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  • Marlboro Mudmaggot Who Routinely Gets Arrested Stealing Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Stuff From Target Finally Met A Judge Who Don’t Play That

    Marlboro Mudmaggot Who Routinely Gets Arrested Stealing Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Stuff From Target Finally Met A Judge Who Don’t Play That

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    SourceUnmoved by a lawyer’s plea to give his client a break, a judge on Monday revoked bail for a Marlborough woman suspected of stealing $5,400 in merchandise from Target. Tammy Kendrick’s lawyer, Kenneth Gross, said releasing her would amount to a “measure of humanity.” Kendrick, 42, has a 3-year-old daughter and needs to be home with the girl, Gross said during his client’s arraignment in Framingham District Court.

    “It would be a measure of humanity and in the interest of justice to release her so she’s not separated from her 3-year-old-child.”

    Judge David Cunis was having none of it.

    “She has a 21-page record filled with nothing but stealing,” said Cunis. “Pages and pages of shopliftings. Pages and pages of larcenies. Pages and pages of receiving (stolen property).”

    Cunis revoked Kendrick’s bail on an open Marlborough District Court larceny case, meaning she will be held without bail until at least Dec. 11. Framingham Police arrested Kendrick on Friday at 3:18 p.m. after Target security guards called police, prosecutor Rob Meltzer said. Target security said Kendrick had filled a cart with various items and tried to leavewithout paying. When they stopped her on Friday, they discovered the total value of the items stolen was more than $2,000. They said that Kendrick had also stolen from the store on Wednesday. That day she got away with more than $3,300 worth in merchandise, Meltzer said.

    “The defendant admitted she stole the items and sold them to her friends for less money,” said Meltzer. “She stated she did it because she needed the money and it was her daughter’s birthday in a few days.”

    Gross told Cunis that Kendrick recently enrolled in a course that is supposed to help her stop shoplifting which shows she is trying to stop her behavior.

    Good God. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s methamphetamine.

    Ya know what the least surprising part of this story is? Not the fact that some ratchet routinely fills up a cart worth of thousands of goods and rolls it right out of Target without paying. That’s pretty standard behavior from a Marlborough mudmaggot.

    No, the surprising part was that a judge in Massachusetts actually put his gavel down and said, “enough is enough.” Can’t tell you how surprised and refreshed that makes me feel. Shoutout to His Honor David Cunis for ending this non-stop cycle of forgiveness, and the false belief that people like this can change. They can’t. It’s just who they are.

    Naturally the lawyer tried to play the whole, “she needs to be home with her daughter” card, because nothing pulls at the heartstrings quite like the thought of a three year old at home missing her Mommy.

    But the fact of the matter is that this kid’s Mom is a walking trainwreck, and she’s better off without her. If she really cared about her kids then she wouldn’t break the law. On top of that she didn’t even need any of this shit!! She stole it for the sole purpose of reselling it to other ratchets. Meanwhile she’s obviously a junkbox deluxe with a child, which means she’s probably got food stamps that have grown their food stamps, and it’s still not enough for her.

    But why would she stop though? She knows that judges in this state will just give her a CWOF and tell her to cut it out. Finally she met a judge who don’t play that. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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    1. Troubled Nostrils

      “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s methamphetamine.”

      I see what you did there, TB. Applause!

    2. Jorge . Zambrano

      Maybe she should play the ” jail isnt working out for me ‘ and she can go home

      1. Joe Early

        I dont think I will make that mistake again but the I might I am dumb as a rock Thank god I have that D after my name the brain dead voters will always reelect me no matter how much I fuck up

        1. Maura Healey

          Dont worry Joe I always have your back

          1. Kevin Lynch

            Can you two come campaign for me? I’m running for mayor again.

    3. Finn

      I feel for her. How many times have you gone into Target with the intention of only getting one thing and you leave with a completely full shopping cart. Amirite?

    4. Stan the man

      She’s sporting a Peyton Manning esque fivehead.

