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North High Dumpster Fire Still Burning: Disgraced Principal Lisa Dyer Being Paid Not To Come To School As Superintendent Does Her Job For Her

North High Dumpster Fire Still Burning: Disgraced Principal Lisa Dyer Being Paid Not To Come To School As Superintendent Does Her Job For Her

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It’s been almost three years since we published this blog about Worcester North High School principal Lisa Dyer sending an email to her staff, in which she insinuated that now former North teacher Janice Harvey (she still teaches, just not at NHS) was racist because she wrote a column in Worcester Magazine in which she stated that she was “color blind” when it came to her students. Here’s the email:

Dear Staff at North High School,

I want to make you aware that Janice Harvey has written an article in this week’s Worcester Magazine that may put us back on the front page and in a unfavorable light in the eyes of many within our students’ communities. To begin with, she re-hashes the negative events we suffered and have begun to overcome, and in my opinion, underestimates all the hard work staff has done in the building to turn things around, crediting the police instead.  In one sentence, she disrespects Dr. Boone, Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools, and aligns with Turtleboy Sports, a troll, known for his ability to incite causing maximum disruption and argument, particularly around issues of race for this troll.

Harvey then begins to trash the “Coming Together Collective”. As you may recall, I spoke on a panel to this group with Mayor Petty, City Manager Augustus, and Superintendent Boone. Harvey refers to The Collective as “activists” but neglects to tell you who they are. Within this group are the minority leaders of the City of Worcester: Pastors, Reverends, City Councilors, Lawyers, City Government employees, including NORTH HIGH TEACHERS, alumni, business owners, social service agencies, college and university representatives, and concerned parents and relatives.  Let’s just say if we didn’t have race relation problems before, we certainly may have them now.

This group, whom we work for as public servants, came together in response to a need at North High.  They were reading on TurtleboySports , people were calling our students (their children) “savages, animals” and the like. The site went so far as to say the North High teachers needed cages to protect themselves from the students; VERY RACIST stuff.

It then becomes apparent within her article that she cannot differentiate between “racial tension” and institutional racism.  Personally, I’m embarrassed when she says our teachers and students are colorblind. As if our students don’t know enough to honor the beauty of their complexions. Are we not teaching our students how to overcome challenges they may face in our society and their history in the eyes of America? Are we not helping to instill a pride in them of who they are?  

Why they are so disrespected and spoken to in such a condescending tone is something we all must ponder since she goes on to imply, she speaks for ALL North High teachers and students.

Cultural Competency 101: “colorblindness” suggests racism.  Why do we have to be “colorblind” to educate any student and treat them with dignity and respect? Complexion is a part of ones identity and the majority of us know the significance of identity to adolescent development. We cannot be colorblind if we are to prepare all of our students for success in the real world.

Harvey suggests that our students are pained to read hogwash that suggests our teachers are prejudiced in any way – yet I have heard from many students and some staff otherwise. As long as North High is tasked with educating and empowering minority students, race will and must always be a factor.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.05.34 PM

Still one of the most loony things I’ve ever read. Obviously no one is really color blind. I realize when I’m speaking to a black person that they are in fact black. But when people say they’re “color blind” it really just means that they’re going to evaluate people based on their performance rather than on the color of their skin. This is what normal people do when they hear the term “color blind.”

Not Lisa Dyer though. To her it’s racist. More importantly Janice Harvey “aligned” with Turtleboy Sports because she mentioned our coverage of the violent incidents at North High in which students and administrators were physically attacked by teachers. We used our platform to push for having resource officers at North High, despite the pushback from social justice warriors who said police are inherently racist. As a result she banned teachers from reading Turtleboy (cuz we racist) and even cancelled a school function at a Turtleboy advertiser.

Of course the real reason these frauds didn’t want cops in schools is because police are an alternative to diversity training. And the SJWs we expose (like Joyce McNickles, the YWCA, Etel Haxhiaj, Keesha Latulippe, Brenda Jenkins, etc) make their money by selling diversity trainings to institutions. We proved that with a Freedom of Information Act request, which showed that Keesha’s Red Tab Consulting money was getting paid $15,000 a pop for a diversity training seminar.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.18.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.51.06 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.34.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.34.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.34.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.40.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.40.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.18.54 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.19.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.14.15 PM

Well it turned out we were 1,000% right as data proved that violent incidents had plummeted as a direct result of police officers in North High School:

But nevertheless we cost them a LOT of money by exposing the racism-industrial complex.

