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  • Grafton Unitarian Church Holding Workshops To Teach Wypipo How They Can Resist White Supremacy And Check Their Privilege

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    Grafton is an awesome town. Big fan. Love to live there sometime. Awesome schools, great pizza at Anzio’s, nice little gazebo, and they even have their own rap group.

    But just like any fairly well off, predominantly white suburb, they have their share of social justice warriors who provide us non-stop amusement. For instance, who remembers her?


    The infamous Grafton “life coach” who wanted to the town to take down pro-police blue ribbons that commemorated the deaths of cops killed in the line of duty, because it was allegedly insensitive to the black people she doesn’t know.



    Well, the Grafton Unitarian Church just upped the ante……

    Yes, you read that correctly. They have a “social justice bulletin board.” Not to be confused with the white guilt bulletin board, or the destroying white cisheteropatriarchy board.

    This church in the center of town is hosting not one, not two, not three, but EIGHT different two hour trainings where their nearly all white congregation will be lectured on how they are participating in white supremacy. Because the good white folk who attend this church are aware that they are participating in white supremacy, but they just don’t know how they can channel their privilege while still maintaining integrity as wypipo.

    I know one person who won’t be missing out on this opportunity…..

    This is like a reparations mating call for Didi Delgado. Upper middle class white people looking to alleviate white guilt while blindly be lectured about ways in which they can make up for historical injustices? Let’s get that collection basket going, shall we? It’s like selling suboxones in Webster. Cash. Money.

    Luckily for my sanity this is being rightfully mocked:

    Although I think I found one person who will be attending…..

    Hey everyone, please stand and applaud – it’s one of the “good ones”:

    You can tell by the pink short haircut and the horseshoe that’s become lodged between her nostrils. If Didi hits this girl up and gets a reparations check, do we get 10%? This could be a profitable Turtleboy affiliate marketing program.

    Here’s my question – why is the Grafton News promoting this? They’re a blue checkmarked media outlet. Is this a paid advertisement from this “church”? What are all the other churches in town up to this week? Why are they only covering this church?

    Well, they’re covering the Unitarians because they’re a bootleg “church,” that’s really just a social justice warrior network that doesn’t wanna pay taxes. Just ask Aaron Payson, the “pastor” of the Worcester Unitarian church, who demanded that City Councilors stop reading Turtleboy because we are racist, and raised hell when our old friend Councilor Michael Gaffney liked a comment on Facebook. His entire business is politics, and he does so by hiding behind a collar.

    We are talking about a “church” where “pastors” have apologized for mentioning the word “God” during a service. I swear to God. They checked their privilege for mentioning God in a freaking church!!!

    A recent Sunday service at the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore ended with an apology. 
    Laurel Mendes explained that religious doctrine had been duly scrubbed from the hymns in the congregation’s Sunday program. But Mendes, a neo-pagan lay member who led the service, feared that a reference to God in “Once to Every Soul and Nation” might upset the humanists in the pews.

    “I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by reciting something that might be considered a profession of faith,” said Mendes, 52, after the service. “We did say ‘God,’ which you don’t often hear in our most politically correct hymns.”

    Welcome to a typical Sunday in the anything-but-typical Unitarian Universalist Association, a liberal religious movement with a proud history of welcoming all seekers of truth — as long as it’s spelled with a lowercase “t.”

    Yes, that’s right. The pastor is a “neo-pagan.” And she did not want to offend “humanists” who do not believe in God. In a church!!

    Here’s the funniest part – the Unitarians have a long history of promoting white people in their ranks over equally qualified people of color:

    Oops!!! Good to know that an organization which has been accused of “white supremacy,” is now lecturing people about their own white supremacy.

    From the looks of their Facebook page, it looks like there’s gonna be a lot of white folk getting their privilege checked by what appears to be other white folk:

    Although you will notice that the pastor is not white:

    So I guess that makes the Grafton Unitarian church one of the pioneers in the fix white supremacy movement.

    As you can see from their pictures, they appear to be just like every other Unitarian church – a left wing political action group:

    “All are welcome.” 

    Translation – anyone who didn’t vote for Trump is welcome here.

    They go around doing photo ops with drag queens

    Doing hippie drum circles

    Holding hands in the circle of life

    Getting sermons from Muslim leaders

    Wearing cool hats

    And celebrating fake holidays that were started by a career criminal named Ron in the 60’s:

    So yea, basically the Unitarian church gets prime real estate and is a tax free, political group located in the center of town. The only question is, will the Grafton Life Coach be taking the seminar on white supremacy, or teaching it?

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    1. TJB

      This social justice class should have field trips. Chicago, Detroit ,Newark, Philadelphia and Atlanta. These should be held at night, and to get the message across- bring plenty of rainbow flags.

    2. Rich

      Damn. I have to work on Monday nights……..

    3. Jack Straw from Wichita

      Life coach Jessica Curtis has choppers that would shame the creature in the movie “Alien”.

      Cassandra Hadis is a doppelganger for Ursula the sea hag in “The Little Mermaid”.

      Aaron Payson could be a stunt double for John Candy as Uncle Buck.

      1. Kelly

        Darling unless you look like Brad Pitt keep your oversized mouth shut. Word of advice if you going to take pictures don’t put your head down I can see a double chin.

