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  • Moron Dad Who Started Racial Crusade Against His Daughter’s Bridgewater Teacher Actually Lives In Brockton And Is Really Named Helder Varela

    Moron Dad Who Started Racial Crusade Against His Daughter’s Bridgewater Teacher Actually Lives In Brockton And Is Really Named Helder Varela

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    South Shore Turtlegirl already wrote about all these idiots freaking out over a picture from a Bridgewater elementary school classroom today:

    It was a great blog filled with her usual humor and sass that we’ve all come to grow and love.

    But angry turtle has a lot more to say about this. Let’s start with the school’s apology:

    This is absolute fucking bullshit. It’s sad and pathetic that the school district feels the need to issue any sort of apology. They have done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever. But since we’re living in crazy land 2017, they had to throw this in there to soothe the masses:

    We realize without this context added to the photo that was shared by the classroom teacher it could be perceived differently. Please note it was never the intent of the lesson to demean or degrade any one person or group. The Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District sincerely apologizes to the students, staff and community at large for this unfortunate incident.

    Why the hell should the school provide “context?” It’s their job to explain to braindead idiots that this girl wasn’t chained up like a slave? Smart people could figure that out on their own so why should schools cater to IDIOTS who can’t? If the girl was white would it require “context?” Nope. This is insane that the school feels the need to say that it could be “perceived differently.”

    So what the hell are they apologizing for? You apologize when you’re sorry. What are they sorry about? For being enthusiastic about learning local history? For not being consumed with race? For letting any student who wanted to play the role of the Pilgrim baby due so, regardless of the color of her skin? The only thing the school has done wrong is apologize. The superintendent is sackless and politically correct and thus lacks the stones to tell these idiots to fuck off.

    The teacher did not share this image on social media either. She sent it out to all the parents in class. One set of shithead parents got mad about it and turned it into a racial thing. Led by this idiot:

    He goes on Facebook as Jorge Alves.

    But his real name is actually Helder Varela, and he works for BMC HealthNet Plan:

    And make no doubt about it – he did this on purpose. He knew the reaction it would get and he’s done nothing to diffuse the situation. His post is still up, and the update is too little, too late. Even the idiotic black lives matter morons and other parents who fell for it have taken their posts down.

    Because of Helder’s recklessness the school is being flooded with hate messages and phone calls. This is a place where people work and it’s being disrupted because of one moronic parent. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he got a taste of what that feels like? After all, he works for BMC HealthNet Plan, and they have a Facebook page in which you can leave reviews right hereIt would be a real bummer if turtle riders flooded their page with one star reviews about BMC’s star employee. Whatever you do, DO NOT flood their page with one star reviews and explain that you’re doing so because they employ Helder Varela.

    And did I mention that he and his wife don’t even live in Bridgewater? They actually live on the Brockton-Avon line in a house they’re trying to sell:

    Which means that they’re either school choicing, or using his father’s address (same name) to get his kids into what he believes is a better school district:

    Think about that for a minute. He lives in a diverse city with the largest per capita African-American population in Massachusetts. And yet he’s purposely choosing to send his kids to an overwhelmingly white school district. Oh, and Avon is north of Brockton. Bridgewater doesn’t even border Brockton, and it’s two towns south. He probably lives over 30 minutes from his kid’s school, yet he specifically CHOSE this one. It’s almost as if he was waiting for something like this to happen so he could use his innocent child to provoke a racial reaction against her hard working, caring, and loving teacher. That and he doesn’t want his daughter going to school with other students of color.

    Now as a result of his thoughtless actions the school had to have a police presence today to hold off the idiots in the mainstream media who will refuse to print the whole story. Thanks to him black lives matter radicals have started a witch hunt against the teacher and the school is being bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of harassing phone calls demanding that this hard working teacher lose her job:

    I don’t know who this teacher is, but I’m hoping she reads this. I’m sure she’s having a rough day. I’d completely understand if she’s sitting at home crying right now. She wouldn’t be the first teacher to end the day with a good therapeutic cry. Imagine going to work every day with this passion for helping little kids learn, and one of the girls in class who is enthusiastic about the presentation REALLY wants to be the Pilgrim baby. Is the teacher supposed to tell her she can’t because she’s black? This is what social justice warrior want? They wanna make little black girls cry? They want teachers to discriminate against them? What kind of soulless sacks of shit are these losers?

