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Serial Psychopath Successfully Executed 3 Murders In 3 Different States Because Our Justice System Is A Joke- Good Job MA, NH & Florida!

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This is what happens when you let crazy, violent, unpredictable monsters slip through the system instead of locking them up to rot in a moldy, black hole for the rest of their lives. (Better yet, someone should have just taken him for a stroll behind the wood shed and given him a 12 gauge sendoff.)

This is Warren Birkbeck. He’s 71 years old and has managed to get out of prison not once but TWICE after murdering someone. In 2015 he made it all the way down to sunny Florida to retire while on parole from New Hampshire and just murdered someone…. AGAIN.

Warren, being the delusional fucking crackpot that he is, had a thing for one of the women he lived with. But, when Denise didn’t reciprocate his adoration (you know, because he’s 30 years older than her, a certified freakshow and an ex felon with homicidal tendencies) Warren lost his shit. Denise was just having a chat on the phone with a friend and was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife for no other reason than Warren being a rabid animal who should have never been let out of prison. Period.

Then he asked his OTHER room mate, 85 year old Lillian Meyers, to call 911.

Denise is 42, a mother of THREE CHILDREN, an active member of her church and now she’s dead because the DOJ and DOC let this savage slip through the cracks and re-join society. This was 100% preventable and now her blood is on the hands of the people who let it happen.

My condolences to her family and friends.

Let’s backtrack:

Warren was born in April, 1946. In 1962 he was charged and convicted of manslaughter in the state of Massachusetts. I have tried to get the official arrest and conviction documents but they are nowhere to be found which is probably because he was only 16 or 17 at the time. He did his time and when he got out of prison he got married to Karen Birkbeck and had 3 kids.

 Prior to the murder of Karen Birkbeck there had been numerous domestic disturbances at their residence, prompting Karen to take out a restraining order on Warren.

She ended up withdrawing the request for the restraining order because she and Warren were going through counseling but her mother testified that Warren was jealous, violent and had threatened Karen on numerous occasions. Shocker.

In 1999, while Karen was pet-sitting for a friend in North Conway, Warren showed up at the condo, slashed her throat and killed her. He was charged with 2nd degree murder, sentenced in 2000 and still managed to get paroled out of prison in 2015. I don’t know how the hell anyone could look at the fact that he cut his ex-wife’s throat and not throw a full-blown murder charge at him. She was only 33 when he killed her and he got 15 years? That’s a travesty.

Yep. Warren gets out of jail and moves down to Florida.

First of all, why the fuck does this guy get to move halfway across the state after being in prison TWICE for murder but your average Joe Shmoe has to give a 600 page itinerary to his P.O. after getting busted with a bag of grass just to hop the MA border for a weekend bender?

“Manslaughter? Homicide? Looking like a deranged hitch-hiker from a seedy 80’s flick? Sure, you can move 2,000 miles away.”


His face screams “kitten strangulation and dead hookers.”

Warren moved in with his sister Lorraine Gardner and stayed with her until she passed away this past March. (Seriously, someone should probably look into her death.. They didn’t even have a funeral for her…Just sayin.)

Lorraine lived DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR to Lillian and Denise.

So when Lorraine passed away, Lillian invited Warren to come stay with them. This 85 year old, Christian woman opened her home to a guy who, otherwise, would’ve been slumming it on the sidewalks of Florida and he ends up being the shittiest house guest of all time.

Now the Florida DOC says Warren has done everything he’s supposed to in order to meet the conditions of his parole:

Come on.

Clearly he wasn’t getting mental health counseling and he definitely wasn’t having enough visits to his home if nobody in the neighborhood has ever seen a P.O. in 2 years.

You know what else would probably be a huge red flag for his parole officer? Warren living with someone for 2 years that’s a habitual drug offender, criminal and all-around scumquat:

This is Donald Birkbeck. He’s Warrens nephew (Lorraines son) and his address is listed as 3530 Trask Drive on EVERY SINGLE ARREST REPORT.