However, Lisa Dyer was never fired because Mayor Moron (Joe Petty) said she was doing a “great job,” and disgraced superintendent Melinda Boone (who we forced to resign) had her back and also opposed cops in the schools.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.10.42 PM

This despite the fact that Lisa Dyer wrote an incredibly unprofessional email which was designed to embarrass a staff member who had a different opinion on racial politics, and was leading a school in which students were running wild, vice principals were getting beaten up by 19 year old sophomores, and morale had reached an all time low.

Well since then Lisa Dyer has been missing an insane amount of school because she’s “sick.” No documentation has been provided to prove any of this since it’s confidential. But the taxpayers continue to pay her anyway, and when she retires she’ll get a nice pension to sit on.

Consequently there continues to be no discipline on her at end North High School. Teachers we’ve spoken with have told us that the kids are completely out of control. They tell teachers in the hallways to fuck off when teachers tell them to put their cell phones away or get to class. Because their principal is never there, and the culture she has created is one in which it’s more important to keep shithead kids in school than it is to create a learning environment in which kids who want to learn can do so witout interruption. She’s bought into the bullshit about the “school to prison pipeline,” in which we don’t suspend students because they’re more likely to drop out and start breaking the law.


Well, Lisa Dyer is back in the news again, and as usual, it’s bad news:

Faced with the prospect of the state dropping North High School to the equivalent of a level 4 school next year, the district’s central administration is quickly putting together a plan to turn the school around in time.

“North High’s performance on the MCAS (this past year), for the third year in a row, showed no progress,” said Superintendent Maureen Binienda, who has temporarily set up her office at the 140 Harrington Way school to oversee the turnaround work. If scores don’t improve in the upcoming spring testing, the school “could become a commissioner’s district next year,” according to feedback Worcester has received from the state education department, she added, “and we certainly don’t want that. 

Wait….what?? The superintendent is setting up her office at North High School? Look, I’m a big Maureen Binienda supporter. She was a great principal at South High School, and could do a great job turning North High around as principal. But she’s not the principal. She’s the superintendent. And the taxpayers pay her to do a certain job, and they pay Lisa Dyer to be the principal. So who’s running the rest of the 44 public schools as Binienda does Lisa Dyer’s job for her? This is INSANE!! If Lisa Dyer can’t do the job then fire her and replace her with someone that can. 

I don’t put a lot of stock into MCAS scores. North High will always have lower MCAS scores when compared to Shrewsbury, or even Doherty, because they bring in a higher percentage of students who come from homes where education isn’t valued as much. That’s never gonna change. 

However, there is SOME usefulness to standardized testing. And there are many students at North High who could be improving their scores, but they’re being held back by disruptive students that Lisa Dyer is allowing to stay in the classroom. 

Serving as the basis of the district’s turnaround work at North High is a site evaluation school department staff conducted at the school at the start of the current school year with consultants from the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Learning, a Maryland-based company that specializes in school turnaround. Their findings, which they described in a report released at the end of October and obtained by the Telegram & Gazette on Friday, portrays a school plagued by low morale and inconsistent expectations for students and staff.

“There is a critical need to improve school climate and culture, and to include teacher and students voice(s),” the report says.

Translation – Lisa Dyer has failed at her job. The end. 

And for some reason the School Committee is on board with this:

More specifically, he said, North High has needed “strong, decisive leadership,” someone who “understands the challenges of running an urban high school.” Mr. O’Connell added he is optimistic that Ms. Binienda, who was principal at South High Community School for eight years before becoming superintendent a year ago, is the right person for that task.

So… Binienda the principal at North High now? No? Then she shouldn’t be running North High School. She should hire someone who can. Because as Brian O’Connell admits, we’re spending money that has been allocated for other schools on this trainwreck of a principal:

In general, meanwhile, North High’s problems have been “something a number of us have been anxious about for years,” Mr. O’Connell said, adding he hopes the School Committee will continue to be kept updated on the turnaround plan for the school. While so far that effort is being paid for with a portion of $26,000 in funding Worcester received from the state this year to support turnaround work at the elementary level, according to Ms. Binienda, Mr. O’Connell said continued funding of the North High plan may “need to be addressed by the School Committee during budget hearings this spring.”

The budget doesn’t “need to be addressed.” The principal does. Get rid of her and hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Problem solved. 