    To the teacher – just know that there are more of us out here than there are of them. We know the truth. We support you. We know you’re doing a great job. Please, please, please, DO NOT alter what you’re doing because of this. Invite the Plimouth Plantation people back next year and the year after that. Bring the leash. The Pilgrims used it and so should the kids if they really want to understand how children like them lived 400 years ago. If a kid wants to be leashed as part of the learning process then let them. Don’t tell black kids that they’re not allowed to because of how idiots on the Internet might perceive it. If you change what you’re doing then you let them win. We will always support teachers at Turtleboy Sports against ignorant mobs of ill-informed parents.



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    1. Steven Stover

      Some young beautiful little girl needs to put her daddy on a leash till he grows up.

    2. Narcanista

      To start, I’d research all of the academic credentials (including declared majors) on his LinkedIn. I went to UMass Amherst and have a STEM degree and I can tell you the Math Department is no joke sir! A Math major is even harder than EE or Physics because the expectations for reasoning maturity and ability demonstrate proof strategies is required to get past the Junior year. No surprise if he washed out of there! A business degree is a common washout major for engineering and STEM majors. He is a washout for sure.

      Next, can we use the false accusations against the Bridgewater Teacher as an argument for Ethics mis-steps to get him blockaded from Paralegal Certification in the Commonwealth? I would like to see him blocked from possessing any certification to work near any legal capacity. Unfit. Broken reasoning bits in the brain!

    3. Captain fantastic

      Senior contract program management analyst?…..sounds like a EEO awarded job. I wouldn’t let this guy cut my grass. Using false names, lying about residence to qualify for a better school, does his employer even know these facts?

      1. mitch

        my name is Santa Claus Martinez. can i have an executive position at BMC HEALTHNET PLAN ? it’s just a job that an American wouldn’t do, right ?? btw…my alias is Bill Clinton Estevez and i can sorta type.

    4. Michael Hutson

      the little girl on the leash seems to understand”context” better than her father

      1. MEH

        It’s NOT a leash–Pilgrims used it to keep their kids close by.
        Go to Plymouth Plantation museum, all the kid actors have it on.

        1. trish

          They actually used them to help teach kids how to walk

          1. Sonny's Mom

            Into the 1950s it was quite common to see young toddlers wearing vests and “leashes”, to help the child learn to walk and prevent the kid from wandering away. In fact I remember seeing one parent with a child wearing this safety gear at a public park in the early 1990s.
            It was a common practice until the 1960s crowd started screeching that this was “child abuse”.

            1. Imrubberyoureglue

              They started using them in the early 90’s and still do to this day

    5. Narcanista

      Helder Varela is a hier in a recent probate case:
      Plymouth County Probate Court PL17P0023EA In the matter of: Varela, Nilza A

      Go to masscourts.org to look at the docket summary, but a trip to the courthouse to pull the file and examine the innards would be most exciting.

      Also, in the Massachusetts Land Court
      17 SM 004189 CIT Bank, N.A. v. Helder M. Varela Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Est. of Nilza A. Varela , et. al.

    6. Austin

      Wife? That’s a man, baby!!

    7. Stunt Penis

      Sad part of this whole story is if people actually bothered to look at the photo, they’d see the child on the right who is holding one of the leading strings is a child “of color” herself.

      This is what we get when stupid people breed.

      1. Tell Ponchito That it He Knows What Is Good for Him He’d Best Go Run and Hide

        ..no it’s not

    8. Rich

      Obviously he’s a liar, scam artist and neurotic. Sad the girl has a father like him.

    9. Petey The Wheatstraw

      Another race baiting, hate mongering, libtard! I believe in an earlier post that states his resume should be checked. I’m sure there are lots of “holes” in his accomplishments. BMC should be investigated as well. There is something about this guy, and his employer, that doesn’t add up!

    10. Rebecca!!!

      I think the dad was very respectful in his post just pointing out how the picture could be interpreted, BUT he had to know the chaos it was going to cause. I think the photo SHOULD have had a caption explaining the tethers for those who might have assumed pilgrims had slaves and teachers only pick black children to represent them. Crazy. However, I don’t see fault or malicious intent on the teacher’s part. I hope she is not obsessing and distraught over this as most elementary teachers do because they are constantly being bullied by administration, parents, and the public.
      TO THE TEACHER: It’s OK, HON! It was a mistake. Because you are NOT RACIST, you didn’t even realize that this child was a black child in tethers. She was a student in your class who was chosen to participate (by the Plimoth Plantation guest) based on the fact that she was interested, motivated, and willing to learn. I bet she’s a great kid too! Don’t let the stupid publicity stunt ruin your drive. HEAD UP!!!

      1. Shut up Rebecca!!!

        You’re breathtakingly stupid. She wasn’t a “black child in tethers”, she was a little girl playing the part of a pilgrim toddler learning to walk. Read a damn history book – no mistakes were made here. There was NO slavery during this time. I guess the teacher just assumed the parents wouldn’t be so retarded (btw – that’s the *only* reason why an apology was issued). The dad is an idiot who wanted to start something that was, in actuality, nothing.

