• Just Like We Called It – Vanessa Marcotte’s Killer Was A Fedex Driver Who Scouted Out The Area, Pretended His Car Was Broken Down, Speaks No English And Is Dragging The Family Through A Trial

    Just Like We Called It – Vanessa Marcotte’s Killer Was A Fedex Driver Who Scouted Out The Area, Pretended His Car Was Broken Down, Speaks No English And Is Dragging The Family Through A Trial

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    Turtleboy had a reporter down at the Leominster Courthouse today for the arraignment of Angelo Colon-Ortiz in the murder and rape of Vanessa Marcotte on August 7 in Princeton. It was a media circus at the tiny courthouse, and our reporter was kicked out of the proceedings after filming for about 10 seconds because Turtleboy Sports does not get press passes at these proceedings:

    To the lady that kicked out our reporter – nice job. You were just doing your job and it’s not hard feelings. We still love you.

    Anyway, asshat wore an ARMY shirt to trial, something he’d know nothing about. He’s been here for years after moving from Puerto Rico and still can’t speak a lick of English.


    And just as we called it, he was indeed a Fedex driver. We knew that days ago and dropped a subtle hint in one of our earlier blogs, but we couldn’t publish until we were 1,000% certain. But we knew. How else could he have come across a random woman on a random road in a random town that no one ever goes to? There’s no reason for anyone to drive through Brooks Station road unless they’re traveling from Rutland to Fitchburg. No one else has use for that road. Unless of course they’re a delivery person who travels all over.

    What makes this guy an even bigger piece of shit is how he killed her. He pulled his car over to the side of the road and put the hood up like he was having car troubles. She offered to help him and he killed her like the animal that he is.

    That face you make when you realize that you're the one who will be getting raped very shortly
    That face you make when you realize that you’re the one who will be getting raped very shortly

    He’s being represented by hotshot lawyer Ed Ryan, who’s basically Hector Pineiro except he doesn’t make a living by suing the police. He makes a living by representing the biggest shitbags Worcester County has to offer. He’s the one Trashley Losapi-ho hired when she got in trouble for using her position at the probation department to give confidential information to state’s witnesses. He also represented the Vietnamese teen mom who admitted killing her child and got off on a technicality.

    Who’s paying for this? God knows this asshole can’t afford it. And is he really gonna try to plead guilty and drag this family through a taxpayer funded trial? God knows what a courthouse interpreter charges per hour. The bottom line is this dude is as guilty as they get. They have eye witnesses who saw his car. They have his cell phone pinged in that area. They have his DNA. Stop wasting our time and be a man for the first time in your life by pleading guilty. That way your family can forget you ever existed, the Marcotte’s can get closure and the rest of us can stop paying for this farce.




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    1. Joe Fucking Shmidlap

      Fucking sicko. Like I said the other day…. eye for an eye… he needs to be raped, burned and then murdered

      1. White Pride White Power

        Slit his throat, defecate on him, disembowel him, rape members of his family in front of him, and then set him on fire.

      2. Angry Citizen

        I don’t understand one part though–he worked for FedEx, which is
        how he knew the area, but the day of the murder, he was in his own SUV?
        Did he deliver in his own vehicle? Or was he passing through?

        1. Strata

          Yeah, and how can you work for Fedex without knowing how to speak or read English…. that makes no sense

          1. Justice

            Like most PRs…they speak English fine when they want to. This is just a ploy…it will be used in his defense in some ridiculous way. He will say people are racist or that due to the language barrier he didn’t understand what she was saying while she was screaming NO! STOP! HELP! Piece of shit. The interpreter was probably assigned by the D.A. just so down the road he can’t claim he didn’t know what was being said at his own trial. If you ask me, hiring an interpreter was a safety measure and a good call.

      3. Waste of Life

        My friend lives in his neighborhood and saw him get arrested.
        He lives on 68 Woodland Street in Worcester and is married with two kids.
        Obviously, they live in a Section 8. What surprises me is that when he came
        home after the murder, surely he had facial injuries? And what happened to
        Marcotte’s clothes he took?

    2. Guru

      Anyone blogger is now entitled to a press pass – new rules. Look into it. C

      1. Guru

        Any blogger.

    3. PatD

      How does someone who speaks no English land a job as a FEDEX driver!?

