• Meet Lauren Kessler: Easthampton ELL Teacher Who Violated Her Contract By Walking Out Of School To Bully A Student Who Was Jumped The Day Before

    Meet Lauren Kessler: Easthampton ELL Teacher Who Violated Her Contract By Walking Out Of School To Bully A Student Who Was Jumped The Day Before

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    This is Lauren Kessler on the right:


    She is an ELL teacher at Easthampton High School. Last week she violated her contract by walking out of school and joining children in a protest specifically directed at another student who was violently assaulted by three kids who punch like bitches.

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    Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.04.03 AM

    (In fairness, the student bitch slapping him – Josh Brown – messaged us today and admitted that he was in fact in the wrong)

    Lauren Kessler can be seen in this video on Gazette.net right around the 10-12 second mark:




    A woman who gets paid by the taxpayers, walking off her job as part of an organized bullying campaign against a student who she is in charge of. Let me be very clear about this – Turtleboy is 1,000% pro-teacher. Always will be. My heroes growing up, and the people I looked up to most were my teachers. They knew everything. They were the smartest people in the world. They demanded my respect and they got it. The discipline and structure they provided to me is something that I have used going forward, even if the subject material they taught me has long been forgotten. (Sorry Mr. Houghton, I remember that y=mx+b but I have no idea what that means) When they were sick and missed school you realized how valuable they were.

    That’s why this woman is a disgrace. Because she dishonors an honorable profession. It is not your job as a teacher to pick sides. It is your job to remain neutral so that ALL students feel comfortable coming to you with an issue.

    It is not your job to protest against your boss’ administrative decisions regarding student discipline. Is if your job to teach.

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    It is not your job to infuse your politics into the easily manipulated minds of children. It is your job to teach the subject material you have been assigned, and provide controversial material in a neutral way that encourages students to form their own opinions based off of the facts that you have presented them with.

    It is not your job to join a misguided mob walkout grounded in lies and mistruths. It is your job to stay behind and teach the majority of good students who didn’t want to skip class in order to take the side of violent bullies. Students who have since been labeled as bigots for not participating.

    A quick look at Lauren Kessler’s Facebook page and you get the gist of what she’s all about. She bragged about violating her contract:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.39.29 PM

    She posted this meme about teachers:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.40.39 PM

    Which we agree with. Except she is not one of these teachers who goes the extra mile. She walked off the job and abandoned her duties as an educator instead.

    She went to Washington to protest the peaceful transition of power in the executive branch:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.42.11 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.42.03 PM

    Locally she went to Alex Morse’s protest of the fair election of President Trump:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.43.43 PM

    She posts a lot about meaningless things that make her feel like she’s making a difference, like declaring a city a “hate free zone”:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.43.27 PM

    She posts non-stop about President Trump:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.41.19 PM

    Which is her right. But when you post that the President of the United States in the KKK:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.42.26 PM

    You’re blatantly lying. And clearly she does not leave her politics and race baiting at home. She brings it to work with her.

    I’m not saying she should be fired. But she should absolutely be disciplined. There is something very, very wrong with this. The student who wrote the racial slur was in the wrong. What he did was not OK. But he seems to have learned something from this, and he apologized and stood there and accepted several punches in the face without fighting back. The teachers in this school should be teaching kids that when you make mistakes like he did, you own up to it, which he has. Instead she’s participating in a school sanctioned bullying campaign against him.

    Here is the contact information for Easthampton High School administrators:

    Principal: Kevin Burke 
    [email protected]
    Vice Principal: Susan Welson
    [email protected]


    And here is the contact information for superintendent Nancy Follansbee:

    Phone: 1-413-529-1500

    Fax: 1-413-529-1567

    Nancy Follansbee – Superintendent

    [email protected]

    Whatever you do, do NOT flood them with phone calls tomorrow about your thoughts about this teacher picking on a student. That would be a shame if they were FLOODED with phone calls and had to hold their employee accountable.



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    1. Republican City Chick

      I am beyond sick of these people with their “diversity.” There is nothing diverse
      about Northampton or Easthampton. It’s all people who live, think and act alike.
      I actually work with inner-city kids and coach them and never brag about their
      different skin tones or pimp them out for a political agenda.
      These people use people of different races as a political prop. Disgusting.

    2. Twat tickler

      What in the hell is diversity?
      …I believe it’s an old, old wooden ship used in the civil war Era

    3. Mr. Houghton

      y = mx + b is the slope-intercept form for a line. If one knows a line’s slope (m) and where it intercepts the y-axis ( the point (0,b)), one can determine the formula for the line.

    4. Turtlefan

      Simple,fire the teacher for violating her contract

    5. Hanginpossum

      She only did this to get picked on less by her students. She secretly hates all of them.

    6. Blackball time

      She needs to be terminated immediately.

      1. me

        she is a repugnant culti-marxi who absolutely needs to be fired to keep from further infecting the mind and souls of the young.

        and to get things back to the sound principle of “reading, writing and “rithmitic,” disband the Dept. of Education. an ever-bloating waste…much like this teacher.

        1. Brian

          I believe that it is arithmetic not rithmitic. After reading this I understand your anger towards the education system. Tax payers paid taxes for your obvious subpar education. It’s never too late to further your education. Keep your chin up “me”.

    7. Steven Stover

      Maybe Josh Brown can punch her out for America.

    8. Kevin Lynch

      Fire this corrupt teacher

    9. Lauren K

      I’m only a SJW because I’m pathetic and lonely. It makes me feel superior to be righteous! I need a man to occupy my time but no one wants me! I’d turn to ladies, but they won’t have me either! Boo hoo hoo….

    10. White Pride White Power


      1. Brian

        Hey moron this hateful post just helps the case that these kids had reason for protest. Kudos to Kessler for walking with them to ensure their safety!

    11. Brian

      I have watched the video and Kessler isn’t even protesting. She appears to be walking with the students perhaps to ensure their safety. Has anyone tried to get Kessler to tell her side or is all based on speculation and we are going to take the Lord of the flies approach and stone her to death?

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