• Feminist Ghostbusters Lost $70 Million, Brokeback Mountain Is The Only Girl Power Movie Anyone Wants To See

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    UproxxWell, here’s something I wouldn’t have guessed after Ghostbusters opened to$46 million in the domestic box office and talk of a sequel immediately started. The Hollywood Reporter says the film is tracking to lose over $70 million and plans for sequels are now shifting to the animated spin-offs only. Sony denied the $70 million amount but not the shift in sequel plans, but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

    As of Aug. 7, Ghostbusters had earned just under $180 million at the global box office, including $117 million domestic. The film still hasn’t opened in a few markets, including France, Japan and Mexico, but box-office experts say it will have trouble getting to $225 million despite a hefty net production budget of $144 million plus a big marketing spend. The studio has said break-even would be $300 million. (Via)

    Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.19.26 PM

    This is why PC America’s obsession with “equality” and “equal pay” is so stupid. You get paid what you’re worth. And when you make a ripoff movie from the 80’s and expect people to go nuts over it because the main characters no longer have penises, you’re not gonna make much money. This is a perfect example of why the “equal pay gap” is nothing more than a silly myth that rich women like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton use to gain power.

    Oh yea, and to make matters worse they’r making a female redo of Oceans 11. It’s called Oceans 8. Very original, I know. And guess who it’s gonna star? Kelly Kapoor, the old lady from “The Bus,” and Rihanna. Yup, Rihanna!!!


    Hmmmm. Would I rather watch a movie with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck, Don Cheedle, Julia Roberts, and a bunch of other stars, or a ripoff version of the movie where the headliner is Rihanna? Tough call.

    Look, there’s only one movie you can remake with a female version that would sell – Brokeback Mountain. That’s a movie Turtleboy could get down with.


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    1. FiestyLawyerLady

      There are female versions of broke back mountain all over xnxx dot com for free… Good luck sifting through the weird POV’s of people pissing on cupcakes.

      I can get over the fact someone tried a remake of GB with an all female cast. What I can’t get over is they are attempting to fuck up Ocean’s Eleven. This is up there as one of my favorites, and they are going to ruin it……..RUIN IT! I will forgive Sandra Bullock for agreeing to this bullshit. She gets one pass.

      1. Reddog

        I’d like to see your cupcake

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          Should have asked before my transformation, I have a beef jerky now, the spicy kind with cheese.

          1. Reddog

            Sign of the times

      2. Makefartsgreatagain

        I think you would enjoy cake farts…go on, give it a try fiesta.

        1. FiestyLadyLawyer

          No actually you are wrong. I would prefer a juicy wet fart right into my mouth so it dribbles down my face. Then go after your mother and give her a big wet one on the lips.

    2. AVDL

      “The old lady from The Bus!” Well done Frank!

    3. Shackleford

      Why do men and women have to be considered equals in everything? Men and women are different, we are not equals.

      1. Willie

        That’s hate speech! In 2016 they are exactly the same, say the libs. That’s why we can now use the same public restroom.

    4. Doosh "GhostBusters" Nozzle

      Ya know, people are saying that there are movie props from a movie much like the recent Ghostbusters over at the Habitat Recycle building on Gold Star Blvd…now, I’ve not said this myself, but there are people saying this. I think this is something somebody out to look into, because, even though I’m not saying this is true there are people out there who have been talking about this. Talking a lot about it.

      And I’m not saying there is a movie prop in the form of the sausage cart on sale for $2,500.00, but there are people who have said it is true. I may have seen a movie of the cart changing hands, or maybe not. But I think we need to see what is going on here…it seems a little bit strange, don’t you think? Like somebody must know somebody? One of those somebodies ought to look into this. Because, you know there’s something going on here.

      All I know is that this is yuuuuge…just think, movie props in Worcester. Not that I’m saying they’re there. But………..

    5. Reddog

      Love to see a remake of Blazing Saddles. “Hey,whare the white women at?”

      1. KJDS

        Don’t mess with perfection 🙂

      2. men at work

        lookie here. looks like somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy.

    6. Bill P.

      Newsflash Hollywood: Nobody is going to watch a remake of a great movie whose cast has been flipped into unattractive dragon-breathing butch dikes. End of story.

      1. Sissy Hankshaw

        It’s spelled “dyke,” dumbass. At least learn to spell your slurs.

        1. Bill P.

          Ask me how many fucks I could give?

        2. Jim Boratelli

          Quiet cunt grammar nazi.

    7. Angus W. Mann

      Thank God I put all the $ I used to spend at the movies for a good IPA drinking session at Wormtown Brewery!

    8. Joe Max

      Knew it was a dud to start with. The first one, with Bill Murray and his crew was the best. This one when compared to that, is not anywhere in the same league. In 84 seemed like many of the young kids, were acting out the movie in some way themselves. Even had a hit song on the charts too. Now, forget about it !

    9. BobnMic

      Here are some suggestions for remake comedy movies of the past with gender reversals that could work. What you think?:

      THE NEW:

      “What about Bob” – but with Melissa McCarthy as the manipulative, obsessively compulsive narcissist,

      “Ace Ventura – Pet Detective” – but with Jenny McCarthy as a goofy detective specializing in animals or,

      “Trading Places” – but with Yvette Nicole Brown about a snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires…

      1. GFY

        Take your ball and go home bob

        1. BobnMic

          GFY – Nice reply and exactly who put you in charge? Just a little fun here is what it is I was attempting to do. My bad. Totally on me.

          I guess I can try to do be a miserable prick like you. Hey let’s give it a try GFY shall we:

          – Ok everything sucks and all people suck. Including me. So therefore by the process of some sort of mathematical or scientific theory I, in addition to we, all must all suck too. That argument was brought before legal circles and was subsequently determined unfounded leading up to and by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The justices determined that only you suck GFY and no one else. Therefore I am so grateful that you suck as bad as you do and I will double down on you and your’s that suck as it now the law of the land. Thank you all very much and God bless the United States of America…

    10. Mediocrity

      I have ZERO interest in seeing this movie. Why debase the original/classic Ghost Busters?? It was perfect the first time. Guess all these movie creators are having a hard time coming up with an original idea and have the need to rob the classics.

    11. Sissy Hankshaw

      So, yesterday, gay people=fucked up incest people. Today, I want to watch hot lesbians remake Brokeback Mountain. Which is it?

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