• Racist Randolph Chick Says She Was Hacked, Even Though The Hacker Also Doesn’t Capitalize Letters And Dumb White People Are Pretending To Believe Her

    Racist Randolph Chick Says She Was Hacked, Even Though The Hacker Also Doesn’t Capitalize Letters And Dumb White People Are Pretending To Believe Her

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    The other day we blogged about this chick from Randolph who checked some woman’s privilege because she was white and wanted to join a Facebook page that she hoped would giver her some insight on ethnic hair salons for her biracial children and grandchildren. She let it be known that she was sick and tired of this white women stealing black men and producing “mixed babies running around looking crazy with ungreased scalps.”

    Well, now that she’s been publicly shamed for being a textbook racist, she’s playing the “I was hacked” card:

    So let me get this straight. Someone gained access to your computer or social media by gaining your password. Yet they didn’t change the password after that, and you were able to log back into your account. Oh, and they didn’t bother draining your bank account, fucking with your account, or any other destructive things a hacker would normally do. Instead they just made one post that oddly enough seems to align with your general political beliefs towards racial issues:


    Newsflash – no one believes you when you say you’re hacked. Tyler Seguin, Jimmy Garoppolo, and a bunch of other athletes and celebrities have tried this before. No one believed them and no one believes you now.

    As several very astute turtle riders pointed out, the “hacker” has eerily similar writing style to Yasmin. Notice they both start most sentences without capitalizing the first letter, and the both like to use a lower case “i” when a capitalized “I” is required:

    Looks like Yasmin isn’t the only who “stay woke.”

    But here’s the thing Yasmin, right after you saw the blog the first thing you did was go on Facebook and say that your words were “misconstrued”:

    Which is weird, because if your account was hacked then those words weren’t yours. Yea, you’re not good at lying.


    I’m not sure if her friends are actually dumb enough to believe her, but they’re sure pretending they are. Especially the white ones:

    Hey Carolyn – try harder to alleviate your white guilt. You can’t. I know that you think by defending any black person on social media you’re proving that you’re one of the “good ones,” but you’re really just perpetuating bigotry.

    But for what it’s worth Carolyn, we did have this exact type of crusade against white nationalist postings. We actually identified, shamed, and humiliated some stachebro from Soutboro who was in the infamous tiki torch picture in Charlottesville. Then we dedicated an entire blog to making fun of the top 18 dumb comments defending the protest in Virginia.

    Of course, this is what we’re dealing with:

    So it all kind of makes sense now.

    Other friends found a way to turn her into the victim:

    “I’m sorry this happen to you Yasmin.” LOL. As if she had nothing to do with it. She went on Facebook and warned against the evils of race mixing. In 2017. But yea, this happened to her totally on accident.

    My biggest issue with Yasmin is that she’s not just owning it. You said something racist. You’re a bigot. Luckily you are black so you can play the, “only white people can be racist” card. Why you went with the “I was hacked” play is beyond me. Rookie move on your part. Now she’s claiming that she’s cool with interracial baby making, and she “ain’t not bitch” so she doesn’t need a no whites allowed safe haven:

    Plus, she “don’t hold tongue”

    Oh, and she’s oppressed:

    Yea guys, stop playing the race card!! Only Yasmin (or the people hacking her account) can do that.

    We invited Yasmin on Turtleboy Live to give her side of the story but she hasn’t gotten back to us. Looks like she does hold her tongue after all.


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    1. Phil

      Please cut her some slack. In her 22 years I am sure she has run into dozens of plantation owners and unfortunately cant sit at the counter at Boulevard Diner. Oh wait it isnt fucking 200 years ago? Shut the fuckkk up you stupid useless bag of shit…the only thing thats gonna be “blizzocked” is your application to obtain any credit, ever. Cunt.

    2. #jealousracehatinbiabia

      What a lying ass whore! So the hacker just so happens to type in the same exact manor as this ratchet ass bitch? I don’t think so, she’s a racist wanna be who can’t stand that she’s black, hence the white dog, the white sheets, the white clothes, the weave, she’s a race hater.

    3. Shitheadra

      Dats how us niggas do.
      Y’all needs to mind yo own bidness, this is why we hates y’all

      1. Barack Obama

        Thank you for your vote

    4. The Rant Queen

      For the love of GOD it’s not “Should OF” it’s fucking Should HAVE. HAVE. Goddamn it, I am sick of illiterate fucks. The same illiterate fucks who also say “All of THE sudden”. Go back to English class, please. Or stay off the fucking internet. The best part about these morons, is that they think they’re smarter than everyone else.

      This bitch isn’t just illiterate, she’s a lying sack of puss. And it figures all her white fb friends- who she’s probably never met in person- just have to kiss her black ass like it’s going to release some 1,000 year old genie or some shit. Nah, all they’re gonna get is a 22yo fart.

      Let’s not pull the race card? But that’s what you and POC just like you do best. Oh, that’s right, you just can’t pull the race card on THEM. Yeah, seems legit.

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        First two sentences are a YES. That shit drives you insane, too???

    5. Angel

      Obviously she’s used to scamming, lying and would bet gov assistance too. Experienced hater-racist.

    6. Steven Stover

      Yasmin took a shit on her whitey friends and they are so stupid they can’t see it. I am loving it.

    7. Itsjustme

      The very first thing I noticed was that her and her “hacker” wrote exactly the same way, how ironic, that is one very smart hacker.

    8. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Another stupid racist black cunt. Who cares anymore, they’re worth less than a pile of white cat shit nowadays.

    9. Daisy Mae

      Im getting sick and fucking tired of these self righteous, assholes pulling the fucking history card. “Your people stole us and dold us as slaves”. Bitch. You weren’t alive then, you weren’t sold, and guess what, you’re a fucking racist moron. Christ. If a white person refused to allow a blavk person on a fucking facebook page, BLK would be blocking the streets, Al Sharpton would be leading a crusade to shut down the social media platform and rioting would be happening. But switch it around, and its ok to talk shit about a white woman who has mixed babies? LOVE HAS NO COLOR! And you, Ms. Fucking Yasmin, you’re an ignorant little girl and people like you is why there will still be fucking hate and racism in our world. I have no issues with black people, but you, you dumb cunt, I can’t fathom and dont give a shit if you go fucking play in traffic.

      1. Cracker Jack

        …..and if your ancestors had not been shanghaied to America, your ass would be in a mosquito-ridden resettlement camp somewhere in the Sahara right now.

    10. Strata

      Thanks for exposing this lying racist. She is such an embarrassment. This will follow her forever. Enjoy racist, you can’t erase the internet

    11. Bill Realist

      I wonder why black men would prefer white women?

    12. Independent Thinker

      What a racist. We passed laws in the 60’s, which not only eliminated discrimination, but also expanded it to include affirmative action. Now people were weren’t even alive during this time want to bring the past all up again and feel they are entitled to blame those of us who weren’t even alive at the time. She doesn’t even understand the truth about slavery and how it all started.

      Just another loser who then wonders why nobody wants to hire her.

      1. Barack Obama

        You are welcome

    13. Barack Obama

      God bless you Carolyn. It looks like you have followed my lead for the last 8 years. I am so glad you get it. I assume you have read the fine books of Skip Gates he is a fine writer. I am so glad you got to meet Mayor Walsh too. He is fine man that pandererd to BLM like any good Mass Democrat would do. It was great to see. Marty telling cops to stand down while our people threw urine at them and taunted them.

    14. Lily White

      Yep, Yas….own your racism. Whether true racism or not, every white person in American whether they are racist or not is forced to swallow the bullshit slavery drama you fight so hard to keep alive. It’s over. It was wrong. But it is over. I’m tired of hearing how racist I am, but how proud and strong you are. Maybe racism still exists, but it can go both ways. You know what else exists? Peaceful co-existence. Try it.

    15. Stu pidasso

      Child,you do realize you drivel includes Colin Kaperniks white parents,

      And Barack Obama’s white mother and granny who he lived with all his life?

      Do they actually teach anything in Randolph schools?

    16. Clamkisser

      A decision was finalized the afternoon, (4:18 Wash. DC) For the first time in decades upon decades. Next week there will be potentially 1/2 million dead. The reign of Kim will end in fine fashion. It’s been too long since every soul on Earth got the lession

    17. M.J.

      Wow, you have some awesome readers making comments about Black people as a whole based off one girl’s comment. And the names she’s being called are pretty awful and insightful about the people making them.

      I wonder if the people making those comments realize that just like they feel so entitled to make those statements, she felt she was entitled to make her comments about her private Facebook group. Not condoning her comments, but how many people with private Facebook groups or pages block people or deny people based on all sorts of reasons? If she didn’t want you to join then forget her and Hoogle Black salons in Randolph or ask some of your Black friends and keep moving. Why give her the time of day? Why do you feel you have to be admitted to something because you want to? Move on, life’s too short.

      Back to the response to her comments; the comments tell me everything I need to know about those people.

    18. Finn

      *sighs* Yet she starts her sentences just like her “hacker” – no caps and choppy sentences…
      #itsreallythateast #butthurtbigot

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