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Michael Cadena Was Released From Jail On Monday, And We Will Continue To Report The Actual FACKS Until He Stops Scamming Naive Virtue Signalers And Blaming Police With His Internet Sob Story

Michael Cadena Was Released From Jail On Monday, And We Will Continue To Report The Actual FACKS Until He Stops Scamming Naive Virtue Signalers And Blaming Police With His Internet Sob Story

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Feel free to catch up on our ongoing investigation into this ridiculously inappropriate public custody battle with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and The Reddit Hysteria, if you’d like the full picture as to why I freaking hate this guy so much at this point.


So, great news everybody, Michael Cadena, Sr, Weymouth’s most unapologetic scam artist and glassy-eyed mugshot, has been released from jail.

Before he even changed out of his standard issue DOC jumpsuit, his supporters were releasing bloated statements about how he was, so, totally innocent you guys:


A bogus warrant! Falsely arrested! Wow, what a bunch of totally misleading buzzwords.  You see, what actually happened, was the judge who had originally issued the warrant, recalled the extradition warrant, in part because little Mikey has been returned to Illinois, after almost a year of attempts to get his father to just show up for court. With the child back in the county, Judge Hill decided that part of the warrant had been purged, and let’s face it – the county probably didn’t want to pony up the cash to drag Michael Sr.’s hearing-dodging ass back to Illinois. That doesn’t make for a “bogus” warrant or wrongful arrest, that just means they let him go. Hey Mike, why don’t you go back to Illinois and fight for your kid now?

Oh, that’s right. If you go back there, you’re going to be sitting in jail for 6 months. Right now, you’re just a fugitive. No big deal.

Not only is Michael a fugitive, he’s a fugitive with over $60,000 of donation money racking up by the hour. Thanks to sad, blame diffusing propaganda like this gem he penned as soon as he was able to get out from behind bars and in front of a keyboard:

And now his supporters are blaming the Weymouth police, too. So classy.

Let’s just remember that 18 months prior to this, Michael did the exact same thing to little Mikey as he’s crying about right now. He picked him up, took him 1,000 miles away from his home state, and proceeded to cut off his mother. All without court permission. The mother, as we know, went through the proper legal channels after eighteen months just trying to fight for visitation rights. And the father and his supporters even went so far as to shuffle poor Mikey from house to house in an attempt to hide him from authorities until, finally, he was retrieved and transferred over to his mother. Essentially, he kidnapped this kid, and he’s crying and begging for your money now, because he couldn’t be bothered to show up for court to be heard on the best interest of his child. Almost everything that this guy and his cult of naive women says is on a scale that starts at warped misrepresentation of the truth, and goes up to full on flat out lie. This entire campaign is built on lies, omissions and half-truths. Child custody issues are not heard in the court of Reddit, Twitter and Facebook for a reason – stupid people will buy anything without so much as even a little common sense. This entire custody issue was created because Michael Cadena worked hard to fabricate a flimsy story of abuse, and when that failed in the courts, decided to just not show up. He skipped state knowing full well he wasn’t allowed to. How do I know he knew? Because he once filed an emergency order to keep the child’s mother from doing exactly what he did, back in 2015.


Even his attorney can’t really come up with a good excuse for that one. Because there is none.

And, at the risk of painful redundancy – the mother wasn’t even going for custody. All she wanted was parenting time with her child. Turns out that thanks to dear old dad, she ended up with less parenting time once she was found fit, than she did when she was unfit.



I think Judge Hill sums it all up extremely well, right here.

“He wants what he wants when he wants it without following the law.”

That doesn’t sound like a corrupt or biased judge to me. It sounds like a narcissistic man who has no respect for the law, or even his own child.  But anyone with eyes can see, he never had any real respect for his child. He used Mikey as a prop to panhandle online – literally, with a sign and everything.

The courts have warned him before that this broadcasting of his child’s pain and suffering is inappropriate, but Michael Cadena does not care.

And he can claim court corruption in Amber Buck’s home state of Illinois, even though there is no actual evidence of such, and trust me, I’ve looked. But how does he explain a Massachusetts judge conclusively decided he proved no abuse?

It’s not just us saying this. It’s more than 2 separate judges at this point, in two states a thousand miles apart. It’s federal judges

and county judges. There is NO PROOF of abuse. Just Michael Cadena’s word. And after reading through as much as I have, I trust the tap water in Flint, Michigan more than Michael Cadena’s word.

What I find interesting, as well, is some of the points uncovered in Massachusetts finding of facts. Not only has Michael been found unfit numerous times before himself (but we already knew that), he has been not only by the courts, but the child’s pediatrician as well, for inappropriately filming his child.

I can’t believe he even had to be told that. The courts clearly found it pertinent as well. And here’s a fun little instance of his conflicting stories:

Sorry, Mike, but no judge in any county is going to buy your bullshit. Not federal judges, either, because Mr. Cadena’s lawyer has been sanctioned by the federal courts. 

