• Hurricane Ratchet Reaches Conclusion That Trump Caused Harvey And Irma To Wipe Out Minorities In Miami And Houston

    Hurricane Ratchet Reaches Conclusion That Trump Caused Harvey And Irma To Wipe Out Minorities In Miami And Houston

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    Here’s a brilliant woman from St. Louis who has done a lot of research about weather patterns, and has reached a very interesting conclusion about Hurricane Harvey and the incoming Hurricane Irma….

    At first I figured this was some sort of troll account. But then I realized that she’s from St. Louis, and she actually probably believes that Hurricane Trump specifically targeted two cities with large minority populations because they were “flourishing economically.” After all, it’s not like Miami and Houston are cities that sit on the Gulf of Mexico. And it’s not like the Gulf of Mexico gets hit by hurricanes at this time every single year. It’s totally normal for someone to believe that this is all one gigantic government conspiracy. Especially when you’re a bathroom selfie queen.

    Who uses the Facebook dog filter

    And prefers to give the middle finger to the camera whenever possible.

    Her research was well thought out:

    It’s true. No gulf coast cities have ever been flooded with 50 inches of water at this time of year in American history.


    This chick is like the SJW version of Alex Jones.

    Oh, I’m woke girl!! I been woke!! But Bonnie Bregotti wasn’t always woke. She’s been watching a lot of Youtube videos though, and now she has all the answers to everything.


    She brings up a good point though….

    It’s true, no hurricanes since Katrina. Except for Rita, Hermine, Matthew, and a bunch of other hurricanes.

    Plus, the only people who think it’s silly to believe that Trump is the reason two hurricanes came during hurricane season are dumbass white people!!

    The whole thing was Trump’s doing because he’s got all the money:

    It’s true. Hillary Clinton is practically broke, and the DNC is really struggling for cash these days.

    Here’s another strong point:

    With brains like that she’d be the valedictorian at the Salter School.

    I’m still not convinced this is 100% a real person. But gun to my head, I’m saying she is. Because there’s nothing abnormal about her thought process these days. Donald Trump has completely taken over many formerly rational people’s brains. And quite frankly this broad doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who was very rational before he was elected President in the first place.



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    1. Ed Augustus

      Turtleboy, this theory is not as far fetched as it seems. Joe Petty and I do a snow dance in the winter time to generate more powerful storms. That way we can tow cars at 2am. Harmless fun!

    2. Kevi bashed in my skull

      Brenna y’all dumb as fuckin’ shit.

    3. The Rant Queen

      What a fucking MORON! Lmao.

    4. Stan the man

      Bush was blamed for Katrina.
      They said he used his “hurricane machine” . You’re a dozen years late,Breanna.
      And for the love of God,conjigate your verbs, “stay woke” ” they be”?
      It makes you sound even more ignorant when coupled with your Trump hurricane theory

    5. Independent Thinker

      Better call in Underdog to rescue us from Simon Bar Trump’s weather machine.

      The fact that losers such as this actually exist is frightening.

    6. titiyo

      Miami has requested the services of our very own storm fighter Paul Moosey. He is en route as we speak.

      1. Ed Ranger

        I feel worse for Miami now! Heckofa job, Moosey! Please stay there and we’ll put a 7th grader in charge of the Worcester DPW this winter. Could NOT do any worse of a job than Marty Moose.

    7. Phil

      I don’t even have the energy to read these fucking idiotic, paranoid , whoa is me/ us conspiracy theory , bullshit darts of incompetent thought anymore. Between these dime a dozen braindead idiots every day and the 742,000 ads on this grocery store flier of a sell out blog, I pray one of these hurricanes makes it up the east coast one of these days and wipes me off the face of this God forsaken planet. For fucks sake guy…

    8. Steven Stover

      I think she is on to something. Just misdirected. Whitey is using black and despises blacks. And they absolutely do conspire to keep them on the plantation. We call them democrats. They invented The Great Society. Which has done its job. The results?? Poverty. Generational Welfare. Fatherless families. Despair. Hopelessness. Dependent upon Democrats for some crumbs. This misguided lady needs to open her mind. Think for herself. Come here and learn exactly who her real enemy is. Then only and only then can she rise above the BS the liberals, the Democrats and the willing media have been feeding her…..To Breanna, if you come here and read this. Goggle the Great Society. Keep a open mind.

    9. Mr. T

      Yo Breanna,
      The 10th Century just called and they want their conspiracy theory back. I can just picture President Trump and his band of evil magicians now conjuring up the next hurricane at Mar a Lago. This folks was a typical Hillary supporter.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        And she’s not the only one. Paul Joseph Watson did a video on the gaggle of tweeters celebrating how Trump’s homes in Florida and St. Martin are in Irma’s path… as if regular people don’t live there too?

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    14. wabbitt

      Didn’t someone at the Republican convention in 2012 try to blame a hurricane on Obama? I guess he gave Trump the codes to the weather dominator on the way out.

      1. wabbitt

        And another thought…

        “Latinos, Hispanics, and Cubans.”

        Aren’t Latinos and Hispanics the same fucking thing? And aren’t Cubans a subset of the first thing? Or is that my cisheteropatriarchal misogynist white privilege talking?

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