• First Of The Month Food Stamp Friday: Webster Sploogecream Selling His Friend’s EBT Because He Ran Out And Doesn’t Get His Until Today

    First Of The Month Food Stamp Friday: Webster Sploogecream Selling His Friend’s EBT Because He Ran Out And Doesn’t Get His Until Today

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    It’s the first of the month, which can only mean one thing – Happy Food Stamp Friday everyone!! Today’s featured guest is a local sploogecream Jacob Mills:

    As you can see he was originally from Uxbridge. But the ratchetness burning deep inside his loins drew him magnetically to Webduh. And now he’s using not one, but two of his Facebook pages to sell his excess food stamps:

    It’s OK though, because they’re not his food stamps, they’re his friend’s. His food stamps don’t come until the first of the month:

    Because why wouldn’t an able-bodied man in his 20’s be eligible for government assistance? I wouldn’t wanna live in a country where those who are capable of working didn’t get a free check from the taxpayers every month. Someone’s gotta pay for those oversized white t-shirts

    Newport 100’s

    And 40 ounce bud heavies

    After all, you can’t pour one out for the homies if you don’t have an 40’s in the fridge.

    Clearly it is absurd that this individual receives government assistance. From the looks of it he has reproduced, which ratchets often do in order to suck more money out of the taxpayers. Because why should he be a responsible adult and take care of his own family? We should do that for him.

    If you’d like to report Jacob Mills for EBT fraud, here’s how you can report online, and here’s the phone number to report it:



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    1. Tina

      I’m curious: Exactly how many of these have you posted to date? I mean, how many of these people do you have to spotlight before something gets done about it? Honestly, two years ago I was EXTREMELY sick and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t know if I’d be able to work again. I was TERRIFIED. Luckily, I was diagnosed properly, found a great doctor who helped me and I was able to be back at work in just four and a half months, but if that hadn’t been the outcome, I might actually need public assistance right now, and if I did, I’d be a freaking jumble of emotions over it. I’d be grateful, but I’d also be sad, and angry that I couldn’t work, and ashamed even though it wasn’t my fault and I’d be on a constant roller coaster. I can’t understand people who just DGAF. It sickens me. There are people who need help, these clearly are not those people. DISGUSTING.

      1. Allisha

        McGovern’s buddies sucking the system dry.

      2. Itsjustme

        They have a whole section devoted just to food stamp abuse, it’s under the menu tab at the top. It’s ridiculous how many people abuse the system like this.

    2. Deval Patrick

      These are just anecdotes

    3. ElJefe72

      I see that Turtleboy got those white nationalist racists at Mexicali Mexican Grill to advertise on this website.

      1. R

        I’m reading this and sensing sarcasm… Unsure of the reason for 7 down votes.

        1. Vic Romano

          Right you are, Kenny!

    4. Fuck Massachusetts

      As if reporting suspected welfare fraud would do anything. Are you crazy? This is Massachusetts for crying out loud.

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