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Fake Rape Story: Rolling Stone, Jezebel, Gawker Get To Walk Away From Making Up Story About UVA Fraternity

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Lost in all this nonsense with Ferguson protests is the bullshit that’s gone down at the University of Virginia recently. A woman using the nom-de-plume “Jackie,” claimed in an article written by Rolling Stones’ Sabrina Rubin Erdely that she was gang raped by several fraternity members at Phi Kappa Psi.

I’ve never been to a UVA fraternity, but I was in one at UMass. And let me tell you this – the fraternity brothers in my house were the most sexually harmless people I’ve ever met in my life. I used to have a saying, “Sex kills. Pledge Phi Sig and live forever.” 


I can tell you from experience that frat dudes are not cool. I never planned to join a frat and made my own friends as a freshmen. I pledged the frat as a sophomore and largely because I didn’t have a car and the house was in the middle of campus. Plus the dorm food at UMass was the nastiest dump-inducing crap I’ve ever eaten. So I mainly pledged out of convenience.

What I liked about the frat I ended up joining was that almost no one was cool, and we weren’t into the whole “you’re my brother” shit. It was a loose association of dudes who wanted a good parking spot. Plus at least 90% of us were enticed by the bullshit that is “rush” week. Biggest scam I’ve ever seen. Basically they just feed you cheep beer and kiss your ass all week. You thinking to yourself, “man this isn’t bad at all.”

And at first pledging isn’t bad either. It’s basically just drinking beer in a closet and learning about the frat’s history. But they play it smart. As it goes along it gets progressively worse and by the time “hell week” gets there you’ve told yourself that you’ve come too far to quit. Next thing you know you’re eating an onion filled with hot sauce and toothpaste and some guy named Peps is telling you how much you disappointed him while dip pours out of his mouth and he bangs a whiffle bat against the wall. Once you become a brother you find out that the whole thing is a very well orchestrated act and no one really gave a shit that you couldn’t say the Greek alphabet before a match burnt your hand.

Anyway after I got in I realized that frat life was absolutely nothing like it had been portrayed by all the Lifetime movies I’d seen. I thought hot girls were gonna be swarming all over the place. But the last thing dudes in my frat thought about was getting laid. It was bizarre. I was in charge of putting social events together, which means inviting sororities over and calling “DJ Bob” up for parties. DJ Bob would play Top 40 shit for $100 and free Milwaukees Best Ice.

When sororities did come over it was like a middle school dance. Thirty babes would walk in the house and I’d greet them by myself. Then I’d have to go room to room begging dudes in tapered jeans to come downstairs and talk to girls. Normally they’d tell me they’d be down after they finished taking bong rips, beating each other in Mario Kart, or cooking burgers on their Forman grills. Needless to say we were the frat that none of the sororities wanted to hang out with.

frat memes

That’s why I found the story from Rolling Stone so foreign. I read the whole thing when it first was written. Allegedly the “victim” was brought to a frat party at Phi Kappa Psi by her “date” “Drew” whom she had met while they had lifeguarded together at the university pool. Jackie claims she was sober, and was led upstairs into this dark room by Drew where the seven men were waiting to pounce on her. Here’s the account she gave Rolling Stone:

The room was pitch-black inside. Jackie blindly turned toward Drew, uttering his name. At that same moment, she says, she detected movement in the room – and felt someone bump into her. Jackie began to scream.

“Shut up,” she heard a man’s voice say as a body barreled into her, tripping her backward and sending them both crashing through a low glass table. There was a heavy person on top of her, spreading open her thighs, and another person kneeling on her hair, hands pinning down her arms, sharp shards digging into her back, and excited male voices rising all around her. When yet another hand clamped over her mouth, Jackie bit it, and the hand became a fist that punched her in the face. The men surrounding her began to laugh. For a hopeful moment Jackie wondered if this wasn’t some collegiate prank. Perhaps at any second someone would flick on the lights and they’d return to the party.

“Grab its motherfucking leg,” she heard a voice say. And that’s when Jackie knew she was going to be raped.

She remembers every moment of the next three hours of agony, during which, she says, seven men took turns raping her, while two more – her date, Drew, and another man – gave instruction and encouragement. She remembers how the spectators swigged beers, and how they called each other nicknames like Armpit and Blanket. She remembers the men’s heft and their sour reek of alcohol mixed with the pungency of marijuana. Most of all, Jackie remembers the pain and the pounding that went on and on.

