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  • Facebook Police Destroy Special Ed Teacher Who Accidentally Hit Laughing Emoji On Story About Death Of Little Boy In Wareham

    Facebook Police Destroy Special Ed Teacher Who Accidentally Hit Laughing Emoji On Story About Death Of Little Boy In Wareham

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    Facebook added a feature a while back that allows users to do more than simply “like” a comment or post. It now offers the following choices when you hover over the “like” button:

    I use it occasionally. Mostly for the laughing emoji when I see an insanely stupid comment. Other than that I just stick to the good ol’ like button.

    But it was only a matter of time until some virtue signaling chud muffin made a big deal out of it. Like with this tragic story out of Wareham:

    Obviously this is a terribly sad tragedy. So what do you do when you see it? Hit the like button? Can you really like something like this? Nope. You’re required to now hit the crying emoji, lest you be judged by a jury of your Facebook peers. But whatever you do, DO NOT accidentally hit the laughing emoji, or else this might happen to you:

    Oh get over yourself you self-indulgent twatwaffles. Jessica Lora Height-Angelo is now trying to get a special ed teacher fired because she accidentally hit the wrong emoji button. This is the state of the world we are living in, where everyone is constantly trying to show people they don’t know that they are one of the “good ones.”

    “Look at me! I care so much about this kid I never met that I’m willing to call people out who aren’t careful enough when they react to a post on social media.”

    These are the type of white people who call other white people racist on Facebook in hopes that a black person will see it and like their comment. People like Jessica Lora Height-Angelo and Laurie McGuinness.

    I really despise people like this with every ounce of my being. Whoever this Michelle Morgan is likely accidentally hit the laughing emoji. Perhaps she meant to back the surprised emoji, or the crying the emoji, but hit the wrong one. Only a self-involved asshole would spend any amount of time trying to determine whether or not this was an intentional action on her part.

    This guy put it best:

    Boom. Roasted.

    If you see the death of a child as an opportunity to demonize a stranger who has nothing to do with the story, it might be you who is the asshole. Ya know what a normal person does in a situation like this? They say a prayer or they throw up the bullshit “thoughts and prayers” that people feel obligated to post whenever someone dies.

    Nevertheless Jessica Lora Height-Angelo and Laurie Mcguiness brought the pitchforks out and started going after this woman’s job, because she apparently is a special ed teacher who laughs at the tragic deaths 8 year old boys. Better spend a lot of time determining whether or not this person they don’t know made an innocent mistake, or whether it was something more sinister:

    Yea, how dare she not “take it down.” Whatever that means. Because lots of normal people go back and review every single post they reacted to in order to make sure they clicked on the right emoji. I gotta be honest – I couldn’t tell you half the shit I hit the like button for today. It’s just so reactionary at this point when I’m scrolling through the timeline. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I were to go back and make sure I hit the right button on every single post I reacted to. So apparently  I deserve to crucified by an Internet lynch mob of entitled white women with too much time on their hands.

    Dana Mauro did some further digging on this Internet villain:

    Yup, it was definitely on purpose!! Lots of people with autistic children express their hapiness over the death of a child by clicking on a laughing emoji. These are reasonable people on the case!!

    Not to be outdone were Kerrilee Mintz andPat Wilder Pagliuca let everyone know that they hated this woman WAY more than everyone else:

    Does this look like the kind of woman who has the time to police the Internet and make sure no one is hitting the wrong emoji button?

    Yup. That’s actually exactly what Kerrilee Mintz looks like. Not to be overshadowed by Pat Wilder Pagliuca, whose boat once saved France from ISIS.

    Some people started calling them out on it and they quickly pulled the “everyone is being mean to us” card:

    Yea, you sure are trying to “educate” us Laurie. Before this we never knew that Internet Nazis were patrolling Facebook posts on NBC Boston to make sure no one hit the wrong emoji button. Now we know. And we certainly won’t be making THAT mistake again!! Thank you for your outstanding service to the community.



