• Kids Who Filmed And Laughed At Guy As He Drowned In A Pond Should Be Exposed And Humiliated Regardless Of How Old They Are

    Kids Who Filmed And Laughed At Guy As He Drowned In A Pond Should Be Exposed And Humiliated Regardless Of How Old They Are

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    FNNFive teenagers who taunted a drowning man while recording his death from afar may face criminal charges, a Florida police chief said Friday. Cocoa Police Chief Michael Cantaloupe said Friday he will recommend the state attorney prosecute the teens under a statute that requires a person with knowledge of a death to notify a medical examiner. The state attorney will decide whether to file the charges, which would be a misdemeanor under that statute. The chief’s statement was a shift.

    Authorities previously said the teens wouldn’t be charged because Florida does not have a law that obligates a citizen to render aid or call for help for anyone in distressOn Friday, the office of State Attorney Phil Archer issued a statement, though not in response to the chief’s comments about recommending charges. “We were asked to make a preliminary review of the video regarding any potential charges for failure to provide aid,” the state attorney’s office said. “Unfortunately, there is currently no statute in Florida law that compels an individual to render, request or seek aid for a person in distress. We are, however, continuing to research whether any other statute may apply.

    “F**king junkie, get out the water, you gonna die,” said the teens to Dunn. After Dunn started to show signs of distress, another teen adds, “Ain’t nobody’s going to help you, you dumb b**ch. You should’ve never got in there.”

    So many people sent us this story. We haven’t blogged about it yet because we were waiting for the names of the Rhodes Scholars who watched him drown to be released. But they’re teenagers and they live in Florida so that doesn’t look like it’s happening any time too soon. If this happened in Massachusetts someone would know by now and would’ve told us and we would’ve reported it and gone through their Facebook page and given them the full Turtleboy treatment.

    But unfortunately they live in Florida and our Florida connects are lacking. And without that there’s not much we can say that everyone isn’t already thinking – these kids should be tarred and feathered and forced to listen Tony Deyoung’s new album 24 hours a day.

    Even if these asswipes couldn’t swim they could’ve still called 911, called for help inside, tried to look for a boat. Anything really. But instead they stood there, called him names, and said they weren’t gonna help him as he took his last breaths. Granted it was pretty stupid of someone who can’t swim to walk into water that’s above his head. But people do stupid shit all the time, and it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to at least save them from their own stupidity.

    Believe me though, nothing would make me happier knowing who they are. Especially since they still don’t seem to give a shit:

    “At least one of the teens expressed no remorse while being interviewed by detectives,” Cocoa Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said.

    Whoever their parents are should be shamed as well. They have completely failed as parents. Their kids stood there and watched another human being drown. And since this isn’t a Seinfeld finale there’s nothing that can be done to them legally, but the court of Turtleboy will definitely take the case. So if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows who they are, let us know. They apparently posted the video initially on social media, which means their names are out there somewhere on the Google machine.

    Look, I know they’re kids, but these kids are the anti-christ. Normal people don’t do what they did. And they’re gonna grow up to become adults who think the exact same way. The only cure is public humiliation. Let’s find them.



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    1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      So wait, we’re sad that some ratchet junkie drowned? Their life was worth saving? They deserved help? Nah. One less welfare piece of trash.

      1. Stunt Pennie

        Yup. Agree completely. Those kids saved their town the cost of several doses of Narcan. The Mayor should be giving them the keys to the city for assisting in reducing the town’s budget and saving the taxpayers money.

      2. me

        you’re fucking gross

        1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

          And you’re a liberal loser who buys heroin with food stamps.

    2. MrSmiley

      I’m still waiting to see Dante Comparettos’s aplogy for sucking at life and how he managed to get a big fat advertisement here. $$ talks I get it, but why help someone who has been the topic of multiple blogs?

    3. sharon evans

      Thank you turtle boy for posting the story of those idiots that let that man drown. I live about 45 mins from where that happend It really makes me sick!!! They report the man was trying to commit suicide but still he was asking for help as he obviously changed his mind. Thank you again

    4. bigdaddy

      These kids will grow up to be useless POS adults

      1. Devils Mouthpiece

        They already are…

    5. tngsucks

      Here is the problem. These kids are going to be charged based on a law the district attorney had to go looking for. Good luck with that. I’m surprised thenames are not all over the internet. The video was not posted anonymously.

    6. wabbitt

      Public humiliation isn’t even enough. These little hell spawns should just be out to sleep for the good of humanity.

    7. Justmyopinion

      The youngest POS was 14 years old!! Where is BLM now? I’m sure the parent, guardian, grandma, whoever, is the cause of this lack of morals in these hoodlums. By all means publish their names and their pictures!! Let everybody know who theses morons are. Doesn’t matter what the guy did that died,
      there is no reason that he couldn’t have been saved

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