    5. Finn

      Btw – I just went to her Facebook page. It’s not like she can cry “single mom syndrome”. She’s married to a working guy. She tries to appear the picture perfect mom and wife. Classics include, “ON MY WAY TO CHURCH, THERES NO OTHER PLACE I WOULD RATHER BE THAN IN THE PRESENCE OF MY FATHER”. Rigggghht. Church, then shopping!

      1. Hughbo Mont

        Where’s TB with the FB breakdown of her page????

    6. TortugaNino

      WTF was she stealing to fill a cart to the tune of $3,300?!?!? if I spend $500 at target I can barely push the damn cart. It’s kind of hard to blame necessity or even compulsion when you are systematically taking the most high value things you can find, and return 2 days later to do it again. Gotta love how shes “taking a class” too in an attempt to change, can you even imagine the sheer abundance of ratchetry in one of those “classes”. ” hi, my name Hennessy, I jus caint quit jackin dem PINK sweatpants, dey makes it so easy!”.

      1. Finn

        TortugaNino – I’ll take you shopping at Target. Not my proudest moment but a dropped almost a grand at Target last Christmas. RIDICULOUS. And it was stuff like a vacuum, decorations for the tree, appliances. You know – the necessities. 🙂

        1. TortugaNino

          Don’t tempt me bro! I cant get any reparations or a go fund me so you may be the only help I get. Pretty sure the misses would get moist over a new vacuum as well…

          1. Leonard

            Sadly your wife doesn’t get moist over anything except the lawn care guy when he shows up to cut the grass with no shirt on.

    7. DJ Trump

      That is one of the ugliest mulatto dogs I’ve ever seen. If ever there was a reason not to race-mix, present this horrible creature as exhibit A.
      No amount of good hair or passing complexion will ever make up for the mud flowing in her veins.

      1. Some Guy

        And the really fucked up part: some dude actually got wood and ejaculated in that beast!

    8. Finn

      Google “Tammy Kenrick” and “OfferUp” – she’s got quite the racket going on. This is full on bidness. OfferUp is chockfull of rachets stealing and reselling. It’s bargain basement for local jankies.

      1. Eljefe72

        Looks like everything she’s selling has been stolen. Reported her to the website.

    9. Sickoffreeloaders

      I have to say as a tax payer. How do we get ahead?? We have idiots like this we pay for!!! Guarantee if it was a taxpayer that was struggling and stole for the family we wouldn’t get a dam chance!! Smh

    10. Mojo Cracker

      Euthanasia is the only cure for sub-human species as this!

    11. Mike

      That’s what you get for voting democrat, a criminal justice system the treats all defendants with extreme leniency. Obviously this woman has demonstrated that she is unable to conduct herself in society and needs to be caged for the rest of her life.

      I think the argument that people should not be made to suffer the consequences for their actions because the consequence will split their family apart. That same argument is used to not deporting illegal aliens, and it’s nonsense.

    12. TJ

      The creature from the black lagoon. She is almost as hideous as Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    13. cuntface

      say whaaaaatttt

    14. Tammy Kendrick

      You don’t know me. Get my name out your mouth. Only God can judge. Who the hell are you. You ain’t man. You ain’t my Daddy. You don’t pay my bills. You don’t know what I been though. Y’all ain’t perfect. Let he who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone. I’m sick, it’s a disease you know. You don’t shame people with cancer or lupus.

      Did I miss any? (I just realized I can’t post this… my ass is in jail… bail revoked…)

    15. The Vorlon

      Lets see, she is remanded until Monday, the full withdrawal symptoms will be giving her the DT’s by then. Should be an interesting hearing.

    16. Smearing Feces

      The horror! The horror. This creation hit every damn limb, twig, leave, and bud on the ugly tree before she took her mugshot. Clean yourself up a little bit before you do some good stealing next time.

    17. Itsjustme

      Twenty-one pages, twenty fucking one pages of crimes. We need a three strikes and life law in this state, or at least three pages and life.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        Three pages and it’s life, LMAO!

      2. Stuart P

        Thank you! I don’t give the judge any credit. 21 fucking pages! She should have been locked up 19 pages ago!

    18. yuuuuup.

      “Mom is a walking trainwreck, and she’s better off without her.”

      1000 times this, for almost if not all the moms featured on turtleboysports

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