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Is The Jeff Bauman Baby The Biggest F You A Person Can Possibly Give To Dzokhar Tsarnaev?

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NESN: More than a year after the attack, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman became the father of a baby girl. Bauman, who lost both legs in the bombing, and his fiancee Erin Hurley, announced the birth of their daughter, Nora Gail Bauman, on their Facebook page Monday. She was born on Sunday, according to the post. “Everyone is happy and healthy!” the Bauman family wrote on Facebook. Since the devastating attack, the 28-year-old has written a memoir about his experience titled “Stronger,” returned to work at a Costco in New Hampshire and became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Hurley.


Question – is this the greatest power move in the history of power moves? Answer – yes, obviously. I think it should be required that this picture be hung in Terrorist #2 Jafar’s cell, just so he can be reminded that all the destruction he caused that day was in vain. It’s a miracle that Jeff Bauman even survived that attack, but the fact that he is not only engaged but has spread his seed onto a new generation has to enrage the shit out of Jafar. A couple years ago Jafar was rolling around on the ground at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, grappling with other boys in spandex. Next thing you know he’s following idiot brother Timon into imaginary Jihad. Too bad they had no fucking clue what they were doing, placed the bombs too low to the ground, and instead of killing hundreds they left poor people like Jeff permanently disabled.


Think that’s gonna stop people like Bauman from doing their thing? Think again morons. Jafar wanted Bauman to die. Not only did he fail, but only 15 months after the attack Bauman has created MORE life. The Bauman story is amazing. This easily could’ve turned out so much differently. He could’ve gone into deep depression after this. He could’ve lost his girlfriend who he was there to support on April 15th. But instead he showed the world that “Boston Strong” is not just a catch phrase used to sell t-shirts. It’s a real thing that people like Bauman embody. So please stop cheapening it by repeating that phrase if you watched the events unfold from your home in Swampscott.

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