As the last man sank onto her, Jackie was startled to recognize him: He attended her tiny anthropology discussion group. He looked like he was going to cry or puke as he told the crowd he couldn’t get it up. “Pussy!” the other men jeered. “What, she’s not hot enough for you?” Then they egged him on: “Don’t you want to be a brother?” “We all had to do it, so you do, too.” Someone handed her classmate a beer bottle. Jackie stared at the young man, silently begging him not to go through with it. And as he shoved the bottle into her, Jackie fell into a stupor, mentally untethering from the brutal tableau, her mind leaving behind the bleeding body under assault on the floor.

Afterwards her “friends” supposedly said this to her:

You’re still upset about that?” Andy asked one Friday night when Jackie was crying. Cindy, a self-declared hookup queen, said she didn’t see why Jackie was so bent out of shape. “Why didn’t you have fun with it?” Cindy asked. “A bunch of hot Phi Psi guys?” One of Jackie’s friends told her, unconcerned, “Andy said you had a bad experience at a frat, and you’ve been a baby ever since.

Pretty fucked up story. When I first read it my gut instinct was that it was disgusting. Obviously. But call me naive if you will, but I just had a hard time believing it went down like that. Sorry, but I still have any inkling of faith in humanity and like to believe that people aren’t that evil. But more so, I don’t think people are that stupid. Life is not a Lifetime movie. There’s just too many things about this story that don’t add up. Here’s the many flaws I saw in it:

  • Drew’s behavior doesn’t make any sense. Why would he invite her to a party to watch her get raped?
  • They called her “it.” That’s not even remotely close to being believable. I get what she’s trying to do here. She’s trying to point out that they dehumanized her. But it’s just not believable. IF they did rape her like this then I’m quite positive they would still refer to her as “her” and not “it.”
  • It lasted three hours. Do you know how long three hours is? Three fucking hours? Give me a break.
  • The rapists had no problem whatsoever raping her on top of broken glass…..for THREE HOURS!!
  • Despite it being “pitch black” Jackie can see them drinking beer and recognizes one of her rapists from class.
  • The “Do you wanna be a brother? We all had to do it” quote can’t possibly be real. You’d have to be a complete fucking idiot if you thought that this gang rape was just one of MULTIPLE gang rapes that every brother went through during the initiation process. There’s just no way possible that gang rapes were routinely kept on the hush-hush by both the rapers and the rapists for so long.
  • The whole part with the bottle seems to be added for dramatic effect.
  • There’s no possible way that her “friends” said those things to her afterwards. You could be the loosest morals east of the Mississippi and you would still never even PONDER saying “why didn’t you have fun with it – they were hot Phi Psi guy?” to a friend that was gang raped. Most people would say, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, are you OK?” But apparently the crowd she hangs out with said, “Gang rape? That’ sound HOT!!”
  • They certainly wouldn’t call her a “baby” for crying about it. Nope. Not buying it. Not even close. Unless somehow Jackie has discovered a concentrated pocket of evil that completely isolated to a remote area in Charlottesville, VA.
  • Jackie failed three classes that semester and mom and dad obviously wanted an explanation why. She’s not pressing charges against anyone. She gets to remain anonymous and she didn’t give any names of her attackers. No one gets charged and conveniently her grades are no longer the center of attention.

Those were my thoughts when I first read it. It just seemed too sinister and cliche with the evil frat boy thing. But of course you were NOT allowed to say that publicly. Because you simply MUST take the word of an anonymous person you don’t know any background information about, published in Rolling Stone Magazine – the same magazine that put Terrorist #2 in a glamour shot for their cover a few months back.


Because everyone took this article at its word all fraternities at UVA have been suspended. The names of the alleged rapists have been leaked all over the internet and their lives have become endangered. Oh yea, and did I mention that they just set back women’s rights 50 years? I feel awful for anyone that was legitimately raped because these assholes just made it a million times harder for them to come forward with their stories.

Well it turns out I was right. The “reporter” from Rolling Stone, Sabrina Erdely has retracted the whole thing because Jackie’s credibility has come into question. Many, many aspects of Jackie’s story turned out to be bullshit. The frat didn’t have a party that weekend. The fraternity didn’t have any pledges that went by “armpit” or “blanket.” The frat didn’t have any brothers who had EVER worked as lifeguards at the university pool, as she claims “Drew” did. No member of the fraternity matches her description of “Drew.” Her “friends” who initially had her back have turned their backs on her because her story has changed so many times. The name of one of the attackers that she gave her friends is actually a brother in ANOTHER fraternity house. Oops!!

