• The Agawam Foodstamp Fapjuicer Who Stole A Dog Last Month Was Killed By A Hit And Run Driver In South Carolina And The World Is A Better Place Without Him

    The Agawam Foodstamp Fapjuicer Who Stole A Dog Last Month Was Killed By A Hit And Run Driver In South Carolina And The World Is A Better Place Without Him

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    SourceThe person who police say is responsible for a fatal hit and run in Georgetown County is now in police custody. William Colton Fulton, 22, contacted law enforcement Tuesday morning and turned himself in, according to South Carolina Highway Patrol. He’s charged with leaving the scene of a collision involving death and operating a vehicle without insurance. At around 9:15 p.m. on Monday, August 28, a pedestrian, later identified as Aric Myers, 22, from Wast Windsor, Connecticut was struck and killed in the Browns Ferry area near the Georgetown County Detention Center, according to Trooper Corporal Sonny Collins. His cause of death is multiple trauma, according to Georgetown County Coroner’s Paulette Radcliffe. We’re told the vehicle involved in the incident left the scene with damage to the front passenger side.

    I know it might sound sad reading this, and your natural inclination is to say what a shitty person the driver is. But the guy he killed totally deserved to die. Remember Aric Myers? We first discovered him on Food Stamp Friday, trying sell his EBT on the Facebook machine:

    This was his “girlfriend” ISIS:

    Arik’s life was a wasted existence. His only purpose was to be a nuisance to law abiding people. It’s why he was once arrested for stealing a car, driving it to a car dealership, taking another car for a test drive, and then stealing that car too:

    He was a pain in the ass who constantly caused problems for the police:

    Him and his “girlfriend” used to steal from the tip jar at local pizza joints:

    And most recently him and ISIS kidnapped some poor woman’s dog:

    Luckily he was arrested shortly after we blogged about it, and the dog was returned safe and sound.

    Oh yea, and he was also a fucking Nazi.

    Huge loss.

    I have no idea what he was doing in South Carolina, but he was probably up to no good. I have no idea what the circumstances were that led to him getting hit by a car, but it was more than likely largely his fault. He was killed while walking in the road directly next to a jail of all places. There was a 0.0% chance he was a completely innocent victim, and more than likely he got what was coming to him. He was wanted in Connecticut, but it looks like he’s not wanted anymore.

    Aric Myers’ entire existence was nothing more than an inconvenience for the rest of us. At this other guy’s trial no one will give a victim impact statement, because no one will miss him. He was incapable of carrying on in a civilized society, which is why he stole cars, dogs, robbed minimum wage workers, and committed EBT fraud. He contributed nothing to society and the world is a better and safer place without him.


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    1. The Executioner

      Another one bites the dust…but oh so many to go…

    2. Troubled Nostrils

      It does my heart good when awful people die. I feel a warm, joyous glow all over, and just grin n’ grin n’ grin until my smile muscles get tired.

    3. The Rant Queen

      This just made my day. Maybe Karma is real.

    4. Lol homonazi's are funny

      Anyone else think it’s hilarious that he has a swastika tatted on his chest and he’s a homo? It’s almost as funny as his smashed up broken carcass getting eaten by worms.

      1. Cheryl Jacques

        My guess is most of these poseur Nazis and white supremacists, as well as their liberal thug kin in antifa, are fags or dykes. They join these groups so they can play pretend while occasionally getting the opportunity to pussy mob some defenseless slob or play tough guy with the cops who have been neutered by the Democrats. They’re all fakes – and I ought to know!

      2. Bob

        He was dating a brown dude too!! Not sure shim’s race, but didn’t look like a white dude.

    5. Shookones

      Yeah HUGGE loss….said no one ever. My question is what the left progressives thought about this guy. They must been so confused about him. Wonder if he went to pride parades/political marches with his boyfriend. Must have been the talk of the day. “Ok, So…Hes white, but he’s gay, and He’s with a mix race trans, so that gives him some victim points to hang out in our shared victim crowd …but he a nazi and has a Nazi tattoo….oh what to do…what to feel… so confusing, this guy doesn’t fit in my nice little compartmentalized box of putting everyone in groups”.

      1. Wannabe

        I think I could describe myself as “progressive” the root of which is “progress” which is NOT a bad or negative word. I’m a Democrat because I’m a blue collar/ working class white guy who cares more about my fellow blue collar workers than I do about Corporations and Billionaires… That being said, I am with you %100 in cheering the removal of this maggot from society! And the World IS a better place without a sleazbag Gay Nazi stealing from tip jars and selling the food stamps we bought him!

        1. Shookones

          I grew up blue collar house, and am a blue collar myself. It used to be, you got into politics to represent the people your apart of and to try and better the lives of your constituents. Now need millions to just to get a foot in the door. One of the only careers where you make 5 figures on the books, but retire as millionaires. They spend most of their career getting nothing accomplished all while pandering for votes, play identity politics. I wish the Democratic Party was half of what it used to be. When I say liberal progressive, I mean the assholes who give a shit that someone looks a certain way, therefore they need to act and have opinions that aline with their own. My viewpoints would get me labeled an actual nazi. You don’t have to come up with arguments or reasonable thoughts if you label someone a nazi, because why would you debate a nazi. Diversity of thought has gone the way of the dodo, and the progressives are highjacking the Dems. I hope the Dem party can pull itself back to what it should and used to be, but it needs to separate itself from the people who call themselves liberals, because they are anything but “liberal”.

