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Murderer Punches His Lawyer In The Face To Get Mistrial And Avoid Inevitable Guilty Finding

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So apparently all you have to do now to avoid an inevitable guilty verdict is punch your court-appointed free lawyer in the face and/or threaten to kill the entire jury pool. That precedent has now been established thanks to another genius move by a Massachusetts court:

Source: Janleer Povez’s retrial on a second-degree murder charge in a fatal stabbing seven years ago ended in a mistrial Monday after Mr. Povez struck his appointed lawyer, Elliot R. Levine, in the face in the courtroom and later ranted about Mr. Levine performing “rituals with blood” and being biased against him.

Mr. Povez, 35,  started out by accusing Mr. Levine of “doing rituals at home” involving fire and blood “to try to (inaudible) me from the case.

“I believe he’s biased against me,” the defendant said of his lawyer. “I don’t think it’s fair that he gets to do everything he wants to do and I just have no input,” Mr. Povez told the judge. “He just threatened to kill me after I slapped him in the face,” Mr. Povez said. He also accused Mr. Levine of being rude to him in the past and calling him “a moron.”

“I don’t see any way this case can be salvaged at this point so I’m going to declare a mistrial,” Judge Wrenn said. He said the mistrial was entirely due to Mr. Povez’s conduct.

Mr. Povez’s case was continued to Aug. 17 for the appointment of a new lawyer to represent him.

The prosecution rested its case Friday in Mr. Povez’s retrial on a second-degree murder charge in the April 21, 2008, stabbing death of Jack A. McGuire of Westboro. There was testimony that Mr. Povez stabbed the 35-year-old Mr. McGuire once in the left thigh after Mr. McGuire brandished a realistic-looking pellet gun and stole $100 worth of crack cocaine from Mr. Povez. The knife wound severed Mr. McGuire’s femoral artery and he bled to death.

The stabbing occurred during the course of a struggle outside Mr. McGuire’s girlfriend’s car, which was parked on Florence Street. While Assistant District Attorney Kassia E. Smith told the jury in her opening statement that she expected the evidence to support a second-degree murder conviction, Mr. Levine argued that his client was defending himself and/or Lance Savage, a co-defendant, at the time of the stabbing.

First of all, can we just talk about the many glamour looks of Janleer Povez? When they first arrested him in 2008 he was going with the terrorist chic

Courtesy of Masslive

Courtesy of Masslive

From there he clean up and went with the Seth Rogan, “I don’t give a fuck because I’m a middle aged guy with a real job but still like to smoke pot on the regular” look:

Courtesy of


From there he moved onto the “I just got touched up at the barbershop so you know I mean I roll with Aaron Hernandez” look

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Now finally today he has decided to go with the more sophisticated Tyler Perry look:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

So let me get this straight. This guy is probably staying in some county jail while he awaits trial for a crime he committed seven years ago. He knows that once his ass gets found guilty he’s gonna have to dance with the big boys in Shirley, and his pretty ass won’t last very long in the big house.

And what does he do to avoid the inevitable? Punches his lawyer in the face and makes up some bogus excuse about doing “rituals at home.” Whatever that means. I can’t say I blame him I guess, because he got exactly what he wanted – a mistrial. I guess judges in Massachusetts are just that predictable.

To make matters worse, this isn’t the first time this mental midget has done this:

Mr. Povez’s 2010 second-degree murder conviction in the case was set aside by the state Appeals Court in 2013. The appellate court found that the record of the case left open the possibility that a prospective Hispanic juror had been improperly excluded from the initial trial. Mr. Povez is also Hispanic.

Hold on one second. So you’re telling me that this savage already was found guilty for this crime five years ago, but because of the geniuses who run our court system, he got a mistrial because he played the race card? That’s all you have to do? So a Hispanic person didn’t get on the jury. So what? If you’re a hispanic defendant you automatically get a hispanic jury, or else the case is thrown out?? Yea, that makes sense.

But wait, it gets better:

Mr. Povez is also under indictment on charges of threatening to kill the jurors who ultimately found him guilty in 2010.

According to an official court transcript of the first trial, Mr. Povez expressed dissatisfaction with his lawyer, James J. Gribouski, in the presence of the jury after it had begun its deliberations, and then threatened to kill the jurors if they convicted him.

Oh good, another loophole. Just threaten to kill the jury and you get your way. Fabulous. I’ll have to remember that the next time I kill someone. Yay Justice!!!

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5 Comment(s)
    June 30, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    The guy he killed pulled out a fake gun and tried to rob him. There was a struggle and this guy stabbed the guy trying to rob him. Why is he even on trial for murder? He should have had a parade in his honor. Smdh.

    • Ook
      July 2, 2015 at 12:42 pm

      Crack cocaine, there’s your answer. How many people did he kill again?

  • BobnMic
    June 30, 2015 at 1:19 am

    The level of disregard to law and order has been displayed in the courts for quite some time. Right in front of Judges. So if you think that police are the bad guys all you have to do is sit in one these court sessions and watch the defendants go off on a verbal and insane rampage right in front of a Judge which then makes it clear to everyone why they are there in the first place.

  • melissa baptista
    June 29, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    And to boot hes a level 3 sex offender and when he registered himself as a sex offender he put himself as a caucasian so he should have never have had a retrial in the first place claiming “race” as a reason. Maybe the supreme court should do their research before they grant a retrial. Please people if i can access this information on the internet they should do their due diligence to see what kind of person they are actually granting the retrial to. This is a considerable waste of tax payers money. Now we are going on the third trial with 16 jurors per trial not to mention the countless witnesses they have to bring back,on top of that pay for another judge, district attorney just to hear the case and the victim’s family is more handcuffed than the actual perpetrator. The judicial system has failed once again and its sad that the murderer gets more rights than the victim ever did.

  • June 29, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    And we wonder why we have the problems we do…

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