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Plymouth Creepoid Seems To Be Hiding Under A Rock, Instead Of Refunding Thousands To Jilted Runners, After He Failed To Get Permits For Canceled Road Race

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PLYMOUTH, Mass. – Jennifer Mcalinden planned to run her first half marathon near her home in Plymouth, but when the old sandwich road race abruptly canceled she needed a backup.

The Old Sandwich Road Race was scheduled to be and end at Plymouth South High School on June 4, but the day before an email from event organizers Plymouth Rock Racing said it had been “postponed due to the availability of the venue (construction).”

“It was a red flag to me because the school had held there graduation ceremony the day before the race was supposed to run,” Mcalinden said.

Jennifer has been trying to get the $58 she paid to enter refunded, but she says Plymouth Rock Racing has not responded.

The June 4th road race is not the only event Plymouth Rock Racing has failed to deliver on.  A Sprint triathlon that was initially planned for April 30 still hasn’t happened.

Assistant Plymouth Town Manager Derek Brindisi said the permit requested for June 4 were denied.

“He didn’t complete the application and we had tried on multiple occasions to make sure the application was full and complete,” Brindisi said.

Plymouth Rock Racing is operated by Craig Brenner, but when Boston 25 News tried to contact him a man who identified himself as Brenner’s son said he was unavailable.

According to Plymouth Rock Racing’s website, the sprint triathlon has been rescheduled the for the last weekend in July.

The filing deadline for that date has already passed, and the town says it has no new applications.

Meanwhile, runners like Mcalinden have had to look for other races across the state to participate in.

“On the larger scheme I think it’s unethical that he’s accepting registrations and then postponing events and cancelling what have you for me personally I just want my money back,” Mcalinden said.

Look at this freak bag. Just look at him.

He looks like the kid that brought his cousin to prom and tried to get handsy with her after a couple sips of jungle juice.

Oh, he’s got a masters from University of Phoenix? That might be one of the most moronic lies I’ve ever heard.

Craig Brenner, a failed Selectmen candidate, has been MIA since these accusations have surfaced. He isn’t communicating with the legions of runners that spend countless hours training for marathons and road races. He charged them $58 a pop and no one can reach him. Judging by his creepy eyes I’m guessing he’s holed up demanding captives put the lotion in the basket.

He had been denied the permits for the June 4th race and his deadline has passed  for another race he claimed to reschedule. I’m guessing that money is long gone. There are accusations that the money, supposedly raised for a charity, never made it to it’s cause.

The people of Plymouth aren’t surprised and have been trying to engage him for any kind of response.

A woman named Christina even tried to hashtag me to get my attention about how insanely aggressive he was during one race.

So basically Christina volunteered her time to set up a water station and Craig thought it was funny to barrel ass in to the table to screw the runners behind him out of hydration. Nice guy.

There is a Craig in every town. The guy you know because of his antics, sense of grandeur, and that feeling in your gut that something is very wrong with them. Usually they go unchecked for a long time. Well, until they commit fraud and end up on Turtleboy.

Note to my Plymouth Turtles: Alright so, I have JUST learned about Craig Brenner. I’m told he is a notorious scumbag in the town of Plymouth. From what I have been told in a handful of emails is Craig would post random, confrontational, things on the All Things Plymouth page, get a fight going, and dirty delete the thread. Normally, I would say “whatever,” but Brenner did this while he was running for Selectman. So, what I’m suggesting to all of you who want this guy fed a Turtleboy Shame Sandwich, aside from the this current blog, about how he’s basically stolen thousands from runners, is to email or message our Facebook page so I can do a follow-up with all of your experiences. It’s anonymous and you won’t be cited. Cool? Cool. 


4 Comment(s)
  • LT
    May 20, 2021 at 9:11 pm

    Sorry to bump and old post, but I ran across this recently and I’ve had a run in with this guy! He’s in the south now. Contact me for details.


  • Brooks Runner Mom
    June 15, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    What is that bit of hair in the back? Is that a mullett?? And is he wearing makeup? He intentionally knocks over the cups of water so nobody else can have a drink of water. Clearly he needs a time out and a stern talking-to from the running community, I fully support banning him from your fb running page for several weeks. Only then can you trust him with your money for the next race.

    • Big Raymond
      June 16, 2017 at 6:11 am

      He does look like he’s wearing makeup, kinda got that creepy clown look going. Place this clown in the rear-view mirror, forget the refund, the cash is probably already gone.

      Best response is to be positive, go forward with a similar race that you organize among yourselves, put any proceeds towards a worthy charity like the Shriners Childrens Hospital. You will forget this incident faster and feel better as a community than any amount of fighting, besides he would probably thrive on the negative attention.

  • Big Raymond
    June 15, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Just go and run down the road, nobody stopping you, BLM doesn’t get permits, why should joggers? Finish your run at pink-shirt super douche’s house and politely explain your disappointment then ask for a refund.

    He didn’t just take your money, he saved you from blisters, cramps and possible dehydration.

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