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PC Police Are Mad That Old Dominion Bros Have A Sign Inviting Freshmen Girls To Their House

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Huffington PostOld Dominion University issued multiple statements and circulated two YouTube videos over the weekend after a group of students put up three banners decried as offensive and an example of rape culture. 

Three banners were displayed at a private, off-campus house in Norfolk, Virginia, reading “Freshman Daughter Drop Off,” with an arrow pointing at the front door, “Go Ahead And Drop Off Mom Too …” and “Rowdy And Fun, Hope Your Baby Girl Is Ready For A Good Time …” The students removed the banners after the university contacted them, school officials said.

ODU President John R. Broderick said Sunday in a statement that he was “outraged about the offensive message directed toward women,” noting that multiple students also shared his disgust on social media. Broderick said at least one young student he talked to “thought seriously about going back home” after seeing the “offensive message.”

A Virginia man posted the photos Friday afternoon on Facebook. A screengrab captured by The Huffington Post is displayed below:


The image began to be circulated by alumni Friday and into Saturday, largely on Facebook. The person who originally posted the photo has since deleted it and changed his display name on Facebook. He did not respond to multiple messages from HuffPost.

In response, Old Dominion University started posting multiple statements on social media denouncing the banners.

“Messages like the ones displayed yesterday by a few students on the balcony of their private residence are not and will not be tolerated,” ODU said in a statement to HuffPost. “The moment University staff became aware of these banners, they worked to have them removed. At ODU, we foster a community of respect and dignity and these messages sickened us. They are not representative of our 3,000 faculty and staff, 25,000 students and our 130,000 alumni.”

The university’s Student Government Association added its own statement Saturday, saying, “Not only do these actions taken by a few individuals undermine the countless efforts at Old Dominion University to prevent sexual assault, they are also unwelcoming, offensive, and unacceptable.”

Oh for fuck’s sake. This is what PC America has come to? Freaking out over a stupid, harmless sign, hung by a bunch of guys who odds are strike out with 95% of the girls they try to get with? Look, I remember my first day at University and I saw one of these in front of a frat house. Then I found out that none of the girls I was friends with, and remain friends with today, would ever have hooked up with someone in that house. Some girls made the choice to, because that was what they were attracted to, and that’s their right and their choice as adults. But the women I chose to be friends with respected themselves, had free will, and held themselves to a higher standard. Fucked up right?

And who the hell said anything about sexual assault? Did I see the sign that says, “Please drop your daughter off here at the rape factory?” Nope. Let’s look at what they said so we can explain what these signs actually mean:

“Rowdy and fun. Hope your baby girl is ready to have a good time.”

Translation – we’re gonna get wasted here because we’re in college and that’s what you do when you go to college. The purpose of this sign is to let you know that this is the type of humor we enjoy.  If your daughter likes to get drunk and isn’t offended easily, we’d obviously welcome her here. If however your daughter is attracted to young men who aren’t into this type of satire, then you probably wouldn’t have fun getting to know us. The purpose of this sign is to prevent you from wasting your time. Have a nice day.

Freshmen daughter drop off.”

Translation – we are attracted to 18 year old girls, partly because they haven’t put on the freshmen 15 yet, but also because they’re more likely to let loose and have fun. You know, like people do when they go to college. We’re also very edgy and we have meathead tendencies. That’s why we put the sign up.

Go ahead and drop off Mom too.”

Translation – this is a tongue in cheek joke designed for satirical purposes. We highly doubt your wife will actually leave you in order to funnel beers and take bong rips with a bunch of broke college students who more than likely wouldn’t be able to perform anyway. But it would be hilarious if that did actually happen.

And lets talk for a minute about Dads who think they’re captain bad ass. The Facebook machine is filled with them. Like this interaction:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.10.26 PM

Hey Patrick Harrigan, everyone knows you would never, ever do that. Because they would all just laugh at you, and more than likely your daughter would hate you and go there that night out of spite. Either that or you’d get your ass kicked because you’re a middle aged, out of shape bald man trying to fight multiple people in the prime of their lives.

