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  • Human Door Knocker Claims Boyfriend Got Food Poisoning From Gray Meat At Worcester Chick Fil-A, Invites Strangers To Go Through Her Trash At Her House

    Human Door Knocker Claims Boyfriend Got Food Poisoning From Gray Meat At Worcester Chick Fil-A, Invites Strangers To Go Through Her Trash At Her House

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    There’s a new Chick Fil-A open in Worcester, which for some is reason is controversial because the owners of Chick Fil-A have unpopular opinions on social issues. So you knew as soon as this one opened up on Gold Star Boulevard that the ratchets would come crawling out of the wood works.  Here’s your first of many to come…..

    So let me get this straight. You went to Chick Fil-A on Saturday and your boyfriend has already self-diagnosed himself with food poisoning? Must’ve put that Web MD degree to good use. This is DEFINITELY the face of a person whose word I would take at face value.


    Likewise her boy toy seems like the real pick of the litter.

    According to Angelica Vestal, it was the ONLY thing he ate all day, and he got the cold shakes and has been dropping earth shattering dumps in the can all day:

    Some began to question her story, as it smelt like your classic “give me free shit” ploy that ratchets like to do to large corporations that throw gift cards at annoying people to shut them up.

    But yet she claimed that she didn’t want to file a lawsuit, she just wants the folks at Chick Fil-A to wear gloves, even though wearing gloves has nothing to do with preventing food poisoning.

    Conveniently she said she would not be filing a lawsuit because she could not afford the filing fee:

    She’s also upset that the woman who handed her an ice cream cone wasn’t wearing gloves:

    Because apparently you have to put on gloves now when dispensing soft serve ice cream.

    Of course her biggest crime is that she’s one of these:

    Burn in hell.

    Someone else pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be food poisoning if her weapon of ass destruction was the only one who was affected, but she had an answer for that one too:

    Yea because the health department is the only agency that can assess whether or not he’s got food poisoning from a chicken sandwich. It’s not like we have hospitals or anything like that in Worcester.

    Then the story quickly took a turn for the dramatic, as she announced that her boyfriend’s sandwich was gray, and if anyone doesn’t believe her they are more than welcomed to come to her house, look in her trash, and see for themselves:

    She was not expecting anyone to take her up on her offer, but she underestimated just how far Worcester people will go to prove a point:

    Oh I see. So the tainted gray meat is in her trash. She didn’t take a picture of it, and won’t now because it’s too far into the trash. Yup, this story adds up!

    But wait, it gets better. Let’s see if you can pick out the lie/contradiction here…..

    “He got something different and it had to be remade.”

    This of course would mean that he realized right away that the meat was tainted, and he threw it in the trash and ordered more food from the same place that just sold him tainted gray meat.

    But wait, he didn’t throw the meat out at Chick Fil-A, because if you recall, it’s sitting in their trash at home:


    Nonetheless the moron patrol fell for it hook line and sinker:

    As you can see from her profile picture, Robin Campanale has clearly put a lot of thought into this one:

    Being such a deep thinker and all.

    Probably a really good idea to blindly believe a random Facebook post from this snatchimal:

    That right there is a face you can trust.

    Her post about food poisoning opened up a ghetto version of “Worcester me too”:

    New rule – if you have any pictures of yourself on Facebook sticking your tongue down some neckbeard’s throat

    We automatically assume you’re lying about everything.

    Just kidding. That rule isn’t new at all.

    Finally Mom, who of course has four names, jumped in to defend her daughter’s Chick Fil-A honor. And by that I mean she threatened to fight people:

    Mom is the black one? Ummmm……

    Sure thing.

    The bottom line is, this isn’t harmless. This is how you destroy a business. You start spreading fake news about food poisoning, and you keep away new customers by doing so. Chick Fil-A is awesome, and we’ve waited a long time to get it. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some lying, attention seeking chick with a door knocker hanging from her nose drive them out of town.

