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Fallopian Fartbox Defends Dr. Dogfilter Selling Prescription Meds On Brockton Hub, Turns Out She Sells Her Mass Health Med Supplies Online And Started The Most Amazing Foreclosure GoFundMe You’ve Ever Seen

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Over the weekend SSTG did a blog on a Dr. Dogfilter out of Brockton who tried selling her Mom’s prescription meds on the Brockton Hub, struck out swinging, and then offered them for free under the guise that she was caring and compassionate.

Of course this is a big no-no, since prescription meds are prescribed for a reason, and the people she was trying to give them to had previously been denied prescriptions by their doctors.

When I read it I thought it was kind of common sense to understand that selling your Mom’s prescription meds on the Hub is ratchet as ratchet can be. But looking through the comments on the Turtleboy Sports Returns Facebook page seems to show that there are a lot of people who think this is normal.

So I had to come out of retirement and revive the Jack Kanoff on Bad Commenters series.

Our winner this week is Tracy Wunschel from Acushnet.

She evidently took issue with one sentence in the entire blog – this one:

“Pretty sure Mass Health would cover asthma medication.”

Does Mass Health cover asthma meds? I have no idea because I pay for my own healthcare. Gun to my head I’m guessing yes, but I could be wrong. Either way, it’s irrelevant because it really had nothing to do with the blog. The blog was a hilarious little SSTG dandy about a career crack dealer selling her Mom’s prescription meds on the Brockton Hub. If you took anything from that blog besides laughter at the ridiculousness of the entire situation, then you missed the point entirely.

Here’s what Tracy Wunschel had to say when someone suggested that insurance wouldn’t cover the prescription meds.

Of course she freely admits that she would partake in the illegal purchase of prescription medication taking place on a community Facebook page. Why wouldn’t she?

Bret Killoran brought up a good point though – if you “need” it, but don’t have it, then how da fuq are you alive?

Oh gotcha, she’s hospitalized a lot. I wonder who’s paying for those trips. LOL. Just kidding, she’s on Mass Health so the joke’s on the taxpayers. Again.

Of course she has no problem with selling prescription meds online, because she herself likes to sell her medical supplies for ileostomy online.

“I want to make back some of the money I put into these.”

She’s on Mass Health, which means WE put money into those things, she’s not using them, and now she’s profiting off of our generosity by selling it on Facebook. Bonus points for not being able to spell the procedure you went through.

She’s also “praying for the addict still suffering.”

I’m not saying she’s a junkbox, just pointing out that 99.9% of people that post comments like that are doing so because they can relate.

And of course to complete the slugpump trifecta she’s got her own whiny GoFundMe scam. And boy is it a gem…..


This is the greatest family picture I have ever seen.

That needs to be framed and in my living room. Just an outstanding choice for a cover photo for your “Give me money for the house because I’m a deadbeat loser who can’t pay for my own shit” GoFundMe.

Just to review what this GFM was for:

  • She somehow lived in a house in which the mortgage was $3,000 a month, even though she collect disability for a living and is on Mass Health.
  • She’s being foreclosed on because if she’s really paying that much per month then she’s living way, way, way over her means, and it’s a miracle she got financing.
  • She HAD the money for the mortgage hidden in her home, rather than being a normal person and putting her money in a bank account.
  • “Someone she trusted” MUST have stolen the cash, which was totally there, because her home was ransacked and only certain trusted friends knows where she keeps the $4,000 in cash that she allocates for the mortgage.
  • This money was stolen not only from her, but also from her children. Because you can’t have a GoFundMe without using your crotch fruits as a pity tool.
  • She could become homeless because of this, rather than just renting an apartment that she can afford.
  • Even though a mortgage payment is due every month, that $4K that was stolen was all she had, and her revenue stream has evidently dried up.
  • This of course means that even if her obvious lie were true, it would only delay the problem for one more month.
  • She’s got every medical condition in the book and so does everyone in her family, so they get a shit load of disability.
  • She’s been selling everything of value because she wanted to move, yet earlier she said that money was for her mortgage payment.
  • She accepts prayers, but prefers “monitary” donations.
  • The cops were called about the $4K in missing cash and the ransacked home but told her there’s not much they can do, even though she’s narrowed down the suspect pool to trusted friends. The cops in Acushnet evidently do not investigate crimes according to Tracy.

Then right on cue she did an update about getting an eviction notice.

But wait, I thought you were getting foreclosed on, not evicted. Eviction is for renters, foreclosure is for homeowners. And gee whiz, that eviction notice sure did come fast. Usually eviction is a long and drawn out process and a huge pain in the ass for landlords. But evidently her’s was instantaneous which is why she needs $4K pronto so so she doesn’t have to live in the streets.

Notice how these people all have iPhones and data plans ready to go to comment on our page, but they totally can’t afford to pay for adult things like health insurance and rent. The saddest part about this is that idiots donated $400 to her, despite her story being an obvious lie filled with more holes than a Brockton gangbang.

Get your FACKS straight SSTG!!!

5 Comment(s)
  • Neil Endblomi
    December 4, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Am I the only one who has concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that the entire swath of southeastern Massachusetts is completely and utterly useless?

  • cue the banjos
    December 4, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Gingers… no further questions your honor.

  • 22andMe
    December 4, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    Can someone donate a chromosome to Tracy’s clan?

    • DQ
      December 4, 2018 at 7:11 pm

      Looks like they have too many chromosomes already

  • deflateddoritodinks
    December 4, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Oh why ask why? Acushnet says it all.

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