Morons Blaming Facebook For Trump’s Election By Spreading Fake News Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

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Everyone knows that Facebook is a left-leaning, pro-PC website that caters to the sensitivity of butthurt SJW’s. We’ve seen time and time again that what Facebook and Twitter classify as “hate speech” is really just people saying true things that happen to hurt other people’s feelings. But now that Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States the Hillary diehards are looking for someone to blame. Anyone but the candidate herself or the mainstream media will do. And they’re looking directly at you Mark Zuckerburg:


I’m seeing this everywhere the last couple days, particularly from the safe space known as the Huffington Post. Basically they think it’s Facebook’s fault because Facebook doesn’t restrict “fake news.” This coming from the website who has produced the following headlines:



screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-18-03-am screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-28-22-am
It’s laugh out loud funny that these websites wanna whine about the impact of Facebook. Newsflash morons – you did this. You bombarded social media with doomsday prophecies  about a Trump presidency. Your all out assault on him and your failed bid to make Hillary Clinton likable turned this chauvinistic billionaire into a likable underdog. You did this.

Look, it’s up to the individual to decide what is real and what is not. We saw a bunch of people sharing this yesterday:



Normally a story like that is right up our alley. And people who wanna believe this is real will believe that it’s real. People who wanna believe it’s not real will believe what they believe too. But as a normal person with a brain Turtleboy looked at this story and decided not to write about it. Why? Because there’s no proof of anything. It’s an anonymous person on Facebook making an unsubstantiated claim in an unknown location.

More importantly, Facebook is not a news site. It’s a medium where people share news. Censoring the stories that people share on there is liking censoring the Internet itself. Facebook didn’t spread lies – people did. What’s next? Is Facebook gonna be forced to hire full time employees to monitor the truthfulness of their 2 billion worldwide users?

What if you see a false news story on Facebook, share it, and write “this is an example of false news story”? Will your account be taken down too? Of course it shouldn’t be and only a group of Nazis would be advocating for something like this. That’s basically what the PC police and the Huffington Post have become – Nazis.

Anyway, Facebook’s already got a mechanism in place for this – the blue checkmark. The whole purpose of that is so that you know you’re getting your news from a verified mainstream media outlet that has a team of editors and fact checkers who usually make sure they get it right. Not that you can’t be telling the truth if you don’t have the blue checkmark, but the whole purpose of that is so that you will question the truthfulness of those who don’t have it.

Look, Facebook has a lot of issues, but their lack of censorship isn’t one of them. Facebook doesn’t censor stories. Computer algorithms do. That’s because no one actually works at Facebook so trolls can simply mass report stories for pornography and eventually they’ll be taken down. We know this better than anyone.

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The bottom line is you lost the election because your candidate blows. Be an adult and get over it instead of trying to censor speech on the Internet. Individual can determine for themselves what is real and what is not. We don’t need big brother doing that for us.



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2 Comment(s)
  • fordsnharleys
    November 17, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    The fact alone that The enquirer has been in business for so many years says a lot about how important it is to a lot of people that their news is source is reliable.

  • Deplorable Dick
    November 17, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Men who are married, and don’t own a business and are on Facebook are pathetic. Stop trying to creep on the hot high school chicks from your class. Impressing and seeking vaildation from people who could care less about you in real life.

    It’s a medium for single moms and emotional needy/attention starved women.

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