      1. Joe Shmidlap

        Prob working as FedEx ground which is an owner operator thing. You are not an actual FedEx employee. It’s their way of getting packages delivered without paying union wages and having the overhead of an employee.

        1. Jack

          Correct, as it was reported he was not a FedEx employee. Bet no background check either.

        2. me

          for a while, my packages from saks were being slit open enough to peer inside. it happened about 4 times. i called fedex and found out that “subcontractors” were working the area. i told fedex to fix it and that my next call would be to saks. no more subcontractors, thank heavens. i guess the thieving jerry-curled boon didn’t need lipstick, but was hoping against hope for a rolex.

          1. LOL

            Best comment of the day, lol. #dontmesswithoursakspackages

      2. bigdaddy

        Affirmative action?

      3. Pats#1

        Exactly…somehow he can read street signs and addresses.

      4. Giovanni Vegas

        I was a fed ex courier and to get the job you have to go thru a series of test, interviews and training and if you don’t speak English it’s impossible to get hired. That was back in 1996 and I left in 2001 so things could of changed. Maybe a current fed ex courier can answer this, I’d like to know myself.

        1. ITSJUSTME

          You’re correct, I was just going to comment that my nephew works there, and he had to take several tests to even be considered for a position. He originally started out part-time in the warehouse and worked his way up to driver, and then had to take more test to be a driver.

          1. G. Vegas

            Yes, your nephew started from the very beginning as cargo handler at p/t…… he went thru alot more than employees who start at the courier position like I did. This guy definitely didn’t work for fed ex but fed ex ground which is different because the work is sub contracted out to these guys, fed ex leases their name to this outfit.

    4. Fiesty Turtle Lady

      Jesus……….. what a piece of shit. I hope someone kills him before trial starts so the state doesn’t have to invest any money into this worthless oxygen thief.

      He works for Fed-Ex the scumbag speaks English… I bet his English is broken, though. They are playing it smart and using an interpreter to prevent an issue arising due to his understanding of the English language. I’m truly and utterly disgusted.

    5. jon

      ed ryan is just his court appointed lawyer. he takes a certin amount ayear just like every other lawyer. how would this guy know about some wasp lawyer from the westside. and its eds 15 mins of fame so talk all your lawyer skills well on tv.

      1. Coach

        Coach says: You silly fool. He muscled his way in as he knew this was a DATELINE special in the making. When he works over Joe Early and his assistants, he will be able to crow about what a fabulous lawyer he is. With the luck of the taxpayers in the Communistwealth, the DNA was processed by Annie Dookhan. Time to get the horses saddled up and fire up the chipper. Coach says….feed him in feet first so he can think about what he is done as the chipper is getting it done! Fucker!

      2. Publius

        The best defense lawyers take these cases and the pay is not bad at all. This POS will be worth 10s of thousands in fees.

    6. ElJefe72

      Since he’s from from Puerto Rico, I bet he speaks more English than he lets on.

      1. bigdaddy

        These shitbags only forget how to speak English when they are arrested

      2. Chris

        Unfortunately, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, which makes native Puerto Ricans U.S. citizens.

    7. mystressovmayhem

      Funny, in the ch 7 coverage they ask a black man (Who didn’t want to be named) about this sack of shit, and the guy says he’s not surprised the soon to be weiner guzzler is the rapist. He routinely spoke negative about women, and the violent things he would do to them. As the guy seemed like he only spoke English, there’s only one way Rapey Davey could convey that to him right? The guy didn’t say anything about a language barrier.
      Anybody who got the “Rapey Davey” reference, will also get this: “Where the hell is Negan when you need him to deal with this one?” lol

    8. Baraque Hussein Obongo

      Did you all know that in crime and welfare statistics, Hispanics that check the “identify as white” box get lumped in with whites statistically. Only Hispanics who check the “Identify as black” box get counted as “Latino or Hispanic.” Around 85 % of Hispanics identify as white. This means the crimes and welfare use of 85% OF HISPANICS ARE REFLECTED AS WHITE CRIME AND WELFARE. Progressives devised this trick in the 80’s to hide massive Hispanic crime and welfare use. I guarantee this mans crime will be registered as a white crime. Hint, go the sex offender registry and see how many rodriques’s, colon’s, and vazques’s are listed as “Caucasian males”

      1. Titiho

        Damn, I went to the sex offender registry at city data Worcester and your right, I scrolled down about 100 names and almost all the latin sounding names listed race as white????? wtf????

