, you were ignoooooorant, and I made you smarter.

      2. TortugaNino

        Proud to say that I dodged that bullet completely, I’m 28 years old and had a myspace when facebook first hit. Everyone I knew was rushing to sign up at first but a few of us saw the writing on the wall (is that a FB pun!?!). Myspace felt like it was for “US”(meaning teens) at the time but immediately facebook was being pushed on EVERYONE! I didn’t want my parents on the same website my kegstand photos were being posted anymore than I do now. Missed my HS reunion because all the notifications were via facebook and I don’t even care. I still have the same cell number i’ve had since 9th grade, if u don’t have it there is probably a decent reason. FUCK FACEBOOK , I firmly believe the final episode of walking dead will end with rick telling us how it all started. “Ya see Coral, it all started in this place called Facebook…”

    6. Word to the wise

      Hey kids, you’re known by the company that you keep as well as the things that you like and share on social media. Just so you know, the hiring process for high paying (80k-120k plus debt relief in many cases) for new grads often involves a committee review before hr ever even sees your resume or transcript. The committee consists largely of individuals with zero tolerance for the kind of drama and liability that tends to follow people traveling in or associated with Miss Delgado’s circles. I don’t care that someone might assume that I’m racist because I’m white but I certainly can’t knowingly hire a person that believes that over 90% of the company is racist before they even walk through the door. Making a hire like that would be reckless to say the least.

      1. ElJefe72

        That’s probably why she’s unemployed.

    7. Pro Turtle

      It should be called TWO Face book. It’s ok to post pictures of an abortion….but if they don’t like your post (conservative White)….it violates the “community standards”. And it’s ok for some to use screen names like sizzle or Bdub….but if they disagree with your opinions (White American Man)….then you must use your real identity…and PROVE IT with a photo ID. Turtles are doing a great job exposing the filth and corruption that is Massachusetts. Keep going and screw FB.

    8. Independent Thinker

      Facebook has become an uncontrollable monster. The amount of personal information they have on all of their users is astounding. Furthermore, they are attempting to control what we say and what we read. During the election, you saw more fake news being distributed through facebook than from any other source. Companies will review your facebook profile before hiring you. If you come across as arrogant, nasty, incompetent, or if your political views are not in line with the hiring manager, you will not get hired. If everyone were to stop using facebook, the company would basically evaporate because they have no product and they contribute nothing to society, and the owners’ wealth would also vanish. That is why I refuse to use facebook, or any other social media where I have to put my real name down. Stay away from it. They are evil. It seems that these days, nobody can even function without having their iphone in the palm of their hand. Even in social situations or in restaurants and bars, nobody can seem to put their iphones down, because they have you hooked.

      1. Real Name

        HAHAHA Put your real name down HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Only fools use their real names on Facebook. Make several fake ones and say what you want to these shitheads pushing their agenda on everyone else. It’s a great hobby of mine.

    9. Finn

      I couldn’t read through her Facebook. It is absolutely riddled with hate for the police, white people, “Beckys”, etc. When I pointed that out on her page, I was barraged with, “You don’t know her experience!” and odd memes that didn’t make sense. You cannot argue with stupid, unintelligent people. They fight like toddlers.

      I hope her page gets taken down for such blatant shit-stirring racism.

      1. Becky Blueline

        This is exactly why I was happy to report her Facebook page. Talk about offensive and also dangerous.

    10. MachineHead

      According to Didi Fried Ziti reverse racism does not exist. Your perception is invalid

    11. Free the homeboy Turtle

      Turtleboy army will make a big come back like the patriots when we defeated them against the Atlanta Falcons.

    12. Move on

      Maybe they took a look at your last 20 blogs or so and saw that now almost all of your content is screenshots of other peoples Facebook pages and then making fun of those idiots.

      It’s sort of redundant. I’m pretty sure Facebook itself was designed to let family and friends keep in touch but now when I read about it here it seems like the site is a real cesspool.

      I like this blog but I see it sliding. Like the drama about the bad chicken sandwich or this latest mile long blog about a douche hitting a girl and stealing a bag of pot with kids threatening each other online. Maybe it’s a good read for other wanna be gangstas but yeah it’s pretty boring.

      The follow ups on the dirtbags in the news turning out to be hookers is good stuff.
      You don’t need FaceBook.
      Just my useless opinion.

    13. Melloyellow

      You guys need n app. Fuck fb and twater

    14. Steve

      I’d be more then willing to start Facebook page under my name and let the turtle take it over.

    15. Rich

      So Turtleboy is a bully and a racist in the eyes of Facebook, but Didi Delgado is not. Got it. What a fucked up world we live in.