Call me crazy, but I assumed living with a drug user/seller/thief who gets arrested more than he changes his tattered, Hershey squirt underwear was against the rules when you’re out on parole after murdering two people.. Nah?

You can creep on all of Donalds arrest info here. Get some popcorn because he’s a fascinating, greasy little dingleberry.

In the last 15 years Donald has been arrested at least 15 times, probably more. I didn’t bother to keep looking because his scruffy chin-muff made my skin itch after about 7 minutes. I had to take a scalding hot shower, scrub my eyeballs with a wire brush and dish soap and snuggle a puppy just to feel better.

Warrens been stinkin’ up the sunshine state for 2 years and nobody at the DOC had any idea he was cohabitating with his loser nephew? I still use “paint” to crop photos and have no clue how a friggin flash drive works and I still managed to figure it out with Google.

3 people murdered. 3 different states. 2 HUGE opportunities to keep this guy in a cell where he belongs and they just let him breeze right on out the door. What a disgusting embarrassment.

Warrens reason for murdering Denise as told to police?

Have fun sucking Satans fat one, Warren.


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  • Sara Raby
    March 19, 2019 at 10:23 am

    I personally know Donald. He has a fulltime steady job and completed his drug rehab. He has a car now too. People cannot chose their family remember that. Donald has lived in St. Petersburg for awhile now.

  • dee
    September 18, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Warren (Dirt Bag) only had one kid with Karen. The other two had different fathers.

  • Wabbitt
    August 4, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    I’m sure he’ll get out on compassionate release in a few years. Because he’s old and frail and we should feel bad!

    • Gregg
      May 10, 2021 at 11:45 am

      Thank you for clarifying that information

  • Independent Thinker
    August 4, 2017 at 10:26 am

    He should be executed.

  • whatevuh
    August 3, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    If anyone reads that short novel above please condense it into a short 4 OR 5 lines. Christ what the he’ll is that.

    • TortugaNiño
      August 3, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      Shes a wack job junkie
      Married a wack job junkie
      Constant court and police
      Scammed system to “live”
      Never once punished

      That is if TBS ratchet decoder kit is calibrated correctly.

