• Agawam Food Stamp Friday Chudstuffers Stole A Dog And A Car And Are On The Run In A Tan Altima

    Agawam Food Stamp Friday Chudstuffers Stole A Dog And A Car And Are On The Run In A Tan Altima

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    Remember this asshole from ghosts of Food Stamp Friday past?

    Yup, “Arik” Myers, and his nonbinary gender fluid boy/girlfriend Eris Isis Fame. Selling food stamps on Facebook far above market rate. Same asshole who once was arrested for driving a stolen car to a car dealership, taking another new car for a test drive, and then stealing that car.

    Well, he’s back in the news, and this time he stole a dog and a car:

    Fuck this asshole. It was fun laughing at him when he was making a fool of himself by acting ratchet and stealing stamps. But he stole a fucking dog man. Find them. Castrate them. Destroy them. Show them no mercy. But please call the cops first. He’s driving a stolen car so he shouldn’t be that hard to find. They haven’t listed the place but this is the tan 2004 Altima (with CT plates) they’re looking for:



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    1. Steven Stover

      Somebody is gonna have a fun time in prison.

    2. Independent Thinker

      People have very strong feelings towards their pets, and a lot of us are armed. Keep in mind that if you had stolen the wrong person’s dog, someone just might have taken a shot of you, and instead of being on the run, you’d be lying in the morgue.

      Human trash!

      1. Men have penises

        I agree and I’d shoot the dick right off of that thing if it came near my dog. My dog is my best friend in the world.

    3. Maggie the Cat

      These boys have a lot of problems.

    4. Julie

      Shoeless in a mcdonalds bathroom ?? *vom*

    5. Pops Zadinia

      I am confused. Do they switch off, giving each other road head in this situation?

    6. Mom's Basement

      I wish the make of the car wasn’t in the headline because I like to try to guess that stuff. I would have guessed that they stole either a volkswagon or a Mini Cooper and a poodle. JT has probably established himself as alpha by now and is taking full advantage of all that goes with it.

    7. wabbitt

      What kind of scumbags steal a dog? That’s just fucking low.

    8. TheFallGirl

      why the hell are they taking pics in a public restroom with ‘her’ half naked and shoeless while ‘she’ rubs her ‘clit’ I don’t even want to know what the hell is on that floor of that typical dunks/subway bathroom. I’m gagging now!!

    9. Karen Ward

      Thank you everyone for all of your help. JT has been found and is HOME SAFE! That is all I know. I don’t have any details, but for me all I needed to know is that he is home

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