Notice the only woman in this conversation is the one who doesn’t give a shit. Meanwhile you’ve got these middle aged men acting like they are the perpetual protectors of women’s chastity. I don’t have a daughter, but I do have a sister, and I would NEVER worry about a sign like this. Because the women in my life would NEVER be attracted to this type of dude. And if they were, well, that’s their choice to make, not mine. Eventually though, some guy is gonna pork the girl you are trying to protect and there isn’t anything you can do about it. The only difference is that these idiots are broadcasting their intentions to the world.

Look, if you have a problem with this sign then you are no different than Apple Daddy. Because this is straight out of the Apple Daddy playbook.

screen-shot-2014-09-21-at-6-53-01-pm 10672235_847879435224480_8621762283362917851_n (2)

Getting fired up about harmless signs that are meant to be satirical is something only butthurt poopsmoochers like Apple Daddy do. Don’t be like Apple Daddy.

This is yet another example of a college administrator thinking that they are more powerful than they actually are. This statement said it all:

“Messages like the ones displayed yesterday by a few students on the balcony of their private residence are not and will not be tolerated,”

Yea, the key words are, “private residence.” And guess what? The sign absolutely WILL be tolerated because in the United States of America your speech is protected, particularly in your own home. And if you wanna invited freshmen girls and moms over your house, not only is it not even CLOSE to being offensive, it’s also 150 million percent legal.

The bottom line is that this whole incident is indicative of a much larger problem. In the past year there have been two HUGE stories about rape on college campuses. One was the complete lie about Jackie Coakley at UVA, in which a fraternity was shut down because a mentally unstable pathological liar fabricated a story about a gang rape that occurred at an imaginary frat house that didn’t actually exist. The second was Emma Sulcowicz, the porn-star “artist,” who had consensual sex with a friend at Columbia, who then didn’t call her back afterwards, so she carried her mattress around campus with her for a year to protest her alleged rapist. In both situations it was assumed the guys were guilty because they fit the profile – 18-22 year old white kids who liked to party.

Therein lies the problem. If college aged males wanna get drunk with girls now, they are automatically assumed to be trying to rape them. Responsibility is a one way street. You NEVER see anyone up in arms over signs like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.13.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.13.56 PM

Newsflash – college aged men AND women both wanna bang. Because they’re human beings. They wanted to bang in high school. They’re gonna wanna bang after they graduate from ODU. And all this sign does at it’s worst, is insinuate that if you party at that house the men that are inside would definitely like to party with you and MAYBE, just maybe, if you consent, have sex. Nowhere on the sign does it say ANYTHING about a forcible gang rape. But yet every idiot masquerading as a feminist on Facebook is making a conscious choice to interpret this sign in the most rapey way possible, especially after some guy named Frank pointed out everything that we just did:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.43.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.43.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.44.09 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.45.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.45.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.46.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.50.34 PM

What the hell is wrong with these people? Why is it automatically rape and sexual harassment when 20 year old guys are being forward about their desire to party with consenting women their age? Like, they do realize that this house is not ACTUALLY the place where you’re supposed to drop your daughters off right?

As you know Turtleboy Sports is a feminist family blog. And as a feminist and a family man, I TRUST women that I care about to make responsible choices. People who want to protect women from themselves and think they’re unfit to make their own choices are the real sexists and misogynists in our society.

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12 Comment(s)
  • Tony
    August 27, 2015 at 5:58 am

    My problem with the signs isn’t the content. Those dudes are probably harmless douchebros, but whatever. Perfectly legal and within their rights to douche it up. If that’s how they wanna get attention or try to get laid, they can roll the dice with that one. Good luck. And sex is fun. Like the author said, everyone wants to fuck, not just horny frat guys. If both parties are dtf, good stuff. No problem there.

    My problem is the wording, which is indicative of a deeper problem. The signs are clearly aimed just at the fathers. The implicit message is “Men of the household, bring your women here.” It implies that the women have no agency or power to self-determine. I’d have much less of a problem if the signs just said, “Freshmen girls, cum here for a good time!” because at least that acknowledges that the women can determine on their own what they wanna do instead of simply being deposited like property. That’s the real difference between the Sigma Nu banners and the sorority examples that the author gave (and it’s vitally fucking important to understand that, or else the point is lost).