    11. Stunt Penis

      As of 9:35am, it appears reviews on the BMC Facebook page have been disabled/removed.

    12. SRR

      Exceptionally well written. Kudos Turtle boy! It’s just a very tragic situation that the SJWs are so filled with hatred and loathing they are now destroying their own children’s education and actually setting minorities back!
      How long before an angry mob of SJWs descends upon Plymouth plantation seeking to shut it down because in their spongy, hateful mind’s the pilgrims were racists?? SJWs and BLM are living proof That hatred truly does destroy the vessels that contain it!

    13. Dot Guy

      The family owns homes in both Brockton and Bridgewater but they live in Bridgewater. They purchased the Bridgewater home last year and have been trying to sell the Brockton house but have thus far found no takers.

      1. J. A. Topf

        Halloween is coming in just a few days. I think his front door would be worthy of some of Trick or Treat in the obvious costumes to send a message about what why you don’t attack and degrade Our Culture, Our History and Our Nation, why you don’t undermine Our Schools and Our Teachers.

        1. Finn

          Stop with the dramatics. I got second hand embarrassment when I saw you capitalized “Our”. How douchey. My God, you’re an idiot with your redneck thinking. If you go to his house, I hope you’re promptly arrested. You’re no better than that moron.

          1. mitch

            I’ve sprinkled some extra virtue on your vanilla ice cream cone . Feel better now mr. finn?

            1. Finn

              Not necessary Bitch (spelling stays). What normal person encourages people to “send a message” to a person at their home?

              It’s Miss Finn to you.

            2. mitch

              ah ha miss finn ! such an original comeback ! I’ve never heard that before! you have picked a wonderful subject to defend. you really should congratulate yourself and award yourself an extra, EXTRA helping of virtue sprinkles, but while your doing that go back and re-read about this person’s honor you are defending. if you see nothing wrong there i’m afraid that it will probably be MISS finn for life. good luck to you miss finn.

            3. Turd Burgling MitchBitch

              Mitch is a bitch

    14. Crazyguy

      Anyone have his employer’s phone number?

      1. Crazyguy

        Ext 3
        Ask by name

    15. LMAO

      OMG! Squidward’s brother from another mother!

    16. Queef Olbermann

      What an absolute clown

      1. Sonny's Mom

        … posing as a “professional”.

    17. mitch

      stop everything right now. the man uses an ALIAS !!!! an alias might as well be a mask. do any of you use an alias in everyday life?? why does he use the name JORGE ALVES ??? who knows him as jorge alves and why. using an alias as an act of concealment of his own identity for any gain is FRAUD!! has this man been reported to the police and have the school district been informed of this man’s fraudulent activities?? could this man stand up in court and explain the reason for his alias’s without going to jail? i doubt it. racism my ass. Narcanista is right on but i would wager that is the tip of the iceberg. first off, what is or does he have an immigration status??

      1. Stunt Penis

        who knows what his real name is. Maybe Jorge Alves is his real name and Helder Varela is an identity he stole.

        1. Narcanista

          Helder J Varela is also the name used in two court cases in Massachusetts – so that is likely his real name and Jorge Alves is his alias. Had he used a false name in court cases, then he’d be in a world of shit and hurt. Owning two houses and having a college degree and title of “Analyst” means you are no longer an “oppressed minority” – sorry, you are in the upper 10% of the socioeconomic stratum, but that’s not enough access to opportunity or merit is it now? No… You still have to play the victim card. I’d like to know what happened to the Bridgewater Teacher whose class this happened in. If she lost her job, or is facing disciplinary action – I’d like to see a GoFundMe setup for her, so she can move to a better school district, or maybe even a private school. The Teacher and the volunteer at Plimoth Plantation were the ones really abused badly here.

          I think what Turtleriders all ought to do is go write a nice, heartfelt thank you to the staff and management at Plimoth Plantation for helping teach and preserve our history and culture. Even better – pay them a visit one of these weekends and thank the staffers yourself in person, and tell them why you are there!

    18. Real Social Justice

      Here’s the number for his employer’s HR department.


      Just sayin’…

    19. Sterling Turtle Rider

      If this whole nonsense is a demonstration of his logic and reasoning abilities, I’d be very wary of any contracts or programs that he is in charge of analyzing… it’s so sad when people are stupid, it’s even worse when they don’t realize that they are.

      1. Turd Burgling MitchBitch

        it’s got to be yet another effort to get a good lawsuit

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