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Fraud Blog Called “WTP Sports” Goes Out Of Their Way Attempting To Trash Us; Turns Out Their Writers Buy Fake Followers And Plagiarize Barstool Sports All Day

Fraud Blog Called “WTP Sports” Goes Out Of Their Way Attempting To Trash Us; Turns Out Their Writers Buy Fake Followers And Plagiarize Barstool Sports All Day

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Rule number one when dealing with the Turtle – never go out of your way to diss us if you are vulnerable. Here we have a blog called “We The People Sports” (stupid name) that prides itself on a couple of things – funnel content from Barstool Sports and tweet articles at lowlife “journalists” like Peter “butthurt” Blackburn. 10,000 pageviews a month must be satisfying for these fools – while we generate millions. HA.

I’ve been in the blogging game for a little while now – and I have one MAJOR pet peeve. Blogs that use content from other blogs that have had success being authentic. Barstool started their own thing, and built a strong brand out of it. These fools just jump on WordPress or Weebly, set up a twitter account and call themselves a credible blog.


Here at Turtleboy, we have our own brand – no other blog in the country blogs the style we do. That’s why we have been so successful. And these fruitloops walk in and think they own shit. News flash, you fucking don’t – your brand is a bootleg version of Barstool. And these idiots can’t even rip off blogs the right way:




That’s a Barstool catch phrase for people that aren’t familiar. They also forgot their “Boston Account” sends automatic DM’s to people like the thirsty fuck they are – and OPENLY admitted they copy Barstool Sports in their content:

HAHAHAHAHAHA – Literally admits they copy Barstool and goes out of their way to auto DM that to thousands of people. This blog is full of the biggest losers in the blogging game I swear. I’m not even done yet:

Why does it matter if they have college accounts? well, Barstool Sports has already done that across the nation with an internship program called “Barstool Viceroys” and they already have a Barstool account for the University of Florida. The only difference is that WTP named theirs “Gainesville” and put a shitty low definition Gator logo on it.



SAFTB!!! This kid fucks! Viva! god they are fucking stupid. Chugs For Dubs ??? 1. that’s fucking stupid  2. Add another butchered slogan inspired by Barstool Sports to their portfolio.

Jeez. Tweeting constantly at Barstool Bloggers Kevin Clancy and Jared Carrabis don’t give off any red flags or anything – by the way, those tweets were from LAST NIGHT and THIS MORNING. Right when we were calling them out for copying Barstool. Insanity. Also, make sure not rip tweets off Dave Portnoy if you want to be taken seriously.

During this very long twitter battle of butthurt crybabies coming to the defense of the three idiot “patriots” fans – a writer for WTP exposed himself and further exposed this mockery of a blog:


Never a good idea to get into an exchange with loyal turtle riders – they’re always ten steps ahead of fools like this. As that guy said to the WTP writer – must be REALLY sad to put all your confidence into your twitter following when you went out of your way to actually purchase followers. SAD!

And what do ya know, of COURSE WTP throws a tweet out there of allegations they saw on the internet!


Whoa! a text message from some random person to a “blog” that plagiarizes content and buys followers! They’re so credible! you know CNN is picking up the phone as I write this! Notice how they tweet out the same thing twice here because they are just begging for our attention? Well, you fucking got it you fraudulent morons.

They also love to celebrate a battle they say they won, with $16 dollar shirts that look like they were designed by 4 year olds:


They have a “win, dance, repeat” shirt. Isn’t that ANOTHER catch phrase started by Barstool blogger Jared Carrabis? Yes. Oh wait, WTP ripped off a shirt that Barstool was selling previously:

Textbook plagiarism, folks:


It always puts a pep in my step to expose fake blogs for what they are. You really can’t make this stuff up folks. You can’t.



I also happened to stumble upon one of their “podcasts” called “The Middle Urinal” and what do you know… they copy Barstool blogs AND their jokes WORD FOR WORD:

61 viewers lol. we get 14,000 on Facebook Live shows…

In this video, he brings up a story about San Francisco schools banning chocolate milk from school lunches:

Starts at 0:15: San Francisco has announced that they will be banning chocolate milk in middle schools. And I want to be one of the first people to say that this is fucking treasonous”


I find it very ironic he uses a treason joke about this matter, ya know – seeing how that was the EXACT wording of a Barstool Blog about this story:



AHHHH what do you know. Straight from the mouth of Barstool Sports just like we expected. He recorded that video and copied the blog word for word an HOUR after Barstool published it!


All WTP does is piggyback on other people’s content – these idiots went out of their way to pick a fight with us. Just like so many people in the past, these idiots will soon learn to never poke the turtle.

You fools wanted this fight – I just finished it.


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  • September 3, 2017 at 7:53 am

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  • Wormtown Kris
    August 13, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    So I guess that T shirt logo says WTP sports. But every time I see it I think it says WT Re-posts. That seems more appropriate. Maybe its a subliminal Freudian slip thing….

  • The Rant Queen
    August 13, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    HAHAHAHAHA! WTPSports, what a bunch of fucking losers! They’re blatant posers and plagiarizers, and they don’t think people are smart enough to catch it? ESPECIALLY when they’re constantly tagging them on social media!?? That’s a whole new kind of fucking stoopit! LMAO.

  • August 13, 2017 at 11:22 am

    I keep getting dox requests in my inbox about the turtle. So I decided to check y’all out and see why. I think this site is great! I wouldn’t sql, metaspoit,putty, or even whois y’all no matter how many Bitcoin were involved. It’s about fucking time someone called a spade a spade. You guys keep it real and the nicknames you give people are funny asf. After reading the blogs it seems like ALL the requests have came from one asshole or another that have had a story here
    . If you want usernames and passwords just lmk cause I still do it for the lulz

    • Phil
      August 14, 2017 at 11:30 am

      What are you going to do with Putty and Whois? Silly little boy sit down. Making yourself look foolish. #Anonymous scary

      • August 14, 2017 at 8:44 pm

        Well motard first you’d use whois to find the IP address see what services are running which are not see what ports are open which are not etc… For instance this site has no dns security because wild west domains basically sucks your mom’s hairy dusty cheese cunt. If done properly in a VB using Kali metaspoit can do just about anything, putty would be used for a backdoor not the backdoor you are accustomed to your girl giving up to real men. Now fuck off before you get in too deep I know with a little boy dick like that it’d be a first

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