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  • Former Food Stamp Friday Salesman Now Selling Koladapins On Facebook And Has Special Message For The Turtle

    Former Food Stamp Friday Salesman Now Selling Koladapins On Facebook And Has Special Message For The Turtle

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    A few weeks ago a good friend warned a local hoodrattoo artist not to sell his food stamps on the Facebook machine:

    But he didn’t listen…..

    Well, he’s back. But this time he’s no longer selling food stamps, he’s looking for koladapins instead, and he’s got a special message for the turtle:

    Whoa!! Guess he’s still butthurt about the Food Stamp Friday feature. Hey Eddy, try not being a junkbox who sucks off the system and then sells taxpayer financed food stamps to people on Facebook so you can feed your filthy habits. Try getting a real job that pays real money and then you won’t be relegated to selling drugs and EBT on the Internet. Although from the looks of it, him and his girl have more k-pins than they can handle.

    Might as well get rid of the surplus and make a couple bucks off them. Hit me up in the inbox Eddy. The turtle is interested.


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    1. The Rant Queen

      Koladapins? I think you mean Klonopin/Clonazepam. (Both are used by ppl who are prone to severe panic attacks and/or epileptic seizures) I used to be prescribed them but all they did was make me sooooooo drowsy, I would pass out and sleep for hours. They’re also used by junkies to help with some of the withdrawal symptoms, if they can’t score any drugs, like restlessness and anxiety, it might help them sleep.

      This guy is so gross though. He knows he’s going to be targeted if he posts shit like this and does it anyway. If anyone knows what Doctor he goes to, I suggest calling their office and letting them know where it’s going.

      1. The Rant Queen

        *Where this guy’s script is going, I mean.

        1. itsjustme

          Check the free clinic.

    2. Stokeley Carmichael

      Eddy so flashing $300 like it’s all the money in the world.

    3. mitch

      Is this what the players and all our betters are taking a knee for??? you bet it is.

    4. The Vorlon

      Poster child for bad lifestyle choices.

      Could we please stuff him in a surplus MRI and wind it up?

    5. Death to America

      Death to America

    6. Brian

      This guy kneels for National Anthem

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        More likely he kneels for BBC.

        What do you think the holes in his lobes are for? Bubba needs to get a good grip.

    7. They call me Ponch

      That fucking face again!

      Like a bad penny!

    8. Chip Striker

      This is why Trump won. America sick of assholes like this.

    9. Cooper

      Trick or treat… Damn it’s Halloween everyday for him.

    10. Noseface

      Bro, that’s like 340 bucks….I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these people. Like he legit thought 340 bucks was photo worthy. Wtf.

      1. What a loser.

        When I see pictures like this it makes me wish I took a picture of the 62 thousand I put down for my down payment on my house, but I’m not ghetto and never take pictures of myself with money.
        How old is this guy anyway? The last time I thought $300 was a lot of money was when I was in high school. My husband makes more than that in a day. This guy has probably never even had a job in his life.

    11. TortugaNiño

      id bet those pills came from someone on masshealth with a $1 co-pay too. Smh.

    12. Sloppy

      Why do so many of those white trash chicks look like their chin is having a staring contest with the tip of their nose? Is that a genetic defect that disproportionately affects white trash, or is it something to do with a steady diet of overcut narcotics, Kools menthols, Diet Pepsi, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?

      1. Kool

        The latter.

      2. Noseface

        Hey wait a second……I love diet Pepsi and mac and cheese!

        1. wabbitt

          Yeah, don’t go dissing mac and cheese! That’s an all American staple!

    13. hahahaohreally

      This guy walked into the Tattoo/Piercing parlor and was like, “I’d no longer like to participate in normal society, what you got for me?”
      They were like, ” Duuuuuude!! We got this!!”

      1. Itsjustme

        Bahahahaha. That is hysterical and accurate. My favorite is the grenade on his cheek, if that doesn’t scream “I want to unemployable by even the most ghetto establishment” I don’t know what does.

    14. T-Thug

      Phat stacks of mad cheddar yo!

    15. Gerry Mandering

      It’s ok folks! I know Somewhere inside him, there’s a Democrat just waiting to vote.

      1. Don James McGovern

        And if there isn’t, we’ll just cut his benefits and blame it on the Republicans!

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