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  • The Natick Dumpsterslug Is Still Doing What She Does Best – Pretending To Be Pregnant To Get Free Clothes And Selling Them In Dedham Yard Sale Page For Heroin Money

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    Some Turtleboy famous ratchets are the gift that keeps on giving. Obviously the Fall River Guttermuppet is the most legendary, but a really underrated one is Katherine Jelfs, the Natick Dumpsterslug:

    16425892_1863550943926643_3627522742812295520_n (1)

    She became Turtleboy famous after being a notorious scammer who begged for free shit for her “kids” who she doesn’t have custody of, and then sold them along with her food stamps on various Facebook yard sale pages so she could buy “diesels” (heroin):

    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.18.22 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.28.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.17.21 PM

    She’s also a full fledged racist:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.45.33 PM

    Well, she’s up to her old tricks apparently. And this time she’s claiming to be pregnant:

    It’s really sad to watch these well intentioned people, who clearly need to read more Turtleboy, try to help these con-artists.

    But despite being so poor she evidently has been in the market for designer diaper bags:

    And in a surprise to no one the Natick Dumpsterslug is up to her old tricks. After getting a bunch of free shit from the Medway page she then headed over to a Dedham yard sale site to profit off of the generosity of others:

    But yet Turtleboy is the one constantly getting kicked off of Facebook. Makes sense.

    Of course someone noticed this and called her out on it……

    But when she got called out on it she had a great excuse:

    She’s giving her son up for adoption. The same son that she’s looking for clothes, formula, bibs, and a diaper bag for. But wait, why would she need clothes for a baby she’s not keeping? Oh right – to sell them in Dedham so she can have more cash to buy more heroin to feed her “disease.”

    She’s got it all down to a science.

    Pretty much all the pictures of her litter of children on Facebook are from the DCF visiting room.

    Some of us went to Sears for family pictures back in the day. Others went the ratchet casting couch that is the DCF visitor’s room.

    Shocking that she doesn’t have custody of her kids though. It’s not like she’s got a million Google trophies or anything like that. Apparently the Natick Dumpsterslug rolls around in the grass at the Natick Common for fun. Which is fine, as long as you don’t have outstanding warrants:

    For such harmless crimes as larceny, forgery, assault, and witness intimidation.

    Or that time she was both the “victim” and perpetrator of domestic violence in the same day.

    Turns out she was probably lying about being a victim though, and was just looking for a chance to move the fam to Rhode Island:

    Yes please, move to Rhode Island. They don’t have nearly enough assholes there.

    Anyway, if you’re in one of these yard sale groups and this woman makes an appearance, giving you a sob story about how she needs free shit for her new babies:

    Just understand that she will take them, sell them in another yard sale group, and use the proceeds to get high.

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    1. Brian sucks cock

      Chick needs to inject herself with antifreeze already

      1. Bevin Smynch

        Brian sucks *MY* cock.. get it right..

    2. Mark D

      Hi Katherine,

      Please kill yourself in the quickest way possible.



    3. Well, No Shit

      I hope this bitch gets ALL the fentanyl, every last gram of it, and, using the largest syringe ever made, injects it right into her jugular. 

      Just. Fucking. Die. 

    4. Mengele

      I knew there was a purpose for Carfentanil. Flood the market with it, Narcan won’t help. Quick eradication of the disease. Like a vaccine! Quickly many less addicts to go influencing others to join their misery. Cycle broken or severly interrupted!

    5. Big John Hurley

      I cannot wrap my brain around her leg. Jesus Christ 

    6. M

      How high is that guy in the last picture? Apparently high enough to not realize how much of a disgusting pig she is

      In all seriousness, he definitely has “The Look”

      1. Well, No Shit

        I HATE “the look.”


      2. M

        I remember watching an episode of Cops in the mid-2000 where a cop was arresting a young woman for the distribution and possession of meth. In his interrogation he said that she has “The look”.

        If that happened nowadays, SJW’s would be out in full force bitching about how hateful and discriminatory the police are, and complaining about how it takes away from the notion that all women are beautiful

    7. Turd Reversalist

      I wonder what it would be like to go to pound town on her turdcutter while a large dose of fentanyl coursed through her veins?
      It’d be a race to the finish, for sure.
      I think she’d have to have her head stuffed into one of those fancy diaper bags.

    8. Herr Doktor

      Jeeeezus, this bitch is like herpes, can’t get rid of it. Will her dealer please for the good of society sell her the mother of all hot shots? Give her enough carfentanyl to kill 10 elephants just to be sure nothing will bring her back. I promise, if I’m working I’ll call her useless ass Dead Right There. She needs to apologize to the trees and plants for making them work overtime by stealing the oxygen they’re producing. This bitch has zero redeeming qualities, one of those that just needs to be out of the gene pool completely.

    9. Concerned Citizen

      Check out Jillian Salvucci on facebook of Hopedale, MA she has a litter of welfare checks and is pregnant again. She will steal things out of peoples yards and sell them on FB yard sale. She currently has posts out there asking for clothes for her 8th baby who is due soon. She also takes free items and re sells them on the yard sale. Her father is a hoarder and was booted by the health department and she had the balls to ask for free stuff for him on facebook yard sale to support his hoarding habits

      1. Amanda

        I have seen this girl several times begging for things just to flip them. She’s one who would sell her damn food stamps for a eight ball and some weed

    10. She belongs in RI

      Rhode Island is a result of Massachusetts kicking out the quakers and it’s been our dumping ground for the state’s undesirables ever since.
      So no wonder Katie Jelfs wants to move there.
      It’s where dumpster slugs go to live with their people.
      And there, in Woonsocket they sing the song of their people which and pardon my bad singing I don’t speak ratchet but the song sounds something like this.

      They frolic in the trashy streets in their trashy neighborhood with dog filters and chicago bulls hats for all.

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