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  • Hell Freezes Over: Fox 25 News Credits Us With Breaking Email Story That Got Braintree High School To Hire Back Coach Kristen McDonnell

    Hell Freezes Over: Fox 25 News Credits Us With Breaking Email Story That Got Braintree High School To Hire Back Coach Kristen McDonnell

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    Back in April we published some emails from a group of insane helicopter parents that were sent to their girl’s basketball coach at Braintree High School. Consequently Coach Kristen McDonnell abruptly resigned after 8 successful years as head coach, which included two Division 1 State Championships, we knew there had to be more to the story, and there was. In the emails the know it all parents berated her, accused her of being unfair with their children, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.57.31 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.58.45 PM


    Well, that blog was read about a quarter of a million times, and consequently the school was flooded with emails and phone calls demanding the coach be reinstated. And it worked, because she’s back coaching them this season. The other day Butch Stearns and Tom Leyden at Fox 25 News did a followup on this story, and gave a shoutout to Turtleboy for making it all happen (around the 5:40 mark):

    I know, I’m as confused as you are. Fox 25 News actually credited us with a story instead of just taking it and passing it off as their own. And even though Butchy Stearns said “Turtleboy went crazy with a lot of this stuff,” simply because we published the email and rightfully shamed the parents who wrote them, the fact that they’re actually acknowledging their sources is a good first step. Because they know, and we know, and you know, that this happened because turtle riders made it happen. You saw an injustice on our blog and you acted on it. Now as a result those kids you saw in that video are happy to have their coach back, the coach is happy to be back, and all is right in the universe. When the butthurts whine that Turtleboy is a hate blog that doesn’t make a difference in society, show them this one. This is what we do. We make children happy.

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    1. Anon

      Another TBS victory. Great job!

    2. vicxh

      Great story, I heard it on Fox25 too last week. I would. Shoot 1/1 hoops with coach.

    3. Quincy Native

      One thing about Turtleboy is regaurdless if people like the turtle or not , They base their information on “Facts “ along with providing proof!!!!

    4. tngsucks

      TBS is akin to a consumer advocate. When someone is d oinv the wrong thing but it only gets taken care of when the public gets wind of it. If only USA today could do an in depth story about how Facebook hurts businesses by removing their pages without reason. It needs a big forum to get traction.

    5. Spongebob

      THIS is what you do, TB. Forget all that “Gutterslug” shaming. It’s stupid.

      1. hate

        but gutterslug articles pay the bills on fb and are easier and faster to produce

    6. Rebecca!!!

      Good thing the coach wasn’t a SJW, fat, or unattractive. TBS would have annihilated her instead of supported her and called her whiney.

      1. Does Planned Parenthood Perform Lobotomies, Too?

        No – because if she was then the puke parents from Braintree would be trying to make her principal or superintendent. Typical liberal logic – up is down, right is wrong.

        I love watching you empty headed snowflakes melt under the truth.

    7. SJWHater101

      Great job! A feel-good blog is a nice change from the Didi ones!

    8. Harvey Weinstein

      It doesn’t surprise me that Butch Stearns is tight with the parents. He is probably a bigger asshole than either of them could ever hope to be.

    9. Barneyfan123

      Wonder if the principal has any clue like my old one, Mrs.Zeeeeeener
      (Not her real last name)

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