    Now, I’m not a fucking retard. I know that’s not what the dudes who put up those banners meant. I know they probably gave it no thought and just meant it to be an edgy, harmless joke, if a bit in poor taste. I know they didn’t mean to dehumanize half of the population. But here’s the thing: they did and that shit is not okay. When a chick’s most effective line from some persistent asshole hitting on her is not “I’m not interested” but rather “I have a boyfriend” that’s indicative of the douchebag respecting her boyfriend more than he respects her. That is not okay. And it is fucking everywhere, including these banners.

    That’s my big problem with these banners, which, btw, don’t really promote rape culture (if you think that’s the crux of the argument, you’ve probably missed the point), just a culture where men are elevated above women instead of people with equal dignity.

    And if you maintain that it’s a PC thing (which, if you read my whole post, it really isn’t), think on this: Would you call someone a n*gger in this day and age? If being racially sensitive makes sense, then why is not shitting on an entire half of the population of the world such a leap?

  • Publius
    August 25, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    Funny stuff!

  • Frogshit
    August 25, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    First… When I saw the signs I laughed. That means that I’m probably pretty intelligent enough to know that these sperm-filled, Gansett chuggin’ nudnicks were tryin’ to make a spectacle of themselves as all the newbies rolled into town. Secondly… If you’re offended by such, step back and take a look at your sorry, pathetic life. Do people really go down the path with their shorts that knotted up that they would believe some goofy guys would advertise a good gang-bang rape? C’mon…. It’s too fucking short.

  • strata
    August 25, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Save the PC correct bashing …… these large signs by both guy & gals from this college are inappropriate and do cross the line. The college should ask them to take them down. It’s funny, the folks supporting these actions would be the first to have a problem if the house next to their home was displaying HUGE UGLY inappropriate banners ……. you would, hypocrites

    Pick & choose your PC correct arguments ………. this isn’t one of them

  • GoneWest
    August 25, 2015 at 9:46 am

    The guys who are standing up against these banners are the same guys that got denied at every single party they want to and they’re still salty about it.

  • WTF... Worcester
    August 25, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Ok, two things:
    1) Can we PLEASE get some of those men who posted about objectifying women and being all about anti-rape their balls back? WTF… It’s college, it is supposed to be about bad decisions, hard exams, and lessons learned. STOP BABYING THE BABIES! Shut the fuck up, pull your balls out of your ass, and man up! If women (I being one of them) are not offended, why are you?

    2) I hope every one of these weird ass Facebook trolls realizes that those people are the future leaders of America and don’t piss them off, because they will be interviewing your burger flipper children in a decade or so.

  • August 24, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    Women with men is odd today for some, thx bill Clinton,bill Cosby,Bruce Jenner,Anderson cooper,Ellen,and gay “parades”.

  • fordsnharleys
    August 24, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Looks like the Deltas will be on double secret probation. We are on the verge of banning Animal House because it promotes raping a dean’s wife.

  • TMnT DEK
    August 24, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    Another day another whiney DB but hurt over something that wasn’t even directed at them.

    Huffpost is starting to be included in my “do not read” or “take with a grain of salt” sites.

    The other day, some Bernie fan was spewing on about how Trump is a mysoginist, meanwhile makes no mention of BernDogs “man-and woman” where he says women fantasize about being raped (I will not vote for either but enough with the one sided PC BS). NPR called it hubbub, others called it an essay written in dark satire.

    You can’t have it both ways people.

    Not everything needs cause, not every situation has a victim and not everyone is a racist, sexist homophobe.

    Talking rational with these types of people is like trying to tell your toddler that vegetables are edible.

    • Kbella
      August 25, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      “…makes no mention of BernDogs “man-and woman” where he says women fantasize about being raped”

      What the hell are you talking about? Please cite sources for your information.

      • TMnT DEK
        August 25, 2015 at 10:01 pm

        Sources? It’s not my job to force feed you national news. Don’t be lazy and stop using only 1 or two sourced for your news!
        Google “Bernie Sanders Man-and Woman”.

        I will not provide links or sources, there are at least 25 sites that ran this story on or after June 9th 2015.

        • Nope, no thanks
          August 29, 2015 at 3:56 pm

          Oh, I see, you mean that thing he wrote 43 years ago? Yeah, I’m sure he’s exactly the same as he was 42 years ago…

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