        1. Lisa

          Hispanics are actually part of the Caucasian race. Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race, but the US government doesn’t seem to understand that.

          1. Baraque Hussein Obongo

            If the numbers were adjusted correctly, about 1/3 of the so called “whites” on welfare are actually “Hispanics” who check the “identify as white” box.

            Percent of welfare recipients who are white / caucasian
            16.8 %
            Percent of welfare recipients who are black
            39.6 %
            Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic
            21.2 %
            Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian or Pacific Islander
            18 %
            Percent of welfare recipients who are Other / Mixed
            4.4 %

          2. Baraque Hussein Obongo

            Everyone knows this, but its how the government accounts for them in demographics, but only a small portion of them to hide crime and welfare use

          3. Lily

            Spic should have its own ethnicity and race. Spic. Welfare sucking Spic.

          4. Chris

            “Hispanic” is a broad term to describe anyone who speaks Spanish.

        2. davidm

          just because you have a latin name, that doesn’t negate the posibility of being of mostly European decent, learn some shit ignorant rat.

        3. Maanda

          Wait- you know that you can check off Caucasian and then choose if you’re Latino or Spanish. I know several people with Spanish last names that were born here and speak not one word of Spanish, Puerto Rican, Brazilian etc. that theory of the statistical wrongs, is not correct. You’re last name doesnt define your race. Get with the program.

      2. concerned

        Seriously some guy murdered an innocent young woman and all u care about is what his race was categorized as ? Don’t worry: sex offenders and murderers come in every color; the families victims dont care what race the guy is they just want their loved ones back. U do realize race is a social construct (artificial idea) that is why anyone can subjectively categorize anyone as any race. A “white ” and a “black” person are more genetically similar than two “black” people. All personality traits are learned/programmed from social interaction and modeling ; physical differences are due to exposure to the sun and evolution over time based on proximity to the equator (clines). The concept of “race” ( only 1 actual “race”) was created to keep people divided and fighting amongst each other, keeping people dumbed down and repeating the learning of these artificial beliefs.

        Vanessa was not a racist person she was sweet and she knew about the facade of “race” she was intellectual and spiritual. In her memory lets honor that and see people not for their skin tone and culture but whether they are good or evil.

        1. Giovanni Vegas

          Concernd……well said, best comment yet.

        2. just a thought

          Beautifully written pile of trash, your trying to use emotion to eradicate fact..next.

          1. Realist

            Loser statement right there!

        3. Lt Dan

          “that is why anyone can subjectively categorize anyone as any race”

          Liz Warren is that you?

      3. davidm

        Run a DNA test on this fucker and he will come out atleast 61% cracker (italian/Iberian), therefore, he passed the test.


      I really wish he was an illegal, am I the only one?

      1. Giovanni Vegas

        Puerto Rico is a commonwealth therefore, they can come and go as they please. It’s like they’re US citizens so, yea, wishful thinking.

      2. Worcester Boy

        Yeah, I was hoping too– only so we could deport him and save money on trials,
        incarceration, years of appeals, etc…too bad we’re stuck with him. Murder trials
        are horrid painful events for the victim’s loved ones.

    10. bcormier

      How the hell does he get a fedex job if he doesn’t speak english…… wth

    11. kevin Lynch

      Turtleboy the racist calls for “lynching of a black man”. Aiden, you cannot get any more racist than that statement.

      One, you don’t know if the man is guilty of this horrible crime.


      Google “firefighter arrested for child molestation or police officer arrested of rape.”

      1. Fiesty Turtle Lady

        Shut the fuck up Kevin.

        1. Giovanni Vegas

          Fiesty turtle lady…..


      2. BobnMic

        This is crazy talk. Is this really Kevin Lynch? Firefighters and Cops rape children? Is this a thing now? Come-on man. My God. Please. I’d believe the moon is made out of cheese before I believe that one. Seriously.

