• The Taco Bell Tirade Chudlupa Has Been Found And Only Turtleboy Has His Identity

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    Yesterday we wrote about this ragemonster having a bitchfit in a North Smithfield Taco Bell. Well, now  North Smithfield PD has found this temper tantrum toddler-man, but they haven’t released his identity. HOWEVER, turtle riders are amazing people so we do know his identity and he is everything you dreamed he would be and more.

    Meet Damion Smith, aspiring model currently moonlighting as a professional dooshnugget.

    Why does he always look so angry? If anyone’s gonna godzilla a Taco Bell counter over a chalupa, this guy is a good candidate.

    He also has a scam GoFundMe because like every other soul-searching scumbag he was on a road of self discovery and since that doesn’t pay shit he needs your help to pay for his rent, utilities, and glamour shots food. Or does he?

    Works at Dunks, huh? Funny, that’s not what his Facebook says…

    But I guess a nearly minimum wage job sounds better than a salary and commission one in cell phone sales when you’re looking for handouts.

    I doubt this taco loving lunatic is going to be getting any donations. Looks like he’ll be buying his own Muscle Milk for those lanky girl arms.

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    1. wabbitt

      Desk Girl is already getting moist waiting for him to contact her to demand these blogs be taken down.

    2. They call me Ponch

      I pegged him as a schizoid register jockey. Rage focused on the inanimate objects he hates most.
      Millennial Mooch Maggot that wants a Mulligan via GoScamMe.
      Screw this dank.

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