Oh yea, and Jackie, whose real name is Jackie Coakley, has made up a bunch of rape stories in the past.


Well, it’s a good thing no one got gang raped right? I think we can all agree one less gang rape is a good thing. Right? Oh wait, what’s that? You’re telling me the feministos are actually UPSET that no one got gang raped? Let’s see what noted feministo and author Anna Merlan had to say:

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.44.53 PM

Yea Anna, it’s a really shitty day when you find out a girl WAS NOT gang raped. I mean, what are you gonna write articles about at Jezebel all day long now? Man, I bet if she really was GANG RAPED then you’d be getting TONS of page views today. I mean, who gives a shit if someone has to go through a traumatic experience like that, as long as you get your page views!!!

Ya see, this is why I always say that the feministos are frauds. Note that we don’t call them “feminists” here. Turtleboy is a REAL feminst family blog. We believe in full equality of the genders and obviously think rape is terrible. But OUR feminist movement has been hijacked by a bunch of psychopaths looking for an outlet to to vent about how much they hate men. It’s no longer about equality. It’s about getting revenge on frat boys, making up words like “rape culture,” and purposely trying to look like an alien:

Anna Merlan JezebelYou think these pieces of garbage like Anna Merlan at Gawker and Jezebel gave a flying fuck if this story was real or not? Nope. It was great click bait for their demographic. Any story where drunk white dudes do something bad it fuel for the fodder. Obviously gang rape is good for pageviews over there at Gawker/Jezebel. That’s why Anna Merlan had this to say when it turned out she had hitched her wagon to the wrong horse:

I will always believe women who say they were raped.”

Of course you will. Because you’re not a real journalist, and all men are evil. Duh! But don’t worry, because she’s wicked smart. She tossed this gem in her follow up article once she found out the whole story was bunk:

I have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia and I write investigative stories. 


I’m not the only one who thought there was something shady about this story. But of course those who did bring up the OBVIOUS questions about this story that seemed…..odd, were sacrificed to the feministo Gods by Jezebel and Anna Merlan:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.52.36 PM

Yea idiot!! Only someone with a Master’s degree from Columbia can have anything to say about an alleged sexual assault that she wasn’t there for. Obviously this person whom she has never met before is telling the 100% factual truth, because after all, all men are evil.

One of the other bullshit things that I didn’t care for was the blowback against fraternities from Gawker:

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.55.56 PM

The bottom line is that it’s bullshit to stereotype all frat dudes as rapists. It’s even more bullshit that you can get away with this because frat dudes are mostly white guys. Complete double standard. Rape is a terrible crime and rape accusations should be taken seriously. But jumping to conclusions and basing your opinions on a conceived notion that all frat dudes are rapists in training is complete and utter nonsense. Especially when the person you’re getting behind is completely full of shit. Try checking your sources and doing actual research next time Rolling Stone/Jezebel.

P.S. Anyone who makes up a false rape accusation should get the same punishment a rapist would get if they were found guilty of said crime. Not only are the pieces of human garbage ruining innocent people’s lives, they’re also compromising the safety of actual rape victims who are now less likely to come forward because of stories like this.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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4 Comment(s)
  • not nick
    December 10, 2014 at 12:12 am

    Liz Doucharme what do you think? Do you think ppl that make rape allegations up should be punished for ruining lives??

  • December 9, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Let’s see…s story which isn’t true used to support a phony narrative to advance a political cause. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before.

    Oh, wait…It happens every day in “Rush to Judgement” America.

    There have been lying shitbags since day one in this world, which is why at some point SOMEBODY should have vetted this story even in the slightest be fore they started hanging people out to dry. Not only does this woman belong n jail, but Rolling Stone should be be sued into bankruptcy.

    Are you really telling me that we’ve all forgotten what happened to the Duke LaCrosse team already?

    • Vanderbooger
      December 9, 2014 at 2:18 pm

      Remember how bad it sucked to have to defend both Duke AND Lacrosse players after it came out that she was lying? That was the worst part of the whole thing. Other than the fact that DA Mike Nifong should have done about ten years in jail for his grandstanding.

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