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  • New Bedford Sploogerag Steals Boss’s Cell Phone, Tries To Sell It On Craigslist, Boss And Girlfriend Set Up A Buy And Confront Him In Hilarious Fashion

    New Bedford Sploogerag Steals Boss’s Cell Phone, Tries To Sell It On Craigslist, Boss And Girlfriend Set Up A Buy And Confront Him In Hilarious Fashion

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    Here’s a fun one story out of New Bedford…….

    Some chud stole his co-worker’s phone and posted it on Craigslist for sale. The girlfriend of the dude he stole it from saw the post and set up a meeting to purchase it. What happened after that was documented for the world to enjoy on Facebook:


    The hat:

    Because….of course the hat. Never fails. It’s just too perfect. Oh, and to top it off he’s driving an infinity but still feels the need to steal cell phones from coworkers and ruin his career for the thrill of being handed $300 cash by a stranger. It simply doesn’t get any more New Bedford than this.

    But seriously, world star? We need to replace that with “Turtleboy.” Because a guy in a flat brimmed bulls hat driving an Infiniti and selling back a stolen phone to a coworker he stole it from in a New Bedford parking lot is a 1,000% guarantee to make it onto Turtleboy. Even the people who don’t like us because we refuse to call heroin addiction a disease know that:

    Love how he had to go through his bag of stolen cell phones to decipher which one he was handing over:

    Ya know you’re a lowlife when you have to make multiple appointments in New Bedford to sell your stolen cell phones.

    Oh, and I guess the guy is a union dude and the guy he stole it from was the foreman:

    They don’t know his name yet:

    But even without our Facebook page SOMEONE out there has to know who this chudrucker is. If you know, then please message the Lost Boys of Turtle Facebook page and screenshot everything on his Facebook page and send it to us, because you know his Facebook’s coming down soon if it hasn’t already.

    My only beef with the way it was handled was the lack of extortion. I’ve never seen someone more vulnerable. That dude was shitting bricks the moment he saw that the guy who was there to buy the cell phone was the guy he stole the cell phone off of. They had him by the balls and could pretty much get anything from him at that point. That return of the cell phone would be the first of many payments to come in the future. Is that illegal? I dunno. All I know is this guy’s not telling the cops either way:

    Because chances are he has at least three “stop snitching” shirts that he now uses for splooge rags when he’s all out of tissues.

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    1. S

      Why didn’t the duche get a rap upside the head ???? If it was me tomorrow I’d be the guy with the black eye is a thief. guy would be replacing a window to. Sure he wouldn’t of called the cops. Smh when the girl is the aggressive one.

      1. Deez bitchiz

        Huh? They guy will never be able to get a job again. I think that’s worse than a black eye.

    2. SMH

      You don’t steal from people. Period. Idk how this man was so calm. I know I wouldn’t have been. Nicely played!

    3. Smearing Feces

      That’s awesome. Would have liked to have seen him get his fingers chopped off or thrown off a building.

    4. Peggy

      He is so gross…. He hangs out at Whiskey Lounge on Acushnet Avenue

      1. stephanie

        his names corey i cant find his last name

        1. SVU

          DeSousa from Dartmouth. Girlfriend is Nikki Sousa newbedford.

    5. Bogglesnort

      This guys a real Dabooglesnoggler!

    6. Bogglesnort

      I think I understand now why Facebook thinks your a douche.
      All you did was copy something you found on FB for all to see and now call it a Turtleboy exclusive?

    7. 5HourEnergy'd

      I love that all of these people are so trashy, right down to the girl couldn’t video that confrontation without the cigarette in the way. I don’t care where TBS got the video, I rely on them for the daily glimpses into the sloppy underbelly of society. Thank you!

      1. stephanie

        smoking cigarettes does not make me trashy and i wasnt there to make a video i was there to get my boyfriend his phone back so my concern was getting to the window and being face to face before he decided to step on the gas and go on the grass and leave….Not to show off my video recording skills. But hey, I’d rather be a “trashy” smoker then a blatent cunt.

        1. Joe Camel

          C’mere, baby! Speak proper English to me with that rough, gravely Newport voice… Mmmm… smooth and ratchety…

          1. Stephanie

            everything i said was proper english so you literally sound like an insecure, miserable nobody. and my voice is annoying, like a valley girl voice. not rough. if you’re gunna insult me at least do it proper. thing id i handled the situation like an adult and achieved exactly what i wanted so you cant even insult me without sounding like a useless troll.

            1. Stephanie

              oh yea and im from manchester. not newport. i also do not smoke newports. so that made no sense. carry on.

        2. hmmm

          “smoking cigarettes does not make me trashy”


    8. TJustice

      I admire your restraint in not pulling this maggot out the window and stomping his face in. What he will experience now is even better. He will never get another job in the trade; he will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his miserable life.

    9. Boo

      car is registered to Corey Desousa from North Dartmouth

      1. stephanie

        thank you very much for that info.

    10. Finn

      Corey Desousa is/was selling phones in the New Bedford Online Yard Sale / Flea Market
      on Facebook. I wonder where he got his phones?

    11. SVU

      Name is Corey Desousa from Dartmouth.. girlfriend is Nikki Sousa from New Bedford he is all over her Facebook. Lmao what a piece of shit!!!

    12. Hughbo Mont

      Lol , he looks like Fitzy with a beard and bulls hat.

    13. […] we published this blog about some New Bedford Sploogerag who stole a coworker’s cell phone, put it up for sale on […]

    14. Fake Rant Queen

      Whadya bet he’s a “Fight for $15” activist who wants to turn Massachusetts into a clone of California?

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