    4. Hugh Jass

      My grrrl DeDe dope-slapped TB (and his FB biz plan) back into the pager age… snicker.

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        Didi’s Huge Ass,
        DiDi did not dope slap anyone. What she did for dope was suck a white man’s dick for a line and then had a trick baby with him

      2. Sick of both sides!

        Hugh, we get it. You’re proud that you’re nailing DeDe with your albino torpedo, somehow managing to not be crushed by her tanker tush while you’re giving it a sponge bath with your tongue, and voluntarily giving her half your paycheck for child support for Egypt. Hate to break it to you, but you aren’t gonna ride her coattails to fame and fortune. She’s feeding every white guy the same story so they pussy out and pay up. Sorry Hugh….you are NOT the father!!

      3. Dumpy Didi

        Of all, it’s DIDI not DeDe. 
        Second, she stopped nothing. She made TB stronger and better and helped weed out the butthurt assholes. 
        Third, do you work? You are always posting. If you want to support your dumpy DiDi you need a job. 

    5. Swanky

      Jessica’s choppers look like a row of urinals. Makes me wanna piss in her mouth.

      1. Robert

        You owe me a laptop, as mine is now floating in coffee. 

      2. Screw PC

        When you’ve got a face like either one of those cunts, every day is Halloween.

    6. Yuck

      Jesus H. Christ… why in the fuck did you have to post a picture of the fat fucking slob? Think about all the fucking ass scabs and little shit cling-ons all over her fat ass. Got that picture? It is a mental picture that will not leave the mind. Yeah, please stop posting her pics or at least give a warning that they are there.

    7. Jessica Curtis

      Say what you wish about my amazing pearly whites but I once won a Watermelon eating contest in Alabama and 99.9% of the contestants were darker than me!

    8. Red Auerbach.

      It is MY month…all month long! Suck it bill Russell!!

    9. Steven Stover

      I bet in the 8 two hour workshops they won’t say a single word about the Democrat party and their invention which has kept blacks enslaved on the modern day plantation we call ghettos. This invention is called The Great Society and was authored by President Johnson. He bragged that it would keep blacks voting Democrat for the next 200 years. But he used the N word. Please don’t take my word. Google the Great Society and LBJ and learn.

    10. Kneeco from tha woo

      See! I told you Adam Jones didn’t lie!!! I need to call looopickkka right now! Or maybe borges! Oh wait no borges. Maybe Steven A Smith.

    11. Dennis

      Fascist, hater, lefties who live in their own “Bizarro World”. Taking advantage of the system for their own gain.

    12. Trenni

      Anytime….’s a good time. To be scrub-a dub clean!!!

    13. juror seven esq.

      If you plan on attending and would like to bring any refreshments, keep in mind that you don’t bring any “brownies” or vanilla fudge or white chocolate. Would want to offend anyone.

      1. Hughbo Mont

        Fried chicken and water melon would be appropriate.

    14. Groundhog

      Trinity Lutheran Church.

      Hmm, I’ll bet they are hooked up the ELCA.

      Let me look.

      Yup. Not surprised at all.

      There’s a big difference between welcoming and condoning.
      Way back when, when the ELCA was first formed, their guerrilla fighters (pastors with the ELCA mindset), attempted to take over their churches.

      I believe most if not all Lutheran churches are on their own, so if a church decided to leave whatever synod they belonged to, they could decide to disassociate themselves from that synod. Not like the Catholic church where you are member but it is NOT your parish church.

      I was a member of just one church. Cult of personality. He wanted this and his supporters would follow him anywhere. They thought they had the votes and talked unity even if they lost a vote.

      They lost the vote. They boogied. So much for unity.

      A couple of year later, the pastor ends up in Connecticut and then New York. Got some of those folks back.

      I never thought religion was a democracy. The best someone can do is either believe or not to believe. But to accommodate the current societal norms is just stupid. It means you stand for nothing.

    15. Ray Pugh

      This is what churches are doing in a last ditch attempt to save the tax-exempt institutions we’ve come to know as churches. They’ll do anything they can to stay relevant and to continue to be tax-exempt. Sellouts

      1. Sarai Rivera Has No Soul

        You’re a dumb fuck. Unitarian churches have been in this country for centuries. Many of the Founding Fathers were members. They’ve always been humanist. Now it’s as TB says, a tax-free Democrat PAC with many unwitting members that don’t realize they are in an extremist cult.

        Very different from many store front churches like the one Sarai Rivera runs. Those churches exist to provide their founders/”reverends” with tax free income from people who have no business giving their meager wages to hucksters and frauds.

    16. Whit

      Worse than Scientology? Better? Same?

      1. mitch

        Much worse Whit. They are a secular religion…humanists, if you will. They have forsaken the transcendent Judaeo-christian ethic. They have rejected morals handed down by God. This ideology is what made Auschwitz possible.

        1. Whit

          Mitch, you are 100% correct

    17. Well, No Shit

      “Unitarian Church Holding Workshops”

      That’s all that needed to be said. 

      What a fucking joke this “religion” is. 

      1. Alex reimer.

        How come no one is talking about me anymore 🙁 ?

    18. JoeMomma

      My dog is a democrat. He doesn’t work, he sleeps all day and expects to be fed on time at no cost to him.

    19. Chip Striker

      Who knew Mr. Ed had a daughter named Jessica?

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