      3. Levin Kynch

        I googled “Andrew McDonough murder” and your scumbag name popped up, fat boy. Why don’t you get lynched, you ginger homo

      4. Lily

        “Kevin Lynch,” TBS is not racist. He calls out all pieces of shit…in every race, color, and creed. This guy is a piece of shit who happens to be PR. PRs do not have the best reputation in the U.S. Let’s face it. It’s there environment…their upbringing…and whatever else. Look at (the now dead) Aaron Hernandez. Had the world by the balls, but just couldn’t keep his ass out of trouble. Had to run with the thug dogs. Badass millionaire. Does that make any sense?

      5. Blacksonne88

        Yeah but their black or Puerto Rican cops n firefighters so…….

    12. Jack

      Can see why the state cop went after him. He’s got the evil look to start with.

    13. Mistressveila

      Another Puerto Rican that doesn’t speak english..what the fuck is with these scumbags…we fucking cater to them where everything is in Spanish and English, so they don’t bother.. I just can’t see how they get by.
      Anyway, I hope this filth is put away for a long time…the case should be pretty well sewn up,as they have his dna, from under her nails..it’s pretty conclusive evidence …
      if they can get guys off of death row that have been sitting there for 25 years and all of a sudden they can test dna for their case to prove they’re innocent,and they are,and are released…
      Personally, rapists and pedophiles should just be strung up

    14. concerned

      Whole situation is very sketchy there’s more to this tragedy and I’m not convinced he’s the only one involved.hmm trusting justice system less and less in this country Worcester is just 1 example. Rest in peace I hope we get some real justice still too many details missing. She was connected to high profile accounts through her job our instincts are usually right and things can easily be staged and silenced if people are paid off. There were about 4-5 possible names of the guy before finally choosing this one. God bless her family and friends.

      1. Pennsrant

        What about the DNA?

    15. Independent Thinker

      FedEx got rid of a lot of their regular employees and subcontracted delivery to guys who went out and rented a truck and started delivering packages. The quality of service dropped significantly. A lot of really good people lost their jobs.

      We had one guy driving through our hood so fast that we had to call the police on him because when we asked him to slow down, he told us to go F ourselves.

    16. Make America great again

      Two murderers take themselves out in 24 hours. Hernandez and the other black guy vidioing himself shooting the old guy. Now if only this useless POS would follow suit…we’d have a trifecter. Perfect

    17. Pedro Rodrirgez

      What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Cut the gut some slack.

      1. Blacksonne88

        Explain why his DNA was found under her fingernails? I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but when it’s open an shut like this one is. I mean I’m not cutting anything for this guy except the slack from the noose.

    18. Justice

      …and in irrefutable, heinous cases like THIS is why Massachusetts should have the DEATH PENALTY. The end. No other words needed.

      1. Itsjustme

        This is why every state should have the death penalty.

      2. Chris

        Chicken Charlie Baker claims to support the death penalty but won’t push the issue. The last Mass. Governor to support capital punishment was Ed King (1979-83), a Reagan Democrat.

    19. Turd Burglestein

      The police are just desperate to find someone to pin it on.

      I’d like to burgle his turd!

    20. Spankster

      Amazing, I couldn’t get a job with Fed-Ex yet this guy who “Doesn’t speak English” did. Maybe T.B. Could start asking them some questions

      1. I'm Better

        One the application for FedEx did you give your email address as “[email protected]”? ‘Cuz that may explain why they gave the job to him and not you.

    21. MR. T

      He should be locked up in Aaron Hernandez now vacant cell and make the bedsheets available.

      1. Stan Devil-Man

        All I know is the children are the future, man. We gotta stop the violence for the children, man. These kids are the future man.

    22. ZephyrCat

      Hey him have his day in court. For all we know he stopped to ask her for directions and she violently attacked him with an Iphone!.

    23. Joe Petty

      It’s called fair trade. The suburbs dump all of their half-way houses, welfare nursing homes, and drug treatment centers in the middle of residential neighborhoods under the Dover Amendment. The highly paid administrators all live in the suburbs. In return, we send them our murderers and rapists on day-trips. Worcester is a welcoming city.

    24. standup goaler

      pretty sure this is the same douche that attempted the assults on joggers in westboro and northboro last june.

      look it up. same creepy broken down car. female said he was un his thirties . spanish

      1. Worcester Boy

        I thought that too–the sketch looks like him too, doesn’t it?

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