          1. WANNABE

            well written, and I agree…we’re all being pulled in so many different directions,,,I don’t even know what a Democrat is anymore!!! Or what they’re supposed to stand for. I just see them as the lesser of 2 evils… and that’s only because it was the Party of my Father,
            but he wouldn’t recognize it today.

    6. Publius

      Gonna toast this tonight. All lives do not matter.

    7. Wwy

      This is like ovens for Jews,floods for Texas after U.S Jew wars in Iraq and Syria.all is right.

      1. Wannabe

        What does that even mean???

      2. Shookones

        Sorry for you loss, wwy. Your nazi son here looked like he was happy at one point, grabbing transvestite junk and stealing shit.. I know, I know, Jews and ovens and all that jazz… but give my best to the family.

    8. THE TRUTH


      1. Wtf

        Who the fuck is George soros ????
        Cap lock stuck ??

    9. Baker the Faker

      This story reminds me:

      Whatever happened around that kid in CT that went missing and was finally found dead? The kid that was supposedly selling weed and disappeared around Thanksgiving or Christmas last year. Parents weren’t cooperating with authorities ‘cuz they likely had a huge marijuana grow on their farm. He was a young kid – maybe high school age? Anyone ever arrested?

      1. ElJefe72

        I don’t remember the details that much, but I believe that his friend (or maybe just a person he knew) confessed to killing him over drugs.

      2. Fred Knessl

        Todd ‘TJ’ Allen from Killingly CT. His friend killed him, tossed the gun in a pond and ditched the bike and body. Law caught up with him about 2 weeks into the search for the body

    10. They call me Ponch

      Please alert me of the GoFuckMe site when it’s set up for the poor grieving “widow”.

      Get the fuck outa here

      1. Wannabe

        The “grieving widow” is a guy! And a damn ugly one at that

    11. Titiyo

      All you other ebt assholes out there should heed this message, you are a burden on society and contribute nothing but trash. Your useless as a Wanda.

    12. ?

      And another one gone, and another one gone…

    13. whatevuh

      Clearly, some lives don’t matter. Good riddance

    14. Independent Thinker

      Many of us have very strong feelings towards our pets. Please do not steal our pets. If you steal our pets, their could be serious consequences, since many of us believe in the second amendment.

    15. Nemo Me Impugne Lacessit

      Actually this story does make me sad. I’m not sure but I experienced subtle sense of ennui when trying to understand the events of this case. So much so that I believe I can only express my feelings in haiku form.

      With each passing; time
      Learns from itself folding back
      Touching bright, smooth arcs

      1. R

        Is this haiku a reference to that scene in Silence of the Lambs, where Buffalo Bill folds it back while admiring it’s self in the mirror?

        How apropros.

      2. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        Put the pipe down, son
        Your smug babbling makes no sense
        Artsy fartsy crap

    16. Tyrone

      Seems like many of the wackos end up in North & South Carolina. Or especially their favorite, Florida.

    17. Fred Knessl

      This sounds kinda harsh. Can’t say I disagree with it though.
      This morning I was reading about 2 guys in warwick whose car was stopped in the middle of a major intersection. 5:35 PM. They were passed out while in the lane of travel. Cops suspected Opiates were involved and administered Narcan and save both their lives.
      I’m asking myself “WHY”, which is kinda harsh in itself. Imagine if the driver had passed out while trying to beat a read light and wiped out a family?

      1. Wannabe

        I know!! I read a news clip maybe 6 mo the ago about a cop, somewhere in the Midwest, Wisconsin I think it was… he responded to an overdose call and found some kid ODing… now this same kid had been given Narcan by the same cop 5 TIMES in the last year or so !!! Now this all happened in a small town WITH BUDGET PTOBLEMS!!! You know each shot of NARCAN costs the town like $6000!!! And this scumbag had already cost 30k to be kept alive so he could continue to shoplift, piss in public, leave dirty needles on the sidewalk for townsfolk to step on… meanwhile this Cop, who was facing the prospect of losing his job because of budget shortfalls has to blow another 6k, further threatening his own position to save this piece of crap junkie????? No way!!!! I am for helping people get clean, offering a little assistance, and yeah I’m a democrat too but I’m also realistic! And it IS true that NOT all lives matter! When it comes to Narcan I believe in a 3 strikes you’re DONE! Policy! Make em get a neck tattoo every time they get Narcan… if a cop responds and sees 2 neck tatts ( which most useless junkies will like and consider badges of honor) then its GAME OVER No Narcan for you!

      2. KJDS

        Actually, they do it in the car on purpose. There’s a better chance of cops/EMTS being called if there is a car blocking/disturbing traffic. Then they can be sure to get their Narcan when they OD.

        Otherwise they OD in their house and die.

        Fuckheads is what they are.

    18. dick buttkiss

      wait a second thats a dude!

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        Using the term loosely…

    19. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      Completely agree here. Food stamps are administered by the government, and the penalty for disobeying the government should be death. Only people who disagree are AntiFa.

    20. sick of freeloaders

      he will still vote democrat. maybe twice now.

    21. wabbitt

      South Carolina, making the world a better place one vehicular homicide at a time.

    22. MadameMidlifeCrisis

      I hope his family uses those gas station/gloryhole pics at his wake. Talk about wicked classy! (pardon me whilst I go puke…)

    23. WavyNavy

      His mother still lost her son, who obviously made a lot of mistakes in his young life, but he still was a PERSON. Whoever he loved in life, and probably mourn for him death doesn’t matter. The nazi tattoo and boyfriend suggest someone who was obviously very confused and fucked in the head. I hope he has finally found peace.

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