If you still believe this is an issue where our judges, our police and our District Attorneys are corrupt or incompetent, congratulations. You are, remarkably, no smarter than a raisinette. The judges didn’t fail little Mikey here, the police certainly didn’t, the system didn’t. His father did. And yet he is just digging his heels in, blaming everyone else, and raking in insane amounts of money in the process. I spoke to a DCF worker in Massachusetts about this case this afternoon, while going over court transcripts and other official evidence in this case. She brought up a very good point – by Massachusetts child welfare standards, Michael Cadena’s behavior brings up a valid question of fitness. Let me explain as it was explained to me. One of the factors in determining a parent’s rehabilitation/fitness in our system here, is looking at whether or not the parent has an understanding into his actions contributing to the child’s trauma. Michael Cadena demonstrates no insight into how his actions are detrimental to his child. The courts and the child’s doctor have advised Mr. Cadena against filming and broadcasting poor little Mikey, but still, he continues. He does not seem to understand how disrupting it was to move the child from his home state all the way to Massachusetts, nor does he seem to understand how shuffling him around from relative to relative to avoid authorities contributed to the distress seen in that now infamous viral video. He has no insight into the trauma he has caused, nor does he show any remorse. He just keeps on exploiting little Mikey, for his own gain. This is not a positive point for Michael Cadena, Sr. And we are not the only people with knowledge of this. Michael’s people are just working until their knuckles are white to make sure it will never come out. Look at these comments left on biased rage diary, BLN News: 

But when we tried to contact this “Dean” for information…

Whoops, sorry Diane – I did my own research anyway. Nice try, though. Remember, whatever you do, DON’T go to BLN’s Facebook Page or Blog to tell her what a biased, unethical crackpot piece of shit she is. That would still be really mean of you, and she will still totally sue you.

Definitely don’t go to the Help Us Save Mikey Facebook Page or Blog to tell them what a bunch of souless con artists they are for exploiting a child or disrespecting our police. That would be so bad, you guys.

The more that this unfolds, the more disgusted I become. I have to put my foot down here, and say NO. Do NOT attack Judge Hill or Judge Cronan – they are doing their jobs, and have seen all the “evidence”, which proves nothing other than Michael Cadena is a dishonest, conniving, selfish ex-con with a history equally as chaotic as the mother of his child he is so viciously attacking. Seeing comments accusing the mother of raping her own child or somehow otherwise being complicit in the sexual abuse of her own child sickens me, because having seen all the evidence, there is NO proof of any sexual abuse on the child, period. Ever. That’s definitely libel, and it’s just so evil that I can’t fathom how any of these people sleep at night. But trust and believe, I’m here, armed and ready to rebuff any of the false information those asshats put out, because here at Turtleboy, we love FACKS. End of story.

As always, Michael Cadena, Diane Benjamin of BLN News, or any others involved in his pity cult are welcome to join us live, as it returns this Saturday night. I doubt they’ll take the offer, because they are all guilty as fuck, but I’ll put it out there, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting. Hit us up, Mike. I’d love to pick your brain on how you feel any of this is OK, at all.


9 Comment(s)
  • Patriot Dad
    December 21, 2020 at 11:19 pm

    So he won his custody battle. Ready to retract your bullshit?

  • DawnyP
    October 27, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    I feel like everything that I’ve said is echoed in this post. 🙂

    You went way further in research than I did and we still come up with the same opinion.

    It’s hard for people to remove emotion when they see a child. Everyone wants to save the child. But, when you remove emotion and start to dig a little, you will see the truth. Fact is fact – you can’t hide from it.

    As someone who lives in McLean county, this news is continually in our newspaper. Each time he doesn’t show up. Each time the mother has to go back to court. Each time she’s gone to Massachusetts. It’s been damned hear constant. Around here, it’s impossible to know the other side (without looking through Google) because he never showed up. You got conspiracy theorist and lunatic from BLN News, but anyone who is intelligent stays away from her. Any time I see her vomit inducing spew quoted on a post or comment about Mikey, makes me want to throw my laptop. Ugh

  • Nikka
    October 25, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Sad situation for the poor little guy, and please whoever wrote this article. Please learn proper English spelling, your head line which states with real facks is spelled Facts*

    • October 25, 2018 at 9:33 pm

      I can spell, thank you. It’s an inside joke with our readers, but I wouldn’t expect just anyone to have the mental prowess to pick up on that. Well…actually, I would, but you’re special, sunshine.

  • Responding to the obvious blind “supporter”
    October 19, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Horrific? You mean a couple scrapes and bruises? He’s a toddler. Re read the blogs because this has already been covered. The fact he was “scared” was after almost 2 years of Dad filling his head with bullshit and then the kid spent the day being literally shoved from one house to another like the fucking Underground Railroad. Again, read the blogs dumbass. It’s obvious your a “supporter” just be your true ratchet self like the rest..

  • Red Meat
    Facks on abuse allegations
    October 19, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    Okay I’m getting both sides BUT the one thing I have yet to see spoken about is the horrific photos of him abused. So why doesn’t someone explain this or look into this? This poor little boy clearly is terrified of his douche mother. He was happy and bright eyed till the words he had to go with his mother came out and he became frightened. Makes no sense. IDC who took who, I want to see the facks on the abuse allegations.

    • Andy
      October 24, 2018 at 1:50 pm

      Good and interesting read! Only one I feel for is Little Mickey in all this my only worry is why he was so distressed when told he was going back to his mum?? And did he say he didnt want to because “she hurts him” I’m not sure I had to stop the vid as was too upsetting! I just hope this all works out for the best for him and he can at some point live happily!!!

      • I See Dumb People
        I see dumb people
        December 6, 2018 at 7:10 am

        The bpy is probably scared to go with his mom because his sad has been telliing him for 1i months straight that she is a monstef and hurts him.. That boy dont kbow any better .. Im sure if the mother was so abusive the child would go with the state not the mother . just another deadbeat dad that doesnt want to habd over his cash cow ( his child).
        If you think for one minure that asshole wasnt puuting the fear of god into that boy about his motger and basically brain washing him you are dumber than you think.

        • I See Dumb People
          I see dumb people
          December 6, 2018 at 7:13 am

          Fucking auto correct cant spell for shit… Excuse the typos you get what I was trying to say..

          Fuck it i need coffee

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