Since moving her office to North High in late November and assigning many of her central office administrators to work more closely with the school, Ms. Binienda said she has already made progress toward some preliminary turnaround goals, particularly around establishing clear behavioral expectations. 

“My goal is to show improvement” to the state, Ms. Binienda said, adding she believes she is also securing buy-in from staff and students, to whom her message so far has been “we’re partnering with you, not taking over your school, to move the school forward.”

See, that wasn’t brain surgery. Why couldn’t the person collecting a taxpayer funded salary to do this job, do this job?

Oh, and there’s no end in sight:

One of the key missing pieces in the turnaround plan at this point, however, is North High’s principal, Lisa Dyer, who has been out on medical leave for several weeks now and could be gone indefinitely. Ms. Binienda said her leave is technically until March, but the superintendent on Friday was unsure of just how long she will remain at North High in Ms. Dyer’s place.

Oh good, she’s taking a five month paid vacation. Does she have the plague? Or is she just “stressed” and has a note from a shrink that says work isn’t good for mental health right now? Because I could use one of those notes too, and so could most teacher at North High. 

We also spoke with a source who confirmed to us that Lisa Dyer was seen renewing her passport. However, if she leaves the country it’s immediate grounds for termination with cause, because she’s out on medical leave.

So where’s corrupt union boss Roger Nugent in all of this?

The Educational Association of Worcester’s president, Roger Nugent, acknowledged to the Telegram & Gazette a couple weeks ago staff at the school have had issues with the administration there, which he hoped Ms. Binienda’s involvement would solve.

Newsflash teachers – Roger isn’t on your side. He whored out EAW headquarters to SC candidate Dante Comparetto, endorsed him without your input, and used your dues to finance his campaign. Dante opposes having police at North High School, and believes disciplining students of color is racist.

This is why teachers can’t have nice things. Because the people who run their union are in bed with the people who are fucking them over.

The bottom line is that North High School is not a “failing school,” because there’s no such thing as a failing school. Only failures in leadership. There are many kids at North High School who will never succeed. Instead of focusing on kids who don’t wanna be there and who only seek to cause disruption, we should be kicking their asses out, and creating a learning environment that is conducive for kids who actually want to learn. Maureen Binienda needs to fire Lisa Dyer and hire a principal who shares this vision.

10 Comment(s)
  • Fred
    December 11, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Easy way to fix that school after firing the principal:

    STEP ONE, get a paper bag

    STEP TWO, kick out any student darker than the bag


  • Shellsea
    December 11, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    I teach at Chelsea High School in Chelsea MA … this sounds JUST LIKE OUR SCHOOL. We see 50+ referrals a day and hardly any of them get detention/suspended. Then there are kids who constantly disrupt teachers/classes and nothing ever happens to them, just a “phone call home” or “processed”.

    • Joe Kennedy... hic... hic
      December 11, 2017 at 8:21 pm

      give them free heroin should take care of things until you can build a proper gallow

  • asshole in training
    December 11, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    No shame in that!

    High paying job, big title and get paid to stay home. Fucking dream come true, you earn the job and you earn the title of being such an insufferable asshole they pay you to not work… some people get all the breaks, must be nice.

  • bird
    December 11, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    The Superintendent doesn’t believe in removing unruly students either.

  • TJB
    December 11, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    She’s probably vacationing in israel for the winter. By the way; SCHOLARS has an “H” in it, fucktards.


    noun | schol·ar | ˈskä-lər

    Popularity: Top 20% of words |Updated on: 16 Nov 2017

    Trending Now:
    noel ballistic surrogacy gentrification, gentrify

    Examples: scholar in a Sentence


    Definition of scholar

    1 : a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher : pupil

  • Steven Stover
    December 11, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Carlo “The Scolar” Baldino should be checking in soon with a racist rant.

  • Jerome
    December 11, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Money for nothing, can see it goes all the way around the clique too. Taxpayers do not count, just cough up.

  • Hughbo Mont
    December 11, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Bring in the Care Bears like UMASS just did!

  • Mayor Lynch
    December 11, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    What a coincidence! I get paid as Mayor, not to show up at City Hall! A nice government check for being the Mayor, but not getting in the way. I guess I also could be working at the DMV and Fitchburg State, but am also being paid not to show up. So, I guess I’m working 3 jobs to make ends meet.

    PS. After this weekends snow storm… Fuck shoveling.

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