• That E. Providence Guy Who Kills Cats For Fun Is Back In Jail After Violating Probation Less Than 2 Weeks After Getting Parole

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    Two weeks ago we wrote about some numbnuts named Anthony Stravato:


    who was being released from prison after a year for killing his mother’s cat.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.13.37 PM

    The State of Rhode Island issued a statement, warning people to keep their pets close by and warning animal shelters to watch out for Anthony Stravato and his ride or die bitch Alyssa Lamountain, because they were probably gonna start killing more cats. Because not only does he readily admit that he’s killed many animals before, he also says he enjoys doing it:


    Oh yea, and he also has plans to become a serial killer:




    Not good.

    Well, in the least shocking turn of events ever, he is back in jail again, less than two weeks after being release from prison:

    Convicted cat killer Anthony Stravato is back behind bars after officials say he violated the terms of his probation. The police picked up Stravato, 25, at his residence, the Rumford Inn, 400 Newport Ave., just after 7 p.m. Wednesday after the attorney general obtained a warrant charging him with violating the terms of his release. He had served time for mutilating and killing his mother’s cat “Cuddles” and a rat in East Providence, and also for sending disturbing messages about mutilating animals and obscene photos to an underage girl in Warren, according to Lt. Thomas Rush. 

    Stravato was charged as a probation violator because he failed to appear for mental health and probation appointments on Aug. 24, according to Amy P. Kempe, spokeswoman for Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin. He is being held at the Adult Correctional Institutions without bail pending a court review on Sept. 1.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.01.12 PM

    You have to be kidding me – the cat’s name was Goddamn “Cuddles?” That makes this asswipe a million times worse. The cat wasn’t named Lucifer or Clive or Kevin. It was named the most adorable, harmless name in the history of pets. Oh yea, and it belonged to his Mom. But he was like, nah, still gonna kill him. There’s no hope for rehabilitation for someone like that. They just need to be put down.

    Seriously though, how does a savage like this get probation? Don’t you have to go in front of a parole board and get the rubber stamp when you’re like, “yea, definitely plan on killing some more cats when I get out of here”? I’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption a million times. Morgan Freeman didn’t get parole until he stopped trying. Maybe that’s the answer. Give no fucks and they’ll just let you go. Looks like the Ocean State’s judicial system is about as effective as Massachusetts!!


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    1. Turtleboy Customer Service

      I’ll say it 1st…….………stop posting here Kevin Lynch no one cares about you or what you think!!

      1. Kevin Lynch

        Hey, look at that, we posted at the same exact time. I must be in your BRAIN NNNNNNN !

        1. Kevins 9 iron

          Just like I was in Andrew’s brain. You have a way with heads.

    2. Kevin Lynch

      Is this all you have to report? A guy who killed a rat has his parole violated for being one day late to a parole visit?

      This is it????

      Bullshit !!!!

      I call 100% Bullshit. I am tempted to go buy the Sentinel and Enterprise. I swear if I didn’t have extra scrap newspapers for my dogs liter box I would go out and purchase a Sentinel.

      I have been your number one turtlerider and have waited all day for a story and this is what you have to show???

      I am out. I am not buying a fucking sweatshirt now as I would rather freeze.

      Atleast I did get a shout out but the comparison to Lucifer?

      1. Cis white male

        Lol you’re out? Finally! Unfortunately I’m sure we’ll see ur shit tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next…

      2. Turd Burglestein

        Can we dress kevin up in a cat suit, tie him up and drop him off in front of this guy’s house once he makes his bail?

    3. mr butthurt

      Fuck off Kevin. Your a douche on every level.

    4. mr butthurt


      Your mom is the exact reason I am pro choice. She should have swallowed versus allowing your dad to blow his load in her.

      Pathetic piece of shit.

      1. Kevin Lynch

        Aiden, is this what your parents taught you? You have zero respect and you think you are above and better than others?

        1. wabbitt

          Yes, I’d like to think all of us (except for you) are better than a guy who mutilated a cat and wants to be a serial killer.

          But I guess when you’ve murdered a human, cats are a step down. Right Kevin?

    5. Nancy Droz Marsden

      I hope he never comes to visit me! Although, I’m quite soft and didn’t do a good job raising one of my sons, I have learned my lesson and realize a good spanking is necessary! Send him my way, I will spank his bottom! Not easy being a single mother… Thank God I found someone now as an elderly woman. Having someone in my life saves me the $19.95 I would spend on Life Alert if I was alone.

    6. Pontius Pilate

      Thanks for posting this. This skinny, useless POS needs an “attitude” adjustment, and i’m gonna help him out with it. Gotta few connections where he’s stayin’ as a guest of the State.

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