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Stick It To The Hippies – Get Your Turtleboy Bumper Stickers Or Decal For Your Freedomobile

Imagine some hippie dooshnozzle in a Prius cuts you off and forces you to look at their Coexist bumper sticker as they sip their piss tasting, 20 syllable organic coffee down their hippie gullets. What are you gonna do about it? Well, the only way to let these dingbats know you mean business is by speeding up, jumping in front of them, and then coming to a complete stop so they can see one of these bad boys on your freedomobile:

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Game. Set. Match. This is the ONLY way you can let the people around you know that you support freedom and sanity. And they’re only $5. All you have to do is send $5 via PayPal to and give us an address to send them to. Just make sure to let us know if you want the white decal or the green bumper sticker. Either way you’re a winner. Email or message us on Facebook if you have any questions.















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