    16. Chunky Monkey

      Cry all you want Facebook is their own company and they can choose to dump anybody at any time they want for whatever reason they want.

      Remember boys and girls, Facebook is not a right it’s a privilege.

      It’s time to put your big boy pants on and make your domain a must visit site without FB.

      1. Finn

        It’s a good idea!

    17. Steve Quist

      Well, it’s a start..

    18. Sum Guy

      Must…keep echo chamber… PURE!

    19. Publius


    20. SVU

      They will never silence Turtle Boy!! They can try but one way or another the turtle will prevail!!!

    21. Sir Richard Branson

      *deep inhale* Brrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrtr!!!

    22. steve

      fucking good

    23. Joe

      No surprise, you did not follow the rules of the establishment. Just a matter of time, until they did win a temporary victory. This is what fear does to people.

    24. Some Guy

      Alright, as someone who is just a casual user of the FB machine, can someone please explain how to report the above pages. I will jump on in reporting them, especially that fat chunk of shit and that grizzled old shithead who is a philosophy whatever.

    25. Dave

      That’s too bad for just reporting the truth

      Guess it’s time to create TurtleboySports2

      Then 3…4 if need be

    26. Idiots

      TB isn’t a bully… but know your place in the world. Please continue to help those idiots hit rock bottom, the “turtle signal” has become synonymous with idiots. Idiots who will probably never be functioning members of society. This blog works well dealing with said idiots…

    27. […] Facebook unpublished controversial, yet popular Turtleboy Sports page. They wrote a blog about it here (warning, lots of […]

    28. Just Dave

      Unrelated but there was a story today about a Satanic cult in one of those hillbilly states that are going to sew the state because their religion can’t put up one of their tributes to Satan but the town has approved a seven commandments theme in the downtown square.

      Do I judge people by their religion NO but that has all of the makings to be a freak show and internet gold.

      Sorry TB but the reality is you can’t possibly post daily about every welfare frauding drug addicted slug muppet in the Baystate and it’s not fair to the ones who get left behind.

    29. […] Facebook unpublished controversial, yet popular Turtleboy Sports page. They wrote a blog about it here (warning, lots of […]

    30. Wormtown Kris

      I go to turtleboysports.com and I never have a problem. Just forget about Facebook altogether. Much simpler!

    31. […] So we just got this update from Facebook about our page being unpublished: […]

    32. Turd reversalist

      I wonder if these pathetic,white bread, bleeding heart, apologist, suburbanite, nimby women has ever been humbled and put in their place with some bum stuff?
      I’m starting to get that tingly, ‘justified for going in dry as righteous retribution for all the racist bullshit’ feeling.
      their delusional liberal tears would only make me harder.
      Harder as in ‘I could scratch glass’ harder.

    33. King

      Don’t worry you’ll be vindicated. People can’t accept that people or groups they admire are pieces of shit making them pieces of shit for admiring them. It’s that simple.

    34. Dan Pascucci

      After careful consideration, there will be no more paid advertising for Kitchen Sink TV on Facebook and we will advertise exclusively on Turtleboy.

    35. Hahahahaha


      Jackass. You deserve it, glad Facebook booted your pathetic ass. You’re a sociopathic loser with nothing better to do, so I know this probably has you distraught. LOL.

    36. ToodlesTurtleFlake

      Hilarious how you pretend to be innocent of bullying. You are one of the biggest bullies on social media lol. Anyone with even only a couple functional neuronal pools upstairs knows that. You attack decent people along with the trash, and you’ve got zero concern as to whether or not you are posting libelous articles about innocent people. All for the laughs and the cash, right?

      Here’s a novel idea: check your facts before posting dishonest, insubstantiated, factually incorrect, desperately reaching articles. If you want to pat yourself on the back for your little TurtleBoyInvestigates nonsense, then perhaps you should invest more time into that, and less into superficially and petulantly bullying other human beings on a daily basis.

      You’re a joke. Facebook did the right thing, LOVE it! Every other outlet should follow their lead 🙂 Maybe if you have no format in which to bully others, you’ll be left alone with your misery and insecurity and decide to do something about it, better yourself, maybe become an actual human being or something.

      1. Truth NOT Bullying

        Awwwww poor baby can’t accept people are by and large pieces of shit on social media. REAL HONEST HARD WORKING people don’t use or NEED social media in the first place. ALL social media is for the weak minded and stupid that can’t see it’s a surveillance tool the user actually opts into. 1984 with a twist NO ONE ever saw coming.

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