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Internet Lawsuit Of The Day: Some Lady Is Angry that Manchester Posted Blurred out Photo of Kid’s face And Already Hired Imaginary Lawyer Who We Have Yet To Hear From

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Ah, I love the smell of the day’s first internet lawsuit!


Whenever we get an email from a reader with a reasonable and respectful request to pull down a photo of a child, we typically honor it because we’re not complete assholes. Yesterday, however I received this email from a woman who mistook me as the Joker to her Batman and shall go unnamed as that could actually potentially identify the kid in question:

I am the mother of the child you posted pictures of in your story about the DCF Grundle Queen. I completely understand the desire in writing a story about Amanda; however, I do not understand why you would post pictures of my son as part of your story even when the faces of him are starred out. This is not acceptable and I want them deleted immediately. I will be contacting a lawyer in the morning as you didn’t have our permission to post any pictures or put my son in the media like that! Amanda is no longer in his life and he is well taken care of and loved by our family. We don’t need him involved in this stunt. He is an innocent in all of this. What he went through is traumatic enough – he doesn’t need this as well!
Please for the sake of our child delete his pictures from your story immediately – or action will be taken. AGAIN, I will be contacting my lawyer in the morning. This is not acceptable, putting my child’s picture in your story!!!
[Name Redacted]”
(She actually whipped out the bold print herself, wow.)
At first, I really didn’t know how I should feel about it so I forwarded the message to turtle management to see what their thoughts were. While awaiting response, I shot her a super quick email explaining that there’s literally no way that kid could ever be identified, that I got those pictures from the DCF Grundle Queen’s Facebook page and used it to illustrate how much this hambeast doesn’t care about the fuck trophies she’s shot out of her baby cannon no matter how much she pretends to. This is the photo that [Name Redacted] is complaining about:
OMG, she’s totally right! People are tracking this kid down by the dimple in his right cheek and that 2 year old shirt as we speak! Except that they aren’t for two reasons. A) Why would they? I wrote about his piece of shit biological mother trying to crowd fund her tubes getting untied for the sake of firing out another kid for the state to take away. B) The majority of people who work here and read our content have children. We all know the kid is innocent in all this, that’s kinda why I put a giant green star over his face. Unless you’re a 13 year old monster who microwaved a baby turtle or 15 and put a human baby in the fridge, odds are we’re going to censor a child’s face. Because children are generally innocent.
Here’s the thing, when you jump straight on your email machine and start talking about internet lawsuits, we get pissy. That’s telling me you’re the type of person who isn’t interested in being cool about anything. When you’re demanding that I remove an already censored photo without any logic involved, that tells me you’re not all that bright and you’re just here to argue some imaginary point you don’t have. You’re just angry for the sake of being angry. If a Diesel Of New England chud can have respect for the fact that I didn’t smear his kid’s face all over the internet and you don’t, chances are that you’re an asshole.
Look at that “respect goes a long way” and he didn’t ever start talking about imaginary lawyers! Why would I say “imaginary”? Because what I did was 100% legal, even if the kid’s face wasn’t blurred out, and no lawyer would be all “I’ll take you to court for posting a picture of a kid that my client intentionall posted to Facebook!” That would never happen. Although, [Name Redacted] claims it did:
Well, you would think, but people did recognize him.”

That was the last email I got which I won’t be responding to. If I were to respond though, my first question would obviously be “HOW!?”. If someone recognized that kid, it’s someone who already knows him, like her or her husband. In which case, who the fuck cares? It would have to have been someone you know who has been inside your house and knows your kid which isn’t a big deal if you don’t allow ratchets to come into your kid’s life. If Amanda truly isn’t in his life anymore, shouldn’t you be more concerned that she’s taking photos of your child off of your Facebook page and sharing them on her page? That would be cause for concern, that’s where your anger should lie, lady. And you probably would have gotten the photo taken down if you didn’t immediately cry “lawsuit!”.

So [Name Redacted], my advice to you would be to be angry at the bitch who actually hurt your kid and originally shared his pictures, which I’m assuming she stole from your Facebook page. That would be my utmost concern in your position. We’re talking about a loser who did despicable things to your boy which landed him in your care, and is trying to have another…which will also probably end up in your care. She shouldn’t have such easy access to their pictures as they grow up. She shouldn’t get that privilege. Amanda Behm will forever be the Joker to your Batman. You’re harping on the wrong asshole.

Send your hate mail to (not you, [Name Redacted] or get at me on Twitter @MTurtlette

2 Comment(s)
  • qs
    June 25, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    When kids are shown in pictures, and they have no power whatsoever to stop those pictures being created or displayed, I side with the person making the request to take them down. Kids have no idea how horrible the real world is going to be and how disgusting people can be. We see it here every day. Kids’ photos should not be used to enhance the vulgar actions of the adults they just happen to be in pictures with. Take them down. Stop posting pictures of children altogether. Putting a star on a picture of a kid when the adult is clearly identifiable is not a remedy.

    • Lilly
      June 26, 2018 at 8:18 am

      They probably would have taken them down if they were asked and not threatened. Also usually when any child is in a pic on one of the blogs, their face is blurred out and you can not tell who the child is. Not to mention when they post a picture of a child, it’s because they want to show how bad of a parent that shit bag is and they are showing posts from the shitbags Facebook that prove that. TB blocks out the faces of the children. That’s good enough.

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