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Here’s How You Can Help Andy’s Attic, A Worcester Public Schools Charity Run By Teachers and Students

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As you know we’ve been writing a lot about how public school teachers have been villainized by dooshnozzles like Clive McFarlane. We’ve seen Superintendent Melinda Boone refuse to create a safer learning environment for teachers and students at North High. We’ve seen administrators at Forest Grove sit on their hands and do nothing as their 8th graders slandered, defamed, and cyberbullied their teachers relentlessly. And of course we’ve seen the state of Massachusetts treat teachers like sex offenders by forcing them to pay $55 to be fingerprinted in order to prove their innocence. It’s about time we start hearing the good stories that are going on in schools, and the best example you will see of that is a comedy show being put on by the EAW at the Mount Carmel Parish Center for a charity called Andy’s Attic.

A Night of Comedy is being put on by teachers to benefit both the EAW Scholarship Fund as well as Andy’s Attic. Good thing we’re fingerprinting such questionable people who would donate their free time to raise money for the less fortunate.  The scholarship is self explanatory but Andy’s Attic is truly amazing.

You can find out more about Andy’s Attic by clicking here. Andy Reese was a 16 year old from Shrewsbury who was killed in a car accident on December 7, 2010. He was a compassionate kid who was well known to reach out to other kids in need.


When he passed away his parents were inspired to start a charity in his honor because of all the clothes he left behind. The concept is pretty simple – if you have extra clothing that your teenager doesn’t want or need, instead of throwing them out or giving them to Goodwill, bring them down to Andy’s Attic at South High School. Since Andy’s Attic was founded it has grown dramatically and is run and operated by Worcester Public Schools students at South High during their free time:

What an awesome, awesome group of kids. See these are the kids you DON’T read about in the paper. These are the students who want nothing more than to get a good education, go onto college, and help as many people as they can along the way. These are the kids we fight for at Turtleboy Sports. And OF COURSE they’re Worcester South High kids, because everyone knows that Colonels are an unstoppable force of nature.

After the clothes come in school educators and social workers identify the teens in need and then contact Andy’s Attic’s with the gender, size and the first initial of the name. The teen’s identity is never shared with the volunteers of Andy’s Attic. Most bags contain one weeks worth of clothing including new undergarments. If they get enough donations they toss in a pair of sneakers or shoes as well.

Andy’s Attic has been actively providing clothing to kids for the past year, and the requests continue to increase as word spreads about the organization.  Over 850 bags of clothes have been given to teenagers in need of basic items!!! And just think – it’s only been going on for a year. This has so much freaking potential people. Pretty much the best charity I’ve seen in a long time.


Students supported by Andy’s Attic include teenagers from Worcester South and North High Schools, Shrewsbury High and Middle Schools, Worcester East Middle School, Worcester and Leominster Dept of Family Services, Seven Hills Charter School, YOU Inc, Friends of F.I.T. Inc, the South Worcester Neighborhood Center and several other groups. Additionally, they donated nearly a hundred prom gowns and formal wear to a local non-profit organization that offers shopping events for teens needing prom attire. Because let’s be honest – prom was an expensive ripoff back in the 90’s so think about how much it costs now.

So yea, if you’re looking to support a good cause then this is the one for you. It’s local. It goes directly to kids without some dingbat middleman taking his cut. Oh yea, and did I mention tickets are only $20, AND it comes with an Italian buffet dinner, a comedy show, music, dancing, and a cash bar?? How many charities do you know where you can directly see your money being put to good use? How many charities feed you? How many charities have their own stand up comics? How many charities serve alcohol and get you dancing? Oh yea, none. Until now. Andy’s Attic is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and I strongly give it the Turtleboy stamp of approval.

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