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  • Meet Corey Desousa: The New Bedford Sploogerag Who Stole His Boss’s Cellphone And Didn’t Realize He Was Selling It Back To Them On Craigslist

    Meet Corey Desousa: The New Bedford Sploogerag Who Stole His Boss’s Cellphone And Didn’t Realize He Was Selling It Back To Them On Craigslist

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    Yesterday we published this blog about some New Bedford Sploogerag who stole a coworker’s cell phone, put it up for sale on Craigslist, and then felt like a buffoon when the people who showed up to buy the phone were the guy he stole the phone from and his pissed off girlfriend who found the ad.


    Even without our biggest two Facebook pages we still found out the answer when someone sent it to the Turtleboy Fallout Shelter. His name is Corey Desousa. His Facebook has been completely shut down, but his fiance’s isn’t:

    He can afford to buy his girlfriend a diamond ring and drive around in an infiniti, but he still feels the need to steal from other people so he can sell stolen contraband on the Internet.

    Of course this slugpump has different shades of the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat to complete the douchebag rainbow.

    Just a complete scumbag. Seriously, how fucked up do you have to be to orchestrate a scheme like this? You know it wasn’t his first time either. You don’t just steal someone’s shit and sell it out of a ziplock baggy on Craigslist if it’s your first time. Looks like Nikki found herself a real winner to hitch her wagon to until death do them part.

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    1. SVU

      Every woman’s dream right there! What a POS. Wonder if her family will be proud to call him their son in law. Shit bag! Great job TBS!

    2. Ryan

      Maybe he’s got that “Disease” that’s been going around.

      1. Stupidpeoplemakemenutz

        Then maybe he needs to die already

    3. TJustice

      TB, what is it with this hat? Does every shitbag in mass. Have one? Perhaps when you put it on your brains leak out. Or it could be a visual way for schlep’s to recognize each other on the bus?

      1. SVU

        The hat and the dog filter.

    4. Ethel Mertz

      It was the GF who did the great investigative work….but what a rough bitch she sounded like, huh?

      1. stephanie

        ethel all you do is run your cock holster. you can see my photo and see that im not a “rough bitch” its always the insecure ones that have to talk shit about other people for literally no reason.

      2. stephanie

        also my boyfriend found the ad, not me.

      3. SVU

        I think she sounded just fine for someone who was as mad as she was. I know I would have sounded a lot more rough. I would have sounded like a truck driver too!

    5. gfldgadfly

      Yeah, it’s not his first rodeo. That game is so loose, even Lil Hefner is taking a pass.

    6. Gina

      In his defense..that is BARELY a diamond ring… if I could post a picture with this comment I would show you what it looks like when a husband buys his wife a real diamond ring LOL

      1. Mike

        OMG! Everybody must be soooooo jelly of you. Nobody ever rolls their eyes when you show off your brand-named possessions and your “real” diamond ring. They just all want to be you. Obviously you are queen bee. Idiot! Nobody cares about your stupid ring other than you, you pretentious, vapid, materialistic twat!

    7. Finn

      He looks like comedian Marc Maron’s “diseased” son. (yes, it’s worth the google)

      1. Goose

        Uhhh…. he has a son?

    8. foul balls

      Wonder who he stole the ring from?

    9. Turtleriderchick

      Unfortunately this is pretty common. My friend got mugged a while back in Boston and he found his phone getting sold on craigslist. He met up with the posters to pretend to buy his phone back for $300 cash, they brought more buddies to the meetup to try to mug him again. Luckily, he had gotten the police involved earlier so they came with him to the meetup. They caught the kids and he identified them on the witness stand. Shitbird had 19 previous charges, finally went to jail. The kid was about 16 years old.

    10. Cheesehog for Senate

      Who the fuck is Heidi Wellman????

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