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    1. Mark D

      Munchausen (sp) syndrome

      1. Maine Hoe

        TBS, I dig this website, but TBS people, this one was pretty lame. Aint got no real ammo to knock her, and the shots at her looks fail based on the writers projections. She seems to be a chick that has her own look going on. 3 diff people have expressed they believe they have gotten food poising from the place. The jury is out, should she and they know everyone else that may have gotten sick if it was episodic? She isnt running a scam, she seems she could care less about benefiting from the position it is food poisoning. There are too many baseless accussations. Come on, this is not what TBS is about. It is about Ratchet biting based on hard provable facts. There is also absolutely no arrest reported on her, or on BFF or anything. She even did a Gofundme to raise driving test funds and clarified she only wanted to reach out to family and friends. Can’t get much more class act than that. I hope to heck TBS writers do a better job than trying to make a ratchet where there isnt one. Believe me, I’m up for being one of the first to join in, but it is not here peeps. This one is a major fail.

      2. Pie Hole

        Her biggest point, which she makes due mention of, several times, is that its CLOSED ON SUNDAY. Yeah, the owner is a Christian. They ARE closed on Sunday. Isn’t that your point, plus the food is rancid, for the same reason?

        1. Independent Thinker

          The nerve of them for being closed on Sundays and giving their employees a day off. What if someone wanted to go in and ask for a free cup or something. What if someone were walking down the street and wanted to use the bathroom.

          The nose ring and the glasses really give her quite the look.

    2. Keisha

      AKA, I want money.

    3. Miso Hawny

      Sucks that she’s such a shitty person because I’m friends with one of her relatives and they’re a really good person… Pretty sure her mom is the one who dumps her other kids with my friend so she can “party” fucking losers

    4. Adam

      What is a human door knocker?

      1. betterthanallofus

        Likely referring to the nose hoop. ‘Cuz TB reporters need to come up with pithy a denigration. Because TB reporters are so, well, better than all of us.

        Geez. I miss Gaffney. Both of them. Oh wait, TB doesn’t like them anymore? Never mind, I don’t miss them.

        1. The Vorlon

          Booger piercing.

      2. Lisa

        I was wondering that too but they explained it at the very bottom of the article. It’s her ridiculous looking nose ring.

    5. Family photo

      “The Munsters” or too much inbreeding ?

    6. Bleh

      You know it is bad when you can’t figure out if a person is using a filter, or is just that cartoonish looking in real life.

    7. Jon

      The flu is going around just saying. Pretty lame story tb do better. Whats up with all the weird name calling in the headlines is so stupid. It was funny once or twice but cheesedogzilla ratchet pigs in every headline grow the fuck up.

    8. whatevuh

      This is why Worcester can’t have nice things . . . also, who the hell wants little nigglets anyway, what’s up with that?

    9. Gay guys smell good

      I thought door knocker was referring to her chest because she’s flat as a board?

    10. Attention Kmart shoppers...

      The pic with all four of them look like special people that have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Kmart. Their eyes are way too close together.

    11. Beagle

      If this was about McDonalds or KFC, I’d believe her.

    12. They call me Ponch

      ATM got him sick

    13. Twat Tickler

      She looks like the chicks i get off to while fapping to nerd porn on the Google machine

    14. […] we published this blog about a Worcester woman who claimed that her boyfriend suffered from food poisoning as a result of […]

    15. Mike

      Her upper lip is perfect for a mustache

    16. […] in the week we published this blog about a woman who claimed that her boyfriend got food poisoning from tainted gray meat at the new […]

    17. Da G fo Genius!

      “I’m the black one” Because that matters . . . pulling out all the stops. So the food had to be “remade” (miss proper English)? This implies they were eating at Chick-Fil-A, so why is it in their trash at home? They brought it home to throw it out? Mhhm. Yup, just how I like my chicken, crispy and gray . . . Side note, Say the secret woyd win a hundred dollars (@
      -| /

      Why would a woman who intentionally makes herself less attractive claim chick-fil-a made her sick. . .hmm.

    18. Da G fo Genius!

      I smell catfish.

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