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    1. Worcesterite

      Facebook is great for things like promoting business, but when it comes
      to my personal page, I’m so glad I got rid of it. I couldn’t keep up with the sheer
      stupidity and vanity people my age had.

    2. The Executioner

      Facebook locked my account for 24 hours because some libtard snowflake didn’t like my comments about illegal trespassing criminal aliens. Either that or a comment about Sunday hangings on the common to weed out some scum…or the part about creating a lottery system to generate money where the prize is pulling the gallows floor lever at the Sunday High Noon Society Cleansing…I just don’t know exactly which post was so offensive. But I realize that on facebook, we don’t have freedom of speech and have to deal with censorship because of the SJW Revolution! Who let the dogs out!

      1. Ghandi

        Generally I think only dumbasses have Facebook pages but if you’re promoting cleaning up society by taking out the ratchets, we’ll, keep on posting! Feet first through a wood chipper for child molesters, dog beaters and Granny Warren voters!

    3. Pissed

      Hey, look. we’ve all hit the wrong button, BUT, ya can click next to it and say “EDIT”. what a fucking cunt!

      1. Seriously?

        The woman might not spend all day looking at the FaceBook like your loser ass, hence no immediate revision. Get a life, the only cunt here is you!

        1. wabbitt

          Also, none of these insufferable cunts tagged her, so she’d have no way of knowing the firestorm going on in the comments. She probably hit laugh without realizing it and went on with her life without ever looking at the post again.

    4. Double Bacon

      Women take emojis very seriously.

    5. Hillary Would Laugh

      1. Junkie Ratchet

        she looks doped out of her mind

    6. Stunt Pennie

      I hit “like” on shit when I want to be notified there are new comments to read. I could give a rats ass what the actual post is about, good or bad, I just want Facebook to BONG me with a notification there are additional comments to read.

      I keep my personal facebook page restricted to friends only, and the only friends I have are immediate family members outside of the area. This way we keep in touch with things like family pictures and events between times we have family get-togethers. I refuse to “friend” people from work, or my real-life “friends” (other than a few very close family friends). I actually had one woman at work throw a tantrum because I rejected her friend request, I shit you not.

      Notice, too, its always women that act hysterically over this shit. Well, and effeminate men too.

      My wife is a millennial and deleted her facebook account 5 years ago and never looked back. The vacuous narcissism of people drove her nuts (and she was a psychology major). Can’t say she was far off on that assessment.

      1. Jafreese

        I want more details about the woman at works tantrum. That story sounds fantastic

    7. wabbitt

      I’ve loved more posts I meant to like than the number of times I’ve beaten off in my life. The buttons are small and I have large fingers. And as you can all tell by some of my random auto-correct fails – My phone is twitchy at times.

      Fat, middle aged white women ate possibly the only people as bad as the flat brimmed Bulls hat squad.

      1. They call me Ponch

        Like all fat chicks, they try harder. ^^^^

    8. Haystack


    9. Faizul Gabbagool

      “Whose boat once saved France from ISIS” was so funny it MURDED me.

    10. Independent Thinker

      Yet another reason to avoid using facebook. Facebook gathers all of your personal data and SELLS it to marketing companies. Facebook is positioning itself to decide for you what type of news you will see and what you will be allowed to post and read.

    11. Turd Burglestein

      This video right here.

    12. John

      EMojis are important, they can change the world.
      There is a new movie out that is all about emojis. Hollywood would not make a movie unless it was important and can change the world.
      Be a responsible emoji user. Make sure you use the right emoji, the wrong one can ruin another persons feelings. Feelings are important – more important than facts.
      I’m still looking for the emoji that tells the whole world they can kiss my ass. Perhaps Hollywood, and the emoji police can help me find the kiss my ass emoji.
      Kiss my ass emoji police!

    13. The Wall

      TB, I will be a VERY unhappy Turtle Rider if you don’t put Laurie McGuinness on blast. Please.

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