    August 3, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    This is some sad shit! However I expect nothing less from the 3 corrupt states involved! ESPECIALLY Massachusetts where I have resided my entire life! I was a victim of a sociopath and he had attempted murder charges armed and battery wit dangerous weapons charges etc, 43 page record of all of it, and HE NEVER ONCE WENT TO JAIL FOR ANY OF THESE SERIOUS CRIMES!!! The ONLY time he DID go to proson was when he robbed honey farms on gold star blvd in Worcester because he was caught on video surveillance and led the cops on a wild police chase and damaged the 2 police cruisers with his big old blue truck!! His EXCUSE for all his charges i court, ” i suffer from addiction your honor I know not what I do and indeed help” shit you not this shit worked EVERYTIME!!!! He would be sent to rehab for 2 weeks at spectrum and come back to court 2 weeks after his rehab stay and all he needed to be excused from all serious charges was to have that piece of paper stating he had successfully completed rehab! Like WTF? Attempted murder he put people in comas for almost a year, made some kid permanently deaf and blind, by shod foot, made some other guy a vegetable where he was on life support for 9 months then needed rehab to relearn everything the next 3-5 years OF his life taken away from his children and wife who divorced him because he wasn’t the same and my ex didn’t even serve one day for any it!!! I even witnessed my ex falsify rehab discharge papers by licking an eraser and literally erasing te dates from an older stay at spectrum and he just wrote in not even typed the new dates to reflect the current dates to appease the judge! I went to court that day HOPING AND PRAYING he’d go to jail and get busted finally but NO, he goes into court in westborouh, ma and meets with the probation who asks him for his documents to prove newer to rehab and he said I don’t have them…. that’s how well he knew how to play the system! The probation officer then yelled at him and told him to wait for the judge and get ready to go to jail. Well the judge calls his name and he stands up pproaches te bench and the judge sled him if he had discharge papers form rehab as he then states yes I do your honor, the judge said well why didn’t u tell probation and he said they never asked!!! So the judge tells the court officer to get the document form my ex to verify the rehab stay, the officer gave it to the judge the judge glanced at the totally noticeable forged discharge rehab paper and says dismissed and LET HIM GO!!!!!! This guy did this to multiple courts in the state of Massachusetts without any Issue!!! He now owns a gym PINNACLE FITNESS in Marlborough, ma and I believe he either tried or even succeeded to get his record expunged but my point is he’s screwed the system, not once or twice but too many times! Not just one area but all over the commonwealth, he’s a deranged sócio path, my address is legally impounded by a family court judge, this kid hired people to jump me to make me a vegetable so he wouldn’t have to pay child support, but thank God for my neighbors! Anyways I think people should know how fucking corrupt the state of Massachusetts is! They’re FOR CRIMINALS! Especially the heroin crackhead addicts! This man lied to multiple judges about having to support my kids while my kids were in my custody and care, he never gave me a single cent ever not even for diapers socks or underwear! He’s frauded transitional assistance DTA in Framingham by claiming and filing on behalf of my kids while in my custody he received benefits for food stamps and cash assistance God only knows how long and how much he collected! He tried to claim them on his tax return and got busted becasue his dumb ass went to H&R Block where i had just filed my taxes and always went their yearly so their system through up a red flag! I ran away and ounces out of my town because he kept coming to my house breaking in would be smoking crack in my bathroom ad then would beat me up, even in front of others! He would pick me up by neck and throw me across the room and then jump on me while I was still on the floor and he’d choke me until I passed out or many people removed him off of me! I’m not the only woman he’s put his hands on either! I know this as fact, yet he is still free and even owns a gym now! He stole 3000$ from the DCU bank ATM machine wrote IOUs, he set up wire transfers from my account to his own WITHOUT my permission and I DID FILE A POLICE REPORT PER DCUs instructions to be able to get my monies back, I filed this in Marlborough police dept, yet I never got reimbursed, nor did he get arrested, or even have to go to court for any of it, this happened years ago, meanwhile the report is just stil sitting in the Marlborough police station collecting dust! DCU loss and prevention has yet to retur my calls integrado to why my monies haven’t been reimbursed! Like how do these pricks get away with this shit??? I could literally go on and on! This guys warren is a socio path and so isn’t my ex, they evaluate these shit heads in jail, and I know for a fact my ex is a socio but they’re allowed to roam feeee and freely hurt and rob others at their leaisure and then even get to own Gyms and never have to repay for their crimes! Oh wait it must be because he went to church and claims to be holy eventhough it was really just a tactic to gain a client base and money to buy a house and start his gym!!! Can you say deceptacon?? It’s disgusting! Also the fact that this shit bag warren hopped states form ma, nh, to Florida funny enough so didn’t my ex on multiple occasions to evade the law because the states don’t communicate. The state just releases them to another state and is all gung ho because these felons aren’t their problem anymore! They don’t call to check shit! It’s a friggan joke! They don’t even follow through in family court and they even side with the parent who has the most filings (complaints) because every filing costs money so it’s basically whoever spends the most money on filing fees is the better parent somehow? Fucking crazy shit but the truth about Massachusetts! I’ve had reports from the court clinician be missing from my court file. Judges notes removed, and she even noticed it! But yup he still got away with it ALL!!! So this guy probably will get away with it all AGAIN!!!! Hopefully though God will serve the ultimate punishment on his rotten ass! That’s what keeps me going, knowing theirs a higher power in charge of these bastards! They will get their day!

    • TortugaNiño
      August 3, 2017 at 4:58 pm

      Cant wait to read the blog about this loon ^

    • Diane Woods emerson
      August 3, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      HOLY FUCK!!

    • FuckfaceMcFaggot
      Fuckface McFaggot
      August 3, 2017 at 5:51 pm

      Shut the fuck up retard

    • Stunt Penis
      August 3, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      I’ll take paragraphs for $1000 Alex.

      • TortugaNiño
        August 3, 2017 at 8:18 pm

        Its todays daily double!!!

    • Wabbitt
      August 4, 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Moron casts